Economic Measures


  • Weekly Claims Edge Lower But Joblessness Still High Thursday, 13 May 2010 | 8:35 AM ET

    New claims for unemployment benefits dipped for the fourth straight week, a sign the job market is improving at a glacial pace.  Import prices rose 0.9 percent.

  • Ratings Agencies Under Fire, but Big Reform Unlikely Thursday, 13 May 2010 | 5:40 AM ET

    The European debt crisis has left markets vulnerable to any sovereign debt rating reports and ratings agencies have seen their influence mushroom in Europe.

  • US Trade Deficit Edges Higher Amid Recovery Wednesday, 12 May 2010 | 8:36 AM ET

    The U.S. trade deficit rose to a 15-month high as rising oil prices pushed crude oil imports to the highest level since the fall of 2008, offsetting another strong gain in exports.

  • US Exposure to EU Bailout Is Big But Risk Is Limited Tuesday, 11 May 2010 | 4:53 PM ET

    The US exposure to the European debt bailout could be at least $50 billion, but the chance of taxpayers actually being on the hook for that appears remote.

  • Europe's $1 trillion bailout fund might alleviate some of concerns that its debt problems could spread to the US, Philadelphia Fed President Charles Plosser told CNBC Monday

  • Employment Report Winners: Midwesterners and Men Friday, 7 May 2010 | 4:39 PM ET
    Constrcution Worker

    Jobs areas that had been lagging—employment of men and for those living in the Midwest—have shown an upswing in employment in recent months, the CEO of temporary placement agency Kelly Services told CNBC Friday.

  • How High-Frequency Trading Works Friday, 7 May 2010 | 9:12 AM ET
    New York Stock Exchange

    The cause of the Dow's dramatic intraday market slide of nearly 1,000 points Thursday is still under investigation.

  • Giant Box Close to Being Over Oil-Spewing Well Friday, 7 May 2010 | 5:23 AM ET
    Weathered oil collects on surface of water after explosion and collapse of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana.

    A mission to the bottom of the sea to try to avert a wider environmental disaster progressed early Friday as crews attempted to capture gushing oil.

  • Problems with Greek debt are about to spread to other countries and could infect the US, Pimco's Mohamed El-Erian told CNBC.

  • Manpower CEO: Employers Hiring 'Very Selectively' Thursday, 6 May 2010 | 12:59 PM ET

    Employers in the US will be hiring “very selectively” in the second quarter of 2010, Jeff Joerres, CEO of Manpower, told CNBC.

  • Who's Hiring Now: Retailers, Manufacturers Add Workers Wednesday, 5 May 2010 | 4:12 PM ET

    Manufacturing and retail are perking up, according to the ADP jobs report for April, especially the former, which has been characterized as a “shining light.”

  • Rating Agencies Are Not Useful Anymore: Gross Wednesday, 5 May 2010 | 10:11 AM ET
    Bill Gross

    The big rating agencies are no longer very useful to investment companies such as the world's biggest bond fund manager PIMCO, which can be quicker to anticipate shifts in credit quality of debt, the company said on Wednesday.

  • London Won't Cash in on Wall Street's Missing Options Wednesday, 5 May 2010 | 10:02 AM ET

    Bankers in London hoping for a boom in business if strict financial reform legislation is passed on Wall Street will be disappointed as a migration of funds across the pond will likely fail to materialize.

  • Private Sector Jobs Up 32,000; Hiring Likely to be Slow Wednesday, 5 May 2010 | 8:21 AM ET
    Unemployment Line

    The private sector added 32,000 jobs from March to April while the number of jobs US employees plan to cut fell dramatically, according to separate reports Wednesday.

  • Don't Blame Fannie Mae for Housing Crisis: Raines Tuesday, 4 May 2010 | 2:46 PM ET

    Fannie Mae was not to blame for the U.S. housing crisis, former CEO Franklin Raines told CNBC Tuesday.

  • Spill May Cause Seafood Shortage Monday, 3 May 2010 | 6:04 PM ET

    A fourth-generation oyster producer in Louisiana told CNBC Monday that the oil spill and its potential impact on his business is “scary.”

  • Spill Could Raise Shipping Rates Monday, 3 May 2010 | 5:35 PM ET

    Shipping in and around the Gulf of Mexico is business  as usual, in spite of the oil spill, in this heavily trafficked area. But should the oil spill spread, higher shipping rates could result, an analyst told CNBC Monday.

  • Housing Market to Bloom Next Spring: Zandi Friday, 30 Apr 2010 | 5:42 PM ET

    It will be another year before the U.S. housing market fully rebounds, a top economist told CNBC Friday.

  • The Fed Giveth and Taketh Away in Its Own Sweet Time Thursday, 29 Apr 2010 | 12:15 PM ET

    The market’s impatience with the Fed policy and language is somewhat mystifying.  It’s as if investors want a change in language and/or policy so they can feel better about the future; it’s the equivalent of the Fed saying; “It’s over. No need to worry any more.”

  • Greece 'Nearly Insolvent,' Bailout Won't Work: Roubini Wednesday, 28 Apr 2010 | 5:44 PM ET
    Debtor Nations

    Europe's current bailout plan for Greece "is not going to work" because "Greece is nearly insolvent," well-known economist Nouriel Roubini told CNBC Wednesday.