• Job Losses Pose a Threat to Stability Worldwide Sunday, 15 Feb 2009 | 11:27 AM ET

    From lawyers in Paris to factory workers in China and bodyguards in Colombia, worldwide unemployment could hit 50 million by the end of 2009, the New York Times reports.

  • Game Plan: A Big Swing and a Miss for U.S. Stimulus Friday, 13 Feb 2009 | 8:59 PM ET

    Hey, China got it right. Why couldn't we?

  • Raging Against Execs All The Rage Friday, 13 Feb 2009 | 11:09 AM ET

    The third most popular topic of discussion these days — after layoffs, of course, and unscrupulous money managers that create near-worthless portfolios for their investors — is out-of-control executive compensation.

  • Internships: How Far Will You Go? Thursday, 12 Feb 2009 | 1:37 PM ET

    It's a testament to how crappy the prospects of young people are that even when the economy was roaring, we would still take these unpaid positions just to fill out our resumes.

  • Job Cuts Keep Coming—Is Your Firm On the List? Thursday, 12 Feb 2009 | 12:24 PM ET

    Another round of layoffs was announced on Thursday, adding to the gloom over rising unemployment.

  • Retail Sales Surprise: A Glimmer of Hope? Thursday, 12 Feb 2009 | 12:17 PM ET

    U.S. retail sales edged up in January for the first time in seven months. Are we finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel?

  • Job Cuts Keep Coming—Is Your Firm On the List? Thursday, 12 Feb 2009 | 12:08 PM ET

    The pace of corporate layoffs picked up sharply in January 2009, reflecting the worsening US recession.

  • The recession is forcing households across the country to change their perceptions about who provides for the family.

  • Love & Money: Getting Through Unemployment as a Couple Thursday, 12 Feb 2009 | 11:36 AM ET

    As more breadwinners are being laid off, couples everywhere are finding themselves faced with new challenges to tackle as a team.

  • Out Of Work: Give A Little, Get A Lot Back Thursday, 12 Feb 2009 | 9:37 AM ET

    If you’ve recently faced a layoff or cutback at your job, there’s a lot you can do at the executive level in the realm of volunteering that will help others while (as a bonus), simultaneously serving as a resume-builder in the meantime.

  • Web Extra: 3 Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009 | 10:10 PM ET

    NOT SEEN ON T.V.: From job hunting expenses to medical bills, find out what you can deduct that you may not have known.

  • Web Extra: Thankful to Have a Job, But Work Still Sucks Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009 | 11:58 AM ET

    NOT SEEN ON T.V.: Brad feels underappreciated at his job. Should he suck it up and be happy to be employed or do something to change how he's perceived?

  • The CEO Patriot Pledge: Just Say 'No' to More Layoffs Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009 | 11:25 AM ET

    This is a call to action for all corporate leaders to rein in their own wretched excesses and voluntarily re-invest part of their lofty salaries and perks to keep employees on the payroll.

  • Negotiating A Severance Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009 | 11:22 AM ET
    business check

    At a site where people review their employers and reveal their pay, the number of reviews which include the words "layoff" and "severance" has doubled in six months. People are talking less about moving up or out of a company. They just want to keep the jobs they have.

  • The Art Of Complaining Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009 | 9:48 AM ET

    Recently at dinner when the food arrived, the baked potato was cold, and the broth from the stew had evaporated - or, I could only hope, been stolen. A manager stopped by to check on things. We told her the story about dinner. She looked sad.

  • Pimco's McCulley: Geithner Did Great Job, But ... Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009 | 9:47 AM ET

    Paul McCulley, managing director of Pimco, says he is looking for more details on the bank rescue plan than Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's is willing to provide.

  • Geithner Defends Bailout, Says Fix Will Take Time Tuesday, 10 Feb 2009 | 3:59 PM ET
    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

    Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner defended his newly announced financial bailout plan, telling CNBC that "the financial crisis is enormously complicated" and will take time to resolve.

  • Stimulus Plan: Comparing House And Senate Versions Tuesday, 10 Feb 2009 | 3:19 PM ET
    Stimulus Package

    Here's a comparison of the $838 billion economic recovery plan passed by the Senate with an $820 billion version passed by the House.

  • What Does Your Resume Really Say About You? Tuesday, 10 Feb 2009 | 9:27 AM ET

    A resume is required for a job search but is also useful even if you stay just where you are. By forcing yourself to write your resume, you conduct an audit of your career to date.

  • The Obama Stimulus Package And Your Career Monday, 9 Feb 2009 | 9:45 AM ET

    With 401k's crashing and 7.6% unemployment (the highest since 1992) no one doubts the need for government intervention, especially in the form of an economic stimulus package.