• How Knight Gave Traders a Heads-Up Friday, 3 Aug 2012 | 2:23 PM ET

    Shortly after the market opened Wednesday, Knight Capital sent a message to its clients as trading started to get wacky.

  • FTC Vote Today on 'Swaps'     Tuesday, 10 Jul 2012 | 9:37 AM ET

    CNBC's Mary Thompson reports the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's vote today will have a big impact on the OTC derivatives market.

  • Increasing Disclosure On OTC Derivatives Market     Wednesday, 27 Jun 2012 | 8:20 PM ET

    Robert Pickel, CEO, International Swaps & Derivatives Association, Inc says there is now more information available on the derivatives and credit default swap markets but it will take a lot longer for the industry to get in line with the equities and bonds markets.

  • Has the Government Gone Wild?     Wednesday, 16 May 2012 | 2:17 PM ET

    Jared Bernstein, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities senior fellow and CNBC's Rick Santelli, debate over the government's role in JPMorgan's $2 billion trading loss.

  • CNBC's Rick Santelli explains why he thinks it's time for the government to "just do it," regarding reforms and the Dodd-Frank Act.

  • Santelli on CDS Market     Friday, 11 May 2012 | 11:40 AM ET

    Tim Backshall, Capital Context, and CNBC's Rick Santelli, discuss credit default swaps and the OTC market.

  • Meet New Penny Stock: American Airlines Thursday, 5 Jan 2012 | 12:07 PM ET
    American Airlines

    Shares of AMR Corporation—the bankrupt parent company of American Airlines—are soaring today, as the embattled company makes its debut on the over-the-counter market.

  • Greenberg: Revelations Slam Two Chinese Stocks Monday, 11 Apr 2011 | 1:51 PM ET

    Two China stocks created through reverse mergers — RINO International and Puda Coal — got hit today: One by the SEC and the other by the company, itself.