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  • Stocks Slide Over 2% as Dollar Rallies, Oil Falls Monday, 15 Jun 2009 | 1:25 PM ET

    Stocks tumbled Monday as the dollar made a comeback and a key manufacturing gauge came in weaker than expected.

  • Pros Say: Markets Set for Another Pullback Monday, 15 Jun 2009 | 12:59 PM ET
    Investor Spring Cleaning - A CNBC Special Report

    Stocks opened lower on Monday after a key manufacturing barometer showed factories continue to suffer in the slumping economy. And IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn said that the worst may be yet to come for the global economic crisis. Read and listen to what the experts had to say…

  • Strategies for Playing This 'Cyclical Bull' Market Monday, 15 Jun 2009 | 12:51 PM ET

    John Merrill, founder & CIO of Tanglewood Wealth Management, and Brian Belski, chief investment strategist of Oppenheimer, shared their market strategies with investors.

  • Art Cashin: The S&P's 'Break' Point Now Monday, 15 Jun 2009 | 11:58 AM ET

    The factory sector in New York state shrank at a worse rate in June than during May, the New York Federal Reserve said in a report on Monday. And the head of the IMF warned that the global economic recession may get even worse. What does it mean for the stock market? Art Cashin, head of floor operations at UBS, offered CNBC his insights Monday.

  • Stocks Slide Over 2% Amid Factory Weakness Monday, 15 Jun 2009 | 10:55 AM ET

    Stocks opened lower Monday as the dollar made a comeback and a key manufacturing gauge came in weaker than expected.

  • Under Pressure Monday, 15 Jun 2009 | 9:28 AM ET

    Commodities and commodity stocks remain under pressure as the dollar firms and traders continue to take profits. The dollar is firmer again as now Russia (third largest holder of dollars) affirmed the supremacy of the dollar, saying they will not "significantly" change the structure of its reserves.

  • Farrell: Was Friday A Sign? Monday, 15 Jun 2009 | 9:19 AM ET
    Vince Farrell

    The dull stock market on Friday- New York Stock Exchange volume was well under a billion shares- might have been hiding a subtle message.

  • Futures Add to Losses on Factor Weakness Monday, 15 Jun 2009 | 8:50 AM ET

    Wall Street has an impressive roll going as we begin a new week: the Nasdaq has chalked up weekly gains in 13 of the past 14 weeks, while the Dow and the S&P 500 have risen in 12 of the past 14 weeks. All three indexes are positive for the year, and the Dow and S&P are on track for their best quarterly gains since the fourth quarter of 1998.

  • TiVo 'Riding High' With More Room For Upside Monday, 15 Jun 2009 | 8:34 AM ET

    TiVo has been riding high ever since winning a federal patent case against rival Dish Network earlier this month, and options traders appear to think that there's more room for upside.

  • Global stocks began the week lower Monday as the dollar strengthened pushing oil prices and other commodity stocks down. Experts tell CNBC safe-haven gold is in a downtrend, but silver still has upward potential.

  • Charts: Get Used to $50-$70 Oil Monday, 15 Jun 2009 | 6:18 AM ET

    If oil's rally continued toward $90, then when it dipped again, it would be unlikely to reach lows hit in March. However, if oil fails to reach $90, it is likely to retest March lows, Robin Griffiths, technical strategist at Cazenove Capital told CNBC.

  • Market to Watch: New Nikkei Bull? Monday, 15 Jun 2009 | 6:14 AM ET

    Japan's stock market is in a "prime uptrend" and is going into a new bull market due to the resilience of the country's economy, Robin Griffiths, technical strategist at Cazenove Capital said Monday.

  • Yoshikami: The Next Menace — Stagflation Sunday, 14 Jun 2009 | 7:54 PM ET

    As green shoots continue to pop up and give hope that a depression has been avoided, it's important to recognize that there still are significant headwinds facing the U.S. and global economy. There's a real chance that we may face a menace that proved to be destructive for investors portfolios decades ago: Stagflation

  • Week Ahead: Stocks Trapped in a Range Friday, 12 Jun 2009 | 8:34 PM ET
    Wall Street Traders

    Stocks could have a hard time snapping out of their current trading range, which seems to be getting narrower and narrower.

  • Hirschhorn: How to Learn Patience Friday, 12 Jun 2009 | 5:16 PM ET

    Losing patience can cost a lot of money. Yes, the Market can be frustrating, especially when there is a lot of uncertainty. Unfortunately, impatience can lead to losses and cause traders to behave in ways that kill a portfolio.

  • Maria Plays Herself In 'The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3' Friday, 12 Jun 2009 | 4:54 PM ET

    Maria plays of a financial journalist in the movie (which is who she is in real life and a darn good one!!!). Denzel Washington is watching Maria report about the markets and why the stocks on Wall Street are falling because of John Travolta’s actions.

  • Dow Positive for Year; Bank of America Rises Friday, 12 Jun 2009 | 4:29 PM ET

    The Dow eked out a gain Friday, bumping it into positive territory for the year, as Bank of America shares  rallied. But techs, energy and commodities retreated as crude oil dropped to around $72 a barrel.

  • Seven Questions To Ask Before Buying A Stock Friday, 12 Jun 2009 | 4:25 PM ET

    Being in the financial news business for the last 20 years, I certainly know how much information is available out there. I also know it can be overwhelming for investors to make heads or tails of it all. That’s why you need a plan before you dive in. You have to be able to quickly and decisively separate the real news from what I call “the noise.”

  • What's The Best Way To Invest For Retirement? Friday, 12 Jun 2009 | 3:34 PM ET

    If you talk with 10 different advisors, they’ll all have their own opinion as to what the best way to invest for retirement is.  Some prefer actively managed investments.  Some prefer passively managed investments.  Some like to trade daily while other advisors like me prefer a combination of actively and passively managed investments.  The point is, you need to do some homework and figure out what strategy resonates with you.

  • Dow Pares Losses as Bank of America Climbs Friday, 12 Jun 2009 | 2:58 PM ET

    Stocks opened lower Friday as crude oil dropped below $71 a barrel and banks dragged after Bank of America lowered its outlook for the sector.