Investment Strategy


  • The Week's Biggest Story: Bernanke Stays Friday, 28 Aug 2009 | 12:02 PM ET

    The most important story this week was clearly President Obama’s decision to reappoint Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve. Most investors and economists that I’ve spoken with believe he has done a good job under historically bad conditions. But some disagree.

  • Electricity producer RRI Energy is up 13 percent in the last month, and at least one trader expects it to keep powering higher into the New Year.

  • Don't Worry About the Rally, Again Friday, 28 Aug 2009 | 9:32 AM ET

    Is the rally over?  Lackluster trading has bulls worried, but the internals show no cause for concern.

  • Futures Hold Gains on Economic Signals Friday, 28 Aug 2009 | 9:11 AM ET

    At this point, stock index futures are pointing to modest gains at the open on Friday, as most markets in both Asia and Europe rose, with investors awaiting more macroeconomic data for clearer near-term market direction.

  • Overstretched Financials Held by 'Vapor': Analysts Friday, 28 Aug 2009 | 7:21 AM ET

    Banks stocks have risen too much already and are due for a correction, possibly pulling the whole market down, while optimism about a recovery is not complete, strategists and investors told CNBC Friday.

  • Charts Predict: S&P Faces 'Scary' Correction Friday, 28 Aug 2009 | 6:06 AM ET

    The S&P 500 should rise until September 5, but it faces a "scary" correction after that, Bill McLaren, independent trader, told CNBC Friday.

  • Market Tips: Long on Stocks, Gold; Upbeat on Bonds Friday, 28 Aug 2009 | 4:07 AM ET

    Global stocks rose on Friday as confidence in a sustainable recovery grew. Experts tell CNBC to go long on recovery-focused stocks while shorting stocks which are prone to volatility because of news flow.

  • Friday Look Ahead: Surfing the Dell Wave Thursday, 27 Aug 2009 | 9:54 PM ET

    Dell's forecast that second half revenue should come in stronger than the first half are encouraging words for a stock market that has been doing little more than treading water this week.

  • Tech Stocks Still a 'Buy': Stock Picker Thursday, 27 Aug 2009 | 5:16 PM ET

    Technology products are becoming less of a discretionary item and more a necessity to consumers, said Mark Demos, portfolio manager at Fifth Third Asset Management. He told investors where the next tech hotspots will be.

  • Pros Say: Small Market Pullback — Then Rally Goes On Thursday, 27 Aug 2009 | 4:56 PM ET

    Stocks were mixed on Thursday—well off their lows for the day—as investors greeted a downturn in the markets with yet another round of buying. The market digested economic reports a bit better than expected as signs developed that the market was ready to take a breather from its violent five-month surge off the March lows. Read and listen to what the pros had to say...

  • Stocks Close Higher, Led by Banks, Oil, Boeing Thursday, 27 Aug 2009 | 4:39 PM ET

    Stocks closed with modest gains, helped by a rally among bank stocks as well as oil prices.

  • Venus: Queen of the Court Thursday, 27 Aug 2009 | 4:35 PM ET

    Venus Williams rang the Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange today, celebrating her 15th year on the U.S. Open circuit.  What a milestone! 

  • Treasury Building

    Despite a seemingly endless flow of US government debt into the markets, foreign investors continue to gobble up Treasurys and keep yields relatively low.

  • Next Pullback Will Be a Buying Opportunity: Strategists Thursday, 27 Aug 2009 | 3:19 PM ET

    Are there any buying opportunities for investors on the horizon? Jeffrey Saut at Raymond James and Douglas Cliggott at Dover Management shared their market oulooks.

  • Stock Picker: How to Avoid the September Slump Thursday, 27 Aug 2009 | 2:02 PM ET

    Jeffrey Hirsch, editor at Stock Traders Almanac, and David Lutz, managing director at Stifel Nicolaus, shared their insights on whether the rally will continue into September—and how investors should prepare their portfolios.

  • Barclays’ Business On The Green Thursday, 27 Aug 2009 | 1:34 PM ET

    It’s that time of year again, when Barclays kicks off its annual tournament on the green. And while golf was the ‘topic du jour’ at the Liberty National Golf Course in New Jersey… business remained on the minds of both Barclays President Bob Diamond and Pro Golfer Phil Mickelson.

  • Is the Rally Running Out of Steam? Relax. Thursday, 27 Aug 2009 | 11:33 AM ET

    At after-work drinks yesterday, Wall Street's yawn at better than expected economic news yesterday was being held up as an example that the summer rally was clearly running out of steam. 

  • Art Cashin: Why I Sold Stocks Yesterday Thursday, 27 Aug 2009 | 11:28 AM ET

    U.S. jobless claims and GDP are showing seemingly positive signs even as stocks slipped Thursday. What's ahead? Art Cashin, director of floor operations at UBS Financial Services, offered CNBC his stock-market insights.

  • Fears of a 'Very Bad September' Exist: Investor Thursday, 27 Aug 2009 | 8:51 AM ET

    The bulls see the current climate as stimulative and accommodative as low interest rates, big fiscal stimuli and stabilizing data persist. While the bears point out there's still negative growth, enormous deleveraging, ongoing bankruptcies, banks' margins lacking, low consumer spending and no pricing power in terms of wage holding the economy back.

  • Futures Improve After Jobs, GDP Reports Thursday, 27 Aug 2009 | 8:44 AM ET

    Stock index futures are indicating a similar lack of conviction Thursday, drifting downwards on flat European stocks and losses in Asian markets.