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  • Lightning Round   Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 6:40 PM ET
    Lightning Round

    You say the name of a stock, and Mad Money's Jim Cramer tells you whether to buy or sell.

  • Living Social to Announce Funding Next Week: Sources Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 5:55 PM ET

    Daily deal website LivingSocial aims to announce it has raised a new round of private capital early next week, according to sources familiar with the matter, a move that could be seen as a near-term substitute for an initial public offering.

  • CNBC.com Market Outlook   Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 5:30 PM ET
    CNBC.com Market Outlook

    The week's top business news and investing advice, including how to play Europe and gold.

  • Stocks End Mixed, but Sharply Lower for Week Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 4:46 PM ET

    Stocks finished mixed in another thin, choppy session Friday, as investors were reluctant to commit to the market ahead of the weekend and amid ongoing nervousness over the debt talks in Europe and Washington.

  • How to Trade on the Bank of England's Moves Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 3:11 PM ET

    Even in a volatile, headline-driven market, short-term trading opportunities crop up. Here's one strategist's near term plan.

  • unemployment_line1_2011_200.jpg

    Economists are encouraged by signs that companies are not cutting workers, and they say November's jobs report could be better than October's tepid growth.

  • We Still Have to Watch Europe: UBS' Cashin Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 1:48 PM ET

    "I think what you're seeing today is the European Central Bank knowing that the Spanish elections are coming up" Sunday, and "going out of their way to keep things quiet in Europe," Art Cashin, head of floor operations for UBS Financial, told CNBC Friday

  • Demi and Ashton as Stock Market Indicators? Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 1:28 PM ET
    Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

    He's 33 and she's 49. And while they're no longer together — Demi Moore announced plans to file for divorce from Ashton Kutcher on Thursday—it's the age difference between the two that really interests market analysts.

  • Eye on Technicals, HPQ Earnings   Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 12:14 PM ET
    Eye on Technicals, HPQ Earnings

    With the recent rough stretch in the market, will the selling continue? Mary Ann Bartels, BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research head of technical/market analysis, shares her thoughts. And, a look ahead of Hewlett-Packard's earnings.

  • Art Cashin's Market Outlook   Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 11:10 AM ET
    Art Cashin's  Market Outlook

    A check on stocks and where Arthur Cashin, UBS Financial Services director of floor operations, sees things headed going into the holiday week.

  • Volatility on the Rise   Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 10:08 AM ET
    Volatility on the Rise

    Sharing his strategy for investing during volatility, Ron Carson, Carson Wealth Management founder/CEO, who suggests investors go into full protection mode.

  • S&P to Update Bank Credit Ratings   Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 10:00 AM ET
    S&P to Update Bank Credit Ratings

    Insight on why Dick Bove, Rochdale Securities vp of equity research, is still bullish on banks even though some of the big financials could be downgraded.

  • Futures Gain Amid Talk of ECB Lending to IMF Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 9:12 AM ET

    Futures gained Friday amid chatter that the ECB may lend money to the IMF to provide the fund with the resources to bail out bigger euro zone sovereigns.

  • Early Trading Jump   Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 8:30 AM ET
    Early Trading Jump

    A check on what traders will be watching today and how Europe's problems might impact U.S. markets, with Jim Iuorio, TJM Institutional Services; CNBC's Rick Santelli & Steve Liesman.

  • Global Markets And Risks   Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 6:10 AM ET
    Global Markets And Risks

    A check on the economy, with Mark Vitner, Wells Fargo Securities and James Paulsen, Wells Capital Management, who weigh in on the markets.

  • Five Labor Market Flaws Italy Needs to Fix Friday, 18 Nov 2011 | 5:46 AM ET
    ROME, ITALY - NOVEMBER 16:   New Italian Prime Minister-designate, Mario Monti, speaks during a press conference to present the new government, at Quirinale Palace, on November 16, 2011 in Rome, Italy. Following the resignation of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, after a political career spanning over 20 years, Prime Minister designate Mario Monti presents the new Italian government. Their main task is to resolve Italy's deepening financial crisis within the Eurozone and address the cou

    Analysts identified five main problems – among them, over-regulation and low productivity – the country needs to tackle to make its economy more competitive.

  • NYSE_traders_worried8_200.jpg

    Stock traders Friday will be watching headlines from Europe, and increasingly they will be turning to Washington for any signs of movement by the Congressional "super committee." It is also a day for options expirations, another source of volatility.

  • Odds Favor Those Who Buy Asian Stocks: Expert Thursday, 17 Nov 2011 | 9:47 PM ET

    With Europe's debt crisis now affecting the core, investors have been largely shunning stocks. But HSBC says the odds favor those who are willing to use the recent declines to buy Asian equities.

  • No Huddle Offense: Go Green   Thursday, 17 Nov 2011 | 6:58 PM ET
    No Huddle Offense: Go Green

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer shares his final thoughts of the day on green energy companies.

  • Questcor: One-Drug Wonder   Thursday, 17 Nov 2011 | 6:45 PM ET
    Questcor: One-Drug Wonder

    Questcor is a rare growth biotech, says Mad Money's Cramer, with a spectacular 42% growth rate, selling at 23 times earnings. Discussing the company's outlook, with Donald Bailey, Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CEO.