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  • Technical check on the markets   Monday, 15 Jul 2013 | 8:41 AM ET
    Technical check on the markets

    Ryan Detrick, Schaeffer's Investment Research, checks the charts to get a technical read on whether the markets are giving bullish signals.

  • Most Advanced Street Sign on Earth   Thursday, 11 Jul 2013 | 2:59 PM ET
    Most Advanced Street Sign on Earth

    Breakfast NY's Michael Lipton, Andrew Zolty, and Mattais Gunneras, bring a high tech street sign to "Street Signs."

  • Race to lock in lower mortgage rates   Thursday, 11 Jul 2013 | 2:51 PM ET
    Race to Lock in Lower Mortgage Rates

    Can rising mortgage rates derail the housing recovery? David Castillo, Bonwick Capital; and Shari Olefson, Carnegie Group, weigh in.

  • Rates on the Upswing   Thursday, 11 Jul 2013 | 2:49 PM ET
    Rates on the Upswing

    CNBC's Diana Olick has the latest on rates edging off after hearing from Ben Bernanke.

  • Lien: 'Great Time to Go Long Dollar'   Thursday, 11 Jul 2013 | 2:28 PM ET
    Lien: 'Great Time to Go Long Dollar'

    The U.S dollar is up nearly 5 percent this year. Kathy Lien, BK Asset Management answers the hot question, is it time to buy?

  • White Hot Gold Trade   Thursday, 11 Jul 2013 | 2:21 PM ET
    White Hot Gold Trade

    It is a great day to be in gold, up 2.5 percent so far. Frank Holmes, U.S Global Investors, shares his moves for the precious metal. "Physical demand has been very robust" says Holmes.

  • Sully's Take on Bernanke   Thursday, 11 Jul 2013 | 2:03 PM ET
    Sully's Take on Bernanke

    "Nothing changed with Bernanke last night, tapering will end, tightening will not happen..." says CNBC's Brian Sullivan. Steve Auth, Federated Investors; and David Sowerby, Loomis Sayles join the discussion and share their stock picks.

  • Peek Inside Goldman's Second-Half Playbook   Thursday, 11 Jul 2013 | 10:03 AM ET
    Peek Inside Goldman's Second-Half Playbook

    David Kostin of Goldman Sachs offers investment strategies as the Dow moves higher after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's comments on stimulus and low interest rates.

  • Technical Read on Crude   Friday, 5 Jul 2013 | 11:34 AM ET
    Technical Read on Crude

    Mark Newton, Greywolf Execution Partners, takes a look at what the charts are indicating about the direction of oil prices.

  • Bad News for Bulls; S&P Going to 1,500: Pro   Tuesday, 2 Jul 2013 | 12:41 PM ET
    Bad News for Bulls; S&P Going to 1,500: Pro

    SAC's Flagship Fund rose 1.5 percent in June, reports CNBC's Kate Kelly. FMHR traders Stephanie Link and Stephen Weiss debate the bear versus bull call on Caterpillar. The technical indicators show the market pulling back, says Robert Sluymer of RBC Capital Markets.

  • Tracing Markets' Technical Trend Lines   Monday, 24 Jun 2013 | 6:34 AM ET
    Tracing Markets' Technical Trend Lines

    Jeff Weiss, Tejas Securities Group, checks the charts to get a read on what's driving market volatility.

  • No 'Compelling' Reason to Hold Gold: Expert   Friday, 21 Jun 2013 | 12:41 PM ET
    No 'Compelling' Reason to Hold Gold: Expert

    Fast Money traders Steve Weiss and Mike Murphy debate the bull versus bear play on PulteGroup. And Mike Harris, Campbell & Companies takes a look at what the charts are indicating about the play on commodities and stocks.

  • Technical Play on Markets and Gold   Friday, 21 Jun 2013 | 10:32 AM ET
    Technical Play on Markets and Gold

    Mark Newton, Greywolf Execution Partners analyst, focuses on what the charts are showing about price volatility in precious metal and stocks.

  • Market Pro Talks Technicals   Thursday, 13 Jun 2013 | 7:33 AM ET
    Market Pro Talks Technicals

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch strategist MacNeil Curry explains where he sees support and resistance levels in the markets right now.

  • Market Technicals Shows Buying Opportunity   Friday, 7 Jun 2013 | 11:45 AM ET
    Market Technicals Shows Buying Opportunity

    Dan Fitzpatrick, StockmarketMentor.com, turns to the charts to get a technical read on where the markets are headed after this morning's better-than-expected jobs number.

  • Jobs Report 'Goldilocks' Number: Pro   Friday, 7 Jun 2013 | 11:03 AM ET
    Jobs Report 'Goldilocks' Number: Pro

    Russ Koesterich, BlackRock, and Ward McCarthy, Jefferies & Company, discuss what the net effect of today's jobs number will have on the markets, Fed policies and the economy.

  • No Directional Bias In Apple: Chartist   Tuesday, 4 Jun 2013 | 6:05 PM ET
    No Directional Bias In Apple: Chartist

    Daryl Guppy, CEO of Guppytraders.com, explains why he would just rather stay away from Apple's stock.

  • Reading the Technical Tea Leaves   Tuesday, 4 Jun 2013 | 6:43 AM ET
    Reading the Technical Tea Leaves

    Jeff Weiss,Tejas Securities Group, takes a look at the charts to get a technical read on the markets' mixed messages.

  • Plot Market Volatility: Technician   Thursday, 30 May 2013 | 10:32 AM ET
    Plot Market Volatility: Technician

    Katie Stockton, MKM Partners, scans the charts to see what the technical indicators are showing about the market's next move.

  • Top Three Trades   Wednesday, 29 May 2013 | 12:45 PM ET
    Top Three Trades

    The FMHR crew has the play on Smithfield Foods, Ford and Stewart Enterprises. And a technical view on why the rally is likely to continue, with Thomas Fitzpatrick, Citi FX.