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  • How to Trade on Fed Hope Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 2:03 PM ET
    Mexico Flag

    Investors are hoping for the best from the Fed meeting, and this strategist has a way to trade the optimism.

  • 4 Banks Ready to Sell Out Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 1:34 PM ET

    Prospective bank buyers are outweighing sellers, signaling that after a big lull in U.S. bank M&A last year, the market may revive in 2012.

  • Buy Mexican Peso, Sell U.S. Dollar?   Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 12:45 PM ET
    Buy Mexican Peso, Sell U.S. Dollar?

    Rebecca Patterson, JPMorgan Asset Management, explains why she's looking at the Mexican peso: "If you see the dollar continue to rise, you want to buy the Mexican peso and sell the dollar," she says.

  • Buy or Sell Halcon Resources?   Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 12:15 PM ET
    Buy or Sell Halcon Resources?

    The Fast Money traders discuss whether you should buy, sell or hold Halcon Resources. And Dan Dicker, of Merc Bloc, discusses natural gas hitting a 10-year low.

  • Apple Hits Another All-Time High   Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 12:00 PM ET
    Apple Hits Another All-Time High

    Shares of Apple hit another fresh all-time high Tuesday after Jefferies raised their estimates and price target on the tech giant, with Peter Misek, analyst at Jefferies. CNBC's Steve Liesman also weighs in on the FOMC meeting.

  • Gas prices are zooming passed $4 a gallon, and the nation is hardly freer from the grip of imported oil or closer to robust economic recovery. With his approval ratings dropping precipitously, President Obama is blaming speculators and investigating fraud and at the pump, when this mess is the direct result of failed federal energy policies.

  • Your Setup Trade for US Economic Data Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 11:17 AM ET
    Stack of U.S. hundred-dollar bills

    Bullish on the U.S. economy? Here's your currency trade.

  • Making Money From Higher Oil Prices   Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 10:36 AM ET
    Making Money From Higher Oil Prices

    How to turn soaring gas prices into high-octane profits, with Pavel Molchanov, Raymond James energy analyst.

  • Market Will Rally After FOMC: Trader   Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 10:34 AM ET
    Market Will Rally After FOMC: Trader

    "The market is resigned to going higher at this point almost in spite of the Fed," says Bob Iaccino, of TraderOutlook.com.

  • insurance3.jpg

    TheStreet.com details five “buy”-rated insurance companies with the largest market capitalization, ordered by ascending upside, based on consensus price targets.

  • RIMM's Price Target Cut by ThinkEquity   Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 10:22 AM ET
    RIMM's Price Target Cut by ThinkEquity

    Mark McKechnie, ThinkEquity analyst, explains why he slashed Research in Motion's price target from $18 to $12 a share.

  • Nature Calls, and an Entrepreneur Answers Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 9:38 AM ET
    Pet Loo and Mini Wee

    After one too many times standing in the pouring rain holding one end of a leash while his dog lifted his leg at the other end, Tobi Skovron thought to himself, “there has to be a better way.” So he created one: the Pet Loo, which he markets as a "backyard in a box."

  • Morning Bond Report   Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 9:16 AM ET
    Morning Bond Report

    CNBC'S Rick Santelli reports on 2-year notes from mid-November at the CME.

  • Stock Futures Hold Gains After Retail Sales Report Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 8:59 AM ET

    U.S. stock index futures pointed to a higher open for Wall Street on Tuesday, on positive investor sentiment ahead of the Fed’s latest statement on interest rates and the U.S. economy.

  • Stocks to Watch: URBN, GNC, WOLF & More Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 8:06 AM ET

    Take a look at some of Tuesday morning’s early movers:

  • Option Bulls Get Onboard Overseas Shipholding Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 6:25 AM ET

    The bulls are onboard with Overseas Shipholding.

  • Stock Picking Strategies   Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 6:19 AM ET
    Stock Picking Strategies

    Don Taylor, Franklin Rising Dividends Fund portfolio manager, discusses where to pick the best stocks.

  • Indonesia Trade Minister Rejects Protectionist Label Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 4:29 AM ET

    Indonesian Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan told CNBC on Tuesday that Southeast Asia's largest economy was not adopting protectionist policies and was only following in the footsteps of other developed countries.

  • Federal_reserve_blg_seal3.jpg

    The Fed is expected to hold its firepower for now and will probably not say much new after it meets Tuesday.

  • Lightning Round   Monday, 12 Mar 2012 | 6:40 PM ET
    Lightning Round

    You say the name of a stock, and Mad Money's Jim Cramer tells you whether to buy or sell.