Investment Strategy


  • Green Grows On Companies And Investors Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 10:00 AM ET
    A worker cleans solar panels at a solar photovoltaic power station under construction in Xining of Qinghai Province, China.

    Investors who care about the environment or believe it’s just a matter of time before the nation’s lawmakers begin to address climate change, have a growing number of green investment options.

  • Foreclosure

    If you’re looking to renovate and flip, forget it. But if you’re in a position to buy and hold, with the intent of either renting your property or sitting on it until the real estate recession subsides, the market is ripe for the picking.

  • Investing In Fine Art Can Mean Pretty Profits Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 10:00 AM ET
    "Tete" carved by Italian sculptor and painter Amadeo Modigliani

    Investment-grade art enjoys a low correlation with other asset classes, including stocks and bonds, strengthening its case as a candidate for portfolio diversification.

  • Investing In The Big Screen Can Be A Profitable Story Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 10:00 AM ET
    The Hangover

    If you haven't enjoyed the stock market's plot line in recent years but you're still able to stand the suspense—then you might want go to the movies. While some 60 percent of the movies produced each year are box- office flops, those that do resonate with viewers can generate a pretty penny for investors.

  • The recession may have relegated some of America’s most revered financial institutions to the scrap heap of history, but it also upped the ante on vintage stock certificates, coffee mugs and ballpoint pens from corporate icons that hearken back to yesteryear.

  • The Producers

    By most accounts, investing in the theater is high on the risk scale, but there are opportunities to make a respectable return on your investment. And there's always the perks.

  • Investing In Books: Safe Returns Between the Covers Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 9:57 AM ET
    A first-edition paperback of  on sale for $200 at the Chicago Rare Book Center.

    A multimillion dollar Shakespeare First Folio up for auction gets a lot of attention. But for most collectors, books represent a stable, long-term investment. It’s a rarefied pursuit, one that can be financially rewarding if you have the necessary expertise, diligence, and patience.

  • Art Deco Jewelry: Cool Design, Hot Investment Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 9:57 AM ET

    Art Deco is a style of fine jewelry whose worth remains solid whether or not the economy is dipping or climbing. Naturally, its prices rise when times are flush.

  • Barb Getty at one of her investment properties.

    Housing Slump Offers Opportunity In Apartment-Buil

  • Antiquities: New Highs For Old Treasures Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 9:56 AM ET
    Mongolian iron cap-helmet, 1300 A.D., purchased last year for $7,200.

    High quality, rare examples of Egyptian jewelry, Roman coins, prehistoric fossils, Greek vases, shipwreck coins and tribal carvings, for example, will nearly always appreciate in value for those who are willing to wait.

  • Editor's Introduction: A Wealth of Options Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 9:56 AM ET
    Alternative Investing - A CNBC Special Report - See Complete Coverage

    Alternative investing is a big space; an alphabet soup of options to diversify your portfolio. From commodities to coins to cars, there's money to be made.

  • Interest in vintage or collectible motorcycles is still strong despite the weak economy, but, warns one broker. "It’s like buying art. Buy something you like because you may have to live with it.”

  • Isaac: Geithner's TARP Myths Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 9:42 AM ET
    Timothy Geithner

    The fact that Mr. Geithner takes time from his busy schedule to defend a program that has expired, speaks volumes about the damage TARP is inflicting on politicians associated with it.

  • Futures Mixed After Fisher Remarks, Citi Earnings Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 9:25 AM ET

    Stock index futures are pointing to a mixed open Monday, regaining some ground after Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher said on CNBC that the Fed can't help the economy alone, and that there is "ample liquidity"  in the market that hasn't been put to work.

  • What's On: A New Market Tool, Banks and Earnings Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 8:12 AM ET

    See what's happening, who's talking and what will be making headlines on Monday's Squawk on the Street.

  • Have Bank Stocks Bottomed Yet? Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 7:57 AM ET

    Share your opinion in today's poll.

  • Banks Shared Clients' Profits, but Not Losses Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 7:13 AM ET

    JPMorgan Chase has a proposition for the mutual funds and pension funds that oversee many Americans’ savings: Heads, we win together. Tails, you lose — alone. The New York Times reports.

  • Sell All Long-Dated Government Bonds Now: Charts Monday, 18 Oct 2010 | 5:49 AM ET

    The high prices and low yields of long-dated government bonds would only be worthwhile if the economy was in depression and investors should get out of the assets now, Robin Griffiths, technical strategist at Cazenove Capital, told CNBC Monday.

  • 5 Questions With Jim Rogers Sunday, 17 Oct 2010 | 10:23 PM ET
    Investment guru Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings, speaks at the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong on January 19, 2009

    Global investor and author Jim Rogers answers five questions posed to him by CNBC on life, his investments and the lessons learnt from the Asian financial crisis.

  • Scrutinizing the Elite, Whether They Like It or Not Sunday, 17 Oct 2010 | 9:20 AM ET

    The rich are sitting firmly in the public cross hairs, especially as the economy continues to stumble. Reports that Wall Street bonuses will again be high, and the debate in Congress over tax increases for the wealthy, just add to the outrage.