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  • Charts: Fear Weighs Down FTSE, Gold Takes a Break Wednesday, 4 Feb 2009 | 10:44 AM ET

    The FTSE-100 is being buffeted in a tight trading range as investors wrestle with the competing emotions of fear and greed, and those tempted to buy the UK index should wait for a break above the 4,657 level, Sandy Jadeja, chief market strategist at ODL Securities, told CNBC.

  • Refunds Kick Start The Futures Wednesday, 4 Feb 2009 | 9:23 AM ET

    Futures are modestly higher today after yesterday's rally, there are some big Treasury refundings coming, on top of some very large corporate bond issuances coming from the likes of Procter & Gamble, Novartis, and Altria.

  • Pros Say: Executive Pay Caps are Bad Wednesday, 4 Feb 2009 | 6:43 AM ET

    Top executives at companies taking government money from the TARP will likely see their pay slips capped at $500,000 under a new initiative to be announced Wednesday by President Barack Obama. But one analyst told CNBC that the move could have a negative effect.  

  • Charts: Stocks May Set New Lows in Mid-Year Wednesday, 4 Feb 2009 | 5:22 AM ET

    The stock market is likely to test and reset bear market lows towards the middle of the year despite the S&P 500’s failed attempt at rallying since its lows last year in November, Chris Locke, the Managing Director at Oystertrade.com, told CNBC.

  • Market Insider: Wednesday Look Ahead Tuesday, 3 Feb 2009 | 6:25 PM ET

    While some traders are bracing for a retest of the stock market's November lows, buyers are picking among the less defensive sectors on the hopes the market is approaching a turning point.

  • Guess What Led To This Rally Tuesday, 3 Feb 2009 | 4:30 PM ET

    Several events came together midday to help stocks rally including a drop in the dollar about 2 PM ET, which has helped the market several times in the last couple days.

  • Bulls: We're Close To A Bottom Tuesday, 3 Feb 2009 | 3:22 PM ET

    Once again, a midday drop in the dollar has led to a (modest) rally in stocks. This happened yesterday. Traders are not stupid (they're just poor).

  • Mixed Signals From Overseas Tuesday, 3 Feb 2009 | 9:19 AM ET

    Overseas markets are mixed this morning. Australia cut its interest rates to a record low 3.25 percent and unveiled a stimulus plan, while the Bank of Japan said it would buy up to $11 billion of shares held by banks.

  • Pros Say: Bad News Is Good for the Dollar Tuesday, 3 Feb 2009 | 6:41 AM ET

    The dollar is making broad-based gains as the flurry of bad news currently buffeting markets sends investors looking for safe-havens. Even delays to the Obama administration’s near $900 billion stimulus package could boost the greenback further, one analyst told CNBC. Get the latest investment advice from the experts on CNBC, below.

  • Market Insider: Tuesday Look Ahead Monday, 2 Feb 2009 | 7:37 PM ET

    Traders are watching tech as a bright spot in an otherwise tentative market, which is focused on a banking industry bailout, the economy and earnings news.

  • Why The Banks Aren't Lending Monday, 2 Feb 2009 | 4:49 PM ET

    There's plenty of complaints that the banks aren't lending, but the Fed's quarterly bank loan survey clearly indicated that the problems are much deeper than that.

  • A Monday Morning Bounce Monday, 2 Feb 2009 | 4:04 PM ET

    The futures are indicating a modest oversold bounce this morning. This comes after the Dow set another 6-year low on Friday and finished the week with its worst week since October.

  • Ask The Experts: Are My Mutual Funds Safe? Monday, 2 Feb 2009 | 3:21 PM ET

    Bill Losey responds to a viewer worried about her nest egg.

  • Macy's Cuts Its Workforce Monday, 2 Feb 2009 | 1:50 PM ET

    Macy's announcement that they are slashing their dividend and laying off 4 percent of their workforce cost us 60 points on the Dow, but it is not a surprising announcement.

  • New Headaches For The Dollar Monday, 2 Feb 2009 | 11:51 AM ET

    The dollar's strength is creating problems for U.S. companies with big earnings overseas.

  • The Weakest Link Monday, 2 Feb 2009 | 9:28 AM ET

    With European bourses down 2 to 3 percent on the first day of February, it's little wonder that European banks are again the weak link, with ING, UBS, HSBC and Barclays down 5 to 8 percent pre-open.

  • Dow Capitulation May Happen in Feb: Analyst Monday, 2 Feb 2009 | 7:53 AM ET

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average won’t find a secure base until it sheds another 1,000 points, which it could do before March, but that will signal the capitulation is over, Alpesh Patel, principal from Praefinium Group, told CNBC.

  • Pros Say: Chinese Banks Better Bet than US Ones Monday, 2 Feb 2009 | 6:46 AM ET

    Investors’ faith in the US banking system has slumped to dramatic low over the past year and fears over the lingering specter of toxic assets remains. One investor tells CNBC that China’s financial sector could offer an attractive alternative to America’s banking problems. Below is latest investment advice as seen on CNBC.

  • Charts Predict: Oil May Whip Back up to $100 Monday, 2 Feb 2009 | 4:49 AM ET

    Oil prices could bounce back toward $100 a barrel as the huge decline over the past twelve months looks set to give back up to half of its fall, Robin Griffiths, technical strategist at Cazenove Capital, told CNBC.

  • Market Insider: The Week Ahead Friday, 30 Jan 2009 | 5:58 PM ET

    Markets are in for more tough sledding as the calendar flips over to February and stocks close out their worst January ever with no signs of reprieve from bad economic news.