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  • How Twitter Has Transformed Trading in Commodities Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011 | 8:38 AM ET
    Farmer Zach Hunnicutt tweeting.

    As more farmers tweet about everything from crops to weather conditions, commodities traders are picking up market-moving information in an instant.

  • Poll: Would You Invest in Fund That Uses Twitter? Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011 | 8:37 AM ET

    As a London hedge fund prepares to start making investment decisions based on tweets, we want to know if you would invest in a fund that uses such a strategy.

  • Hedge Fund to Predict Markets Using Twitter Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011 | 8:37 AM ET

    Last fall, Indiana University informatics professor Johan Bollen stumbled upon an astonishing connection:  That the social network Twitter could predict swings in the Dow Jones Industrial Average with 87 percent accuracy. 

  • See what's happening, who's talking and what will be making headlines on Tuesday's Squawk on the Street.

  • Greenberg: The Earnings Guidance Myth Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011 | 7:25 AM ET

    Only 30 give quarterly and annual earnings and sales guidance.

  • nest_dollar_bill_200.jpg

    When it comes to retirement, Americans have high anxiety. And the three-lane highway of Social Security, retirement savings, and a traditional pension is full of potholes.

  • Brent Crude Heading for $147: Charts Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011 | 4:27 AM ET

    Brent crude is likely to rise toward the $147-a-barrel high it hit in 2008, according to Roelof van den Akker, analyst at ING Wholesale Banking, said Tuesday.

  • The Economics of Enough Already Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011 | 4:23 AM ET

    When I was an undergraduate studying economics, our political economy teacher used to ask us just how many different types of deodorant society needed.

  • 'Screwflation' and the Two-Headed Market Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011 | 3:45 AM ET
    NYSE Traders

    You can’t beat a bit of Roman mythology on a Tuesday morning, so an article by Doug Kass, the president of Seabreeze Partners Management caught my attention.

  • 10 Reasons To Be Bullish on Hedge Funds Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011 | 2:16 AM ET

    'Bullish sentiment on market performance, flows and industry dynamics were the clear messages conveyed by the investors,' Deutsche Bank said.

  • Barclays Reveals Executive Pay Details Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011 | 1:52 AM ET
    Bob Diamond

    Barclays has revealed that Bob Diamond, its chief executive, and two of his top lieutenants received nearly £30 million ($48.6 million) in pay and bonuses for 2010 and another £77 million for past performance, reports the Financial Times.

  • Rain or Shine, Oil Prices Headed Higher: Faber Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011 | 1:07 AM ET

    Oil prices have seen a fifteen percent run-up this year alone, but Marc Faber, Editor and Publisher of the The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report says oil prices still have more room to rise, under both optimistic and pessimistic scenarios.

  • Blog: Yen Moves Suggesting Complacency or Paralysis? Tuesday, 8 Mar 2011 | 12:19 AM ET

    The yen move is more "happenstance" than anything else, and indeed appears to be generally as overlooked as the fact that the Chinese yuan has appreciated 4.7 percent since July 2010.

  • Second-Tier Cities = Money Pits? Monday, 7 Mar 2011 | 9:31 PM ET
    Apartment buildings in Liaoning Province, China.

    Over the last year, developers and investors alike have flooded into China’s second-tier cities, chasing real-estate opportunities. Many of the Tier 2 cities are turning into money pits, according to a new report from Credit Suisse, and should be avoided.

  • NYSE Trader

    Rising oil continues to trip up stocks, and the S&P 500 could take another run at the psychologically important 1300 level, while the situation shakes out.

  • Five Things We're Watching: March 8, 2011 Monday, 7 Mar 2011 | 6:33 PM ET

    Tweeting for profit, oil's wild ride and the headwinds facing Bank of America. Here's some of what we’re watching — and therefore you should as well.?

  • More Exchange Mergers Coming: Rodgin Cohen Monday, 7 Mar 2011 | 5:43 PM ET
    Rodgin Cohen

    The changing face of trading will drive additional mergers between various global market exchanges, H. Rodgin Cohen, chairman of Sullivan & Cromwell, told CNBC.

  • Stocks Close Lower as Technology Slides Monday, 7 Mar 2011 | 4:45 PM ET

    Stocks closed down, although off the lows of the day, as tech stocks dragged down the market amid high oil prices and continued turmoil in the Middle East. Alcoa and Intel sank, while McDonald's gained.

  • Stocks Ease Losses Before Close; Tech Falls Monday, 7 Mar 2011 | 3:56 PM ET

    Stocks eased losses in the final hour of trading, although remained lower, as tech stocks fell particularly hard amid high oil prices and continued turmoil in the Middle East. Alcoa and Intel fell, while 3M rose.

  • Heck of a Two Year Ride—Will Get Tougher Monday, 7 Mar 2011 | 3:45 PM ET

    The two year anniversary of the bottom. It has been a heck of a ride ... but it will likely get tougher. Unfortunately, a lot of people have only come late to the party ... but still. Take a look.