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  • Weak Retail Sales Send Futures Lower Friday, 11 Jun 2010 | 8:37 AM ET

    US stock index futures searched for direction Friday, as Chinese inflation quickened to a 19-month high in May and Spain denied reports that it had made a request of aid from the European Union.

  • US Economist Fears Greek Debt Default in August Friday, 11 Jun 2010 | 7:52 AM ET
    The Parthenon in Greece

    Greece will eventually default on its debt because the country is highly indebted and the euro zone's approach towards saving it is the wrong one, Carl Weinberg, chief economist at High Frequency Economics, told CNBC Friday.

  • Wall Street sign

    After Thursday's big rally on Wall Street, markets on Friday will turn their focus to retail sales and consumer sentiment data.

  • NYSE Says Circuit Breaker Will Be Finished Next Week Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 6:54 PM ET

    According to the NYSE, the single-stock circuit breaker rollout will be completed by Wednesday. At that time, the new circuit breaker rules will have been applied to each of the 404 NYSE-listed S&P 500 stocks.

  • I'm Buying These Mispriced Stocks: Market Pro Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 6:26 PM ET

    Stocks rose on Thursday after a drop in jobless claims and confirmation of strong Chinese exports. Are we seeing a bounceback—and how should investors approach the markets? Mark Travis, CEO of Intrepid Capital Funds, discussed his best plays.

  • Stocks Soar; Energy Powers the Rally Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 5:29 PM ET

    Stocks were higher in afternoon trading Thursday, led by energy and industrials, as encouraging economic news out of the U.S. and China fueled recovery hopes.

  • Pisani: What's up with Goldman Sachs? Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 5:00 PM ET

    What's up with Goldman Sachs? Just another indication of headline risk. Why was GS the ONLY major financial stock down today, down 3 percent to a 52-week low?

  • Sentiment Toward Europe May Be Lifting Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 4:57 PM ET

    Portugal raised about 1.5 billion euros yesterday and Spain 3.9 billion euros today in auctions that were surprisingly oversubscribed.

  • Cable Wars Over Bresnan Communications Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 4:30 PM ET

    Cable pioneers John Malone and Charles Dolan are the remaining bidders for cable television company Bresnan Communications, according to people close to the process, and there are the price will exceed eight times the company’s expected EBITDA in 2010.

  • Government Doesn't Understand Job Creation: Mark Cuban Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 4:15 PM ET
    Mark Cuban

    Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks owner and well-known entrepreneur, talked about jobs, Goldman Sachs and his advice to recent college grads.

  • BofA Looking at 'Citigroup-Type of Breakup': Bove Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 2:31 PM ET
    A Bank of America trader inside the NYSE.

    Bank of America is shedding some of its foreign banks and other assets while positioning itself for a "Citigroup-type of breakup," banking analyst Dick Bove said Thursday.

  • Stocks Rally Amid Hope for Recovery; BP Rises Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 2:22 PM ET

    Stocks were higher in afternoon trading Thursday, led by energy and industrials, as encouraging economic news out of the U.S. and China fueled recovery hopes.

  • A Closer Look at Quarterly Forecasts Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 1:22 PM ET

    It is the season for economic forecasts, and I have been polled by several published surveys. Here is my response.

  • Trader_stocks_up_200.jpg

    Retail investors who normally would be expected to sell in May and go away may have just skipped the selling part—and have simply gone away.

  • An Investor's Guide to the World Cup Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 1:03 PM ET
    The match ball for the opening World Cup fixture between South Africa and Mexico.

    When it comes to choosing sides for the World Cup, sporting goods companies might do well to have their own favorites.

  • Stock 'Circuit Breakers' Coming Tomorrow Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 12:13 PM ET

    Individual stock circuit breakers coming tomorrow (Friday). Sources tell me the SEC will announce they have approved the circuit breakers that have been circulating for approval, and will begin a partial rollout tomorrow.

  • US Will Be Greece in 10 Years: Walker Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 11:27 AM ET
    Uncle Sam taking money out of your wallet

    The United States is a decade away from being Greece, if it fails to get on the path of fiscal responsibility, former US Comptroller of the Currency David Walker told CNBC Thursday.

  • Financial Crisis Has 'Only Entered Act II:' Soros Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 11:17 AM ET
    George Soros

    The financial crisis is far from over, and regulators need to crack down on the misuse of derivatives, global financier George Soros said at a conference in Vienna.

  • Financial Industry Not at Fault for Crisis: Pro Thursday, 10 Jun 2010 | 10:38 AM ET

    This crisis is a “pure government debt crisis,” not one of the financial markets, and it is the regulators and the politicians' jobs to notice the bubbles that cause crises, said Karsten Schroeder, chairman of Amplitude Capital. He shared his insights.

  • Cash is only good when it's being used to create wealth. Microsoft's management appears more interested in being bond traders than in running a tech company.