Market Outlook


  • Treasury Would Emerge With Vast New Power Monday, 29 Sep 2008 | 10:12 AM ET
    Henry Paulson

    During its weeklong deliberations, Congress made many changes to the Bush administration’s original proposal to bail out the financial industry, but one overarching aspect of the initial plan that remains is the vast discretion it gives to the Treasury secretary, says the New York Times.

  • SEC Urged to Suspend Redemption Rights on Two Funds Friday, 19 Sep 2008 | 7:07 PM ET

    U.S. money management firm The Reserve said on Friday two of its funds have filed an application with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission asking to be allowed to suspend or delay redemption requests due to a massive rush by investors to withdraw their money.

  • Limiting Your Exposure To Volatility Friday, 19 Sep 2008 | 3:09 PM ET

    If you are one of the many investors having trouble stomaching the big and wild swings, now may be a good time to scale back on your level of risk.

  • Smart Moves In Challenging Times Friday, 19 Sep 2008 | 3:08 PM ET

    If you have a strong stomach and like a good gamble, the current volatility may be a good opportunity to put some money in play to beef up your portfolio gains in what's been a rocky year. While the pickings may seem slim, investment strategists say there are some opportunities within certain sectors, and if you are considering making broader bets, using options strategies can provide a good way to maximize gains while limiting losses.

  • Playing It Safe In A Down Market Friday, 19 Sep 2008 | 3:08 PM ET

    Financial planners say the end of the year marks the perfect opportunity to revisit your asset allocation to ensure it still reflects your financial goals and tolerance for risk -- especially with many economists projecting the bear market will continue for the next six months.

  • Safety Net Is Strong And Wide Friday, 19 Sep 2008 | 3:07 PM ET

    How safe are your savings and investments and what happens if any of your financial institutions goes belly up? Here’s a who’s–who, what’s-what guide on who stands behind your money.

  • Putnam Investments Closes a Big Money-Market Fund Thursday, 18 Sep 2008 | 1:02 PM ET

    U.S. asset manager Putnam Investments said that it had closed its $15 billionPrime Money Market Fund due to redemption pressures.

  • Is Your Money-Market Fund Safe? How to Find Out Wednesday, 17 Sep 2008 | 2:33 PM ET

    The financial crisis sweeping Wall Street has even sparked worries about one of the safest investments around: money market mutual funds

  • Real Estate Woes Spread to China Thursday, 11 Sep 2008 | 1:24 PM ET

    China has joined the United States, Britain, Spain and others on the list of nations suffering a real estate decline, the New York Times reports.

  • Oil Stocks, Commerz Drag Down Euro Stocks Monday, 1 Sep 2008 | 1:14 PM ET

    European shares fell on Monday, led by weaker commodity stocks tracking falling oil and metals prices, while Commerzbank slipped 10 percent after it agreed to buy Dresdner Bank from Allianz.

  • With the decline in oil prices, inflationary pressures are easing for the moment. The Federal Reserve’s policy makers all acknowledge as much. But that has not halted their debate over whether to raise interest rates now to avoid higher inflation in the future.

  • Who Really Needs A Hedge Fund, Anyway? Wednesday, 20 Aug 2008 | 11:38 AM ET

    It's a fair enough question given the state of the industry. Returns are down, so are capital flows, and more funds are likely to fold than start up this year.

  • Euro Shares Fall as Oil Boost for Energy Fades Monday, 18 Aug 2008 | 12:44 PM ET

    European shares fell on Monday in a volatile session, as easing crude oil pared some of the gains in energy shares, while the firmer euro dented retailer and auto stocks.

  • Euro Shares Close Higher on US Data, Oil Saturday, 16 Aug 2008 | 7:27 AM ET

    European shares gained on Friday, withstanding a heavy drag from falling mining stocks, while better-than-expected U.S. manufacturing data helped ease recessionary fears and oil continued its downward slide.

  • Oils, Miners Boost Euro Shares in Choppy Trade Thursday, 14 Aug 2008 | 1:08 PM ET

    European shares ended a choppy session in positive territory on Thursday as a recovery in commodity prices helped energy and mining shares and fears over price pressures were partially quelled by U.S. inflation data.

  • Mortgage Giants Find a Bright Spot in Rental Financing Wednesday, 13 Aug 2008 | 2:06 PM ET
    Archstone Chelsea, New York, NY

    abstract goes here

  • Euro Shares Fall as Banks Sag, Oil Jumps Wednesday, 13 Aug 2008 | 12:50 PM ET

    European shares dropped on Wednesday as fresh concern about the impact of the credit crunch on the banking sector hit financial shares, while a late spike in the oil price rekindled worries about inflation.

  • Mechanism for Credit Is Still Stuck Wednesday, 13 Aug 2008 | 10:32 AM ET
    Credit Crunch

    A year after financial tremors first shook Wall Street, a crucial artery of modern money management remains broken. And until that conduit is fixed or replaced, borrowers will see interest rates continue to rise even as availability worsens for home mortgages, student loans, auto loans and commercial mortgages, says the New York Times.

  • Today's Top Videos: New Dells, Speedos & More Tuesday, 12 Aug 2008 | 6:20 PM ET

    Dell introduces their new line of laptops, designed to have the greatest security, the longest battery life and the most robust design, while Warnaco's Speedo is the most desired swimwear for Olympic swimmers. Following are today's top videos:

  • Banks Drag on Euro Stocks, Autos Rally Tuesday, 12 Aug 2008 | 12:49 PM ET

    European shares ended with losses on Tuesday as the region's financial stocks suffered following further writedowns from the third-largest U.S. bank JPMorgan.