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  • Asian Economies Hot Again — And So Are Stock Markets Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 5:08 PM ET
    seoul stock-resized.jpg

    South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and others in Southeast and East Asia are benefiting from an export-driven regional boom and the lessons of a financial crisis a decade ago.

  • Stocks End Higher; Dow Snaps Losing Streak Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 5:00 PM ET

    Stocks ended higher  Tuesday with the Dow gaining more than 100 points to  snap a five-day losing streak. The rally followed a series of government data releases and earnings reports that showed hints of strength returning to the economy.  Home Depot jumped, RIM slipped.

  • Cut Mortgage Rates on Fannie, Freddie Loans: Gross Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 4:08 PM ET
    Bill Gross

    Bill Gross, a managing director bond giant PIMCO, told CNBC Tuesday that if Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lowered interest rates for mortgage holders in good standing, it would stimulate the economy, encourage consumer spending, promote job growth and give the beleaguered housing market a much-needed lift.

  • Stocks Advance Ahead of Close; RIM Slips Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 3:49 PM ET

    Stocks advanced decisively Tuesday, with Dow on track to snap a five-day losing streak. The rally followed a series of government data releases and earnings reports that showed hints of strength returning to the economy.  Home Depot jumped, RIM slipped.

  • Stock Brawl: Intel Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 3:20 PM ET
    Intel's headquarters in Santa Clara, California.

    With a market capitalization of $109.5 billion, this 42-year-old company is the largest semiconductor maker based on revenue, and has consistently ranked as one of the most recognizable and valuable brands in the world. Intel's chief Paul Otellini sees “strong demand from corporate customers.”

  • Profits vs. Privacy as Businesses Mine Consumer Data Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 2:29 PM ET

    Businesses are watching you—more than ever before.  Newly-armed with analytics technology, retailers, search engines and social networks are all eager to turn data into profits.

  • From Russia with Profits: Spy Pictures of Crops Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 1:35 PM ET

    Using infrared and microwave images of the entire planet taken twice a day, Lanworth can distinguish between each type of agricultural commodity—corn, soybeans, wheat and on and on—and discover the total number of acres of each planted overall.

  • Retail Shocks Abound Today Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 12:07 PM ET

    Abercrombie, down 8 percent, beat estimates and posted a decent 5 percent increase in same store sales, but inventory levels, up 47 percent, were a shocker.

  • Stocks Gain More than 1%; Home Depot Rises Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 11:58 AM ET

    Stocks rose significantly Tuesday after days of losses, following a series of government data releases and earnings reports that showed hints of strength returning to the economy. Home Depot gains, Kraft slips.

  • Apple May Still Profit From TV Business: Analyst Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 11:48 AM ET

    More speculation has surfaced about Apple’s “hobby,” the AppleTV, and how the company might consider creating an actual television set. Andy Hargreaves, senior research analyst at Pacific Crest Securities and Tavis McCourt, managing director and communications technology analyst at Morgan Keegan shared their insights.

  • Transports Flashing Bullish Signs: Analyst Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 11:42 AM ET

    What are the transports saying about the US economy? Donald Broughton, managing director and senior transportation analyst at Avondale Partners, shared his outlook.

  • Taylor: Four Ways to Fix Fannie and Freddie Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 10:58 AM ET

    As the Obama administration hosts a housing conference to address the role of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we should remember that homeownership’s promise was ruined by Wall Street’s recklessness, not by federal policy. To fix the nations’ affordable housing policy, we support bringing the GSEs to their former public-private status, but with some key changes.

  • Stocks to Watch: Target, Netflix and More ... Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 10:50 AM ET
    Six in 60

    Here's why you should keep a close eye on these six stocks.

  • Goldman Raises Estimates on Fertilizer Cos. Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 10:02 AM ET

    This is going to be one nail-biter of a back to school season: It looks like the consumer is going to buy VERY LATE. And by the way, the largest pure-play potash producer in North America is not Potash, it's Intrepid Potash (IPI), which also traded up about 12 percent pre-open.

  • Charts: S&P to Hit 1,220 if Pattern Holds Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 9:31 AM ET

    If the S&P 500 can break above 1,135 points and out of its range-bound pattern, then it could hit 1,220 points and far higher, Julius de Kempenaer, manager at www.talergroup.com, told CNBC Tuesday.

  • Futures Rise After Production Data Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 9:22 AM ET

    U.S. stock index futures are higher after the government released data on  industriarl production, capacity utilization, housing starts and the July Producer Price Index. WalMart and Home Depot reported better-than-expected results.

  • Kaminsky's Call: Educated Predictions Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 8:05 AM ET
    Financial Crisis

    There are those precious few who provide educated predictions so historic that they warrant the highest level of attention. Watch and listen to our special guest Kyle Bass, Managing Partner at Hayman.

  • Call Buyers Rush TJX Before Earnings Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 7:52 AM ET

    Shoppers have been flocking to TJX's stores in this rough economy, and now the call buyers are coming along as well.

  • Here's what analysts and others say they're watching before the bell Tuesday.

  • Are Fannie and Freddie Even Necessary? Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 | 6:10 AM ET

    How would you fix the mortgage behemoths? Share your opinion.