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  • Could Australia win this year's Eurovision?   Thursday, 21 May 2015 | 12:53 AM ET
    Could Australia win this year's Eurovision?

    Amanda Pelman, chair of Australia's Eurovision Jury, discusses whether Australia's Guy Sebastian could win the annual competition. She adds that the Eurovision Song Contest is seeing more diverse and professional talents.

  • UPDATE 1-Spotify to start offering videos Wednesday, 20 May 2015 | 1:53 PM ET

    A new recommendation function, similar to what rival Pandora Media Inc offers, will let people pick channels based on lifestyle activities, like "songs to sing to in the shower," or "100 plus hits form the 1980 s," the Stockholm- based company said. In a splashy event in New York, Spotify founder and Chief Executive Daniel Ek highlighted the discovery nature of the...

  • Spotify wants to DJ your day   Wednesday, 20 May 2015 | 11:51 AM ET
    Spotify wants to DJ your day

    After Spotify's announcement it will expand its content into video, Jeff Levick, chief business officer, discusses music royalties for artists, and the competition heating up in the music streaming space.

  • Is the music channel dead?   Wednesday, 20 May 2015 | 11:50 AM ET
    Is the music channel dead?

    Matt Rennie, managing director at The Box Plus Network, explains why music channels are still a "healthy business" despite a shift towards streaming.

  • Spotify expands into video content   Wednesday, 20 May 2015 | 11:30 AM ET
    Spotify expands into video content

    CNBC's Jon Fortt reports from Spotify's "We've got some news" event, where the music website is launching video content.

  • Spotify caught in rumor mill   Wednesday, 20 May 2015 | 8:29 AM ET
    Spotify caught in rumor mill

    CNBC's Jon Fortt provides a preview of Spotify's "We've got some news" event held later this morning, as competition in the music space grows.

  • Q&A: Deezer CEO sees 'big' upside for music streaming Tuesday, 19 May 2015 | 9:01 AM ET

    LOS ANGELES— Hans-Holger Albrecht entered a crowded music-streaming market when he became CEO of Paris- based Deezer in February. A month after taking the helm, Jay Z relaunched Tidal in the U.S. and a month from now, Albrecht faces the prospect of Apple Inc. relaunching Beats Music. Albrecht's job is to popularize Deezer globally, building off a base of 6 million...

  • Russian singer, businessman gives keys to success Monday, 18 May 2015 | 7:20 PM ET
    Emin Agalarov performing

    As physical music sales wane, success in the industry boils down to live performance and social media, Emin Agalorov said.

  • Starbucks, Spotify to enter music partnership Monday, 18 May 2015 | 5:01 PM ET
    A Starbucks location in New York.

    The coffee chain's loyalty members will gain access to Starbucks music on Spotify and have input on in-store playlists.

  • INDIANOLA, Miss.— Outside Indianola, B.B. King was a blues superstar, a guitar legend who inspired Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and countless other musicians. He would stay there practically all day, "said Ruthie King, a 65- year-old who is not related to the bluesman. B.B. King, born as Riley B. King, died at 89 on Thursday at his home in Las Vegas.

  • Spotify to roll out new service   Friday, 15 May 2015 | 11:23 AM ET
    Spotify to roll out new service

    CNBC's Seema Mody reports Spotify will roll out its new streaming service next week. This comes before Apple's unveil of its Beats music service.

  • Pandora vows to appeal BMI court ruling   Friday, 15 May 2015 | 9:00 AM ET
    Pandora vows to appeal BMI court ruling

    Pandora said it would appeal a court ruling that could force it to pay more in royalties.

  • Slash as a boss?   Friday, 15 May 2015 | 8:30 AM ET
    Slash as a boss

    Slash, the former lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses, shares his secrets to success and how he is as a boss.

  • Slash's new gig: combatting elephant poaching   Friday, 15 May 2015 | 7:00 AM ET
    Slash's new gig: combatting elephant poaching

    Slash is turning his attention to a new cause beyond rock music and setting his sights on the illegal ivory trade.

  • Slash's five songs for the end of the world   Friday, 15 May 2015 | 7:00 AM ET
    Slash's five songs for the end of the world

    If the end of the world were today, here are five songs Slash, the former lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses, would cherish.

  • B.B. King dies at age 89   Friday, 15 May 2015 | 6:00 AM ET
    B.B. King dies at age 89

    The "King of Blues" passed away in his sleep at his home in Las Vegas, reports CNBC's Michelle Caruso Cabrera.

  • Music-streaming app works like a stock market   Friday, 15 May 2015 | 5:20 AM ET
    Music-streaming app works like a stock market

    Tradiio allows users to invest virtual currencies in upcoming artists, but it faces competition from larger rivals Spotify and YouTube. CNBC's Arjun Kharpal reports.

  • Tradiio: Carving its own niche   Friday, 15 May 2015 | 5:15 AM ET
    Tradiio: Carving its own niche

    Jack Kent, senior mobile analyst at IHS, says that Tradiio focuses more on the niche user, who's looking for discovery in fresh music and artists.

  • May 15- Internet radio service Pandora Media Inc said it will appeal a rate court ruling that could force the company to pay higher royalties to Broadcast Music Inc for music licenses. The latest court decision comes close on the heels of a court ruling in favor of Pandora last week, rejecting an effort by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers...

  • COLUMBUS, Ohio— Ohio State University named an associate marching band director Thursday as the replacement for Jonathan Waters, who was fired for turning a blind eye to a "sexualized culture" there. Christopher Hoch will serve on an interim basis. The possibility he'll stay on permanently as leader of the celebrated band known to fans as the Best Damn Band in the...