Market Outlook


  • What Does Dow's All-Time High Mean?     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 7:15 PM ET

    The Dow closed above its previous record from October 9, 2007. What it means for you, with CNBC's Jim Cramer.

  • No Huddle Offense: When Fed Pulls the Plug     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 6:58 PM ET

    CNBC's Jim Cramer has his own perspective on wealthy investors who are warning that stocks could get clobbered when the Federal Reserve starts raising interest rates. (3:58)

  • ASNA CEO Talks Earnings & Acquisitions     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 6:45 PM ET

    David R. Jaffe, CEO of Ascena Retail Group, says the Charming Shoppes integration was different than the company's previous acquisitions.

  • Cramer on Airline Alliances     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 6:25 PM ET

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer gives his thoughts on the growing alliances in the airline industry.

  • Many Expressions of Facebook?     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 6:15 PM ET

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer takes a look at Facebook from a different angle.

  • Markets Hit All-Time High     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 6:00 PM ET

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer explains whether the markets are even better off than you think.

  • Venezuela President Hugo Chavez Dead     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 5:50 PM ET

    Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez dies after a 2-year battle with cancer, reports CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera. Meanwhile the Fast Money traders answer your tweets.

  • Gold Weak on Record Dow High     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 5:45 PM ET

    The gold breakdown continues despite the Dow hitting an all-time high, with Mike Harris, Campbell & Company.

  • Intel Down 17% Since Oct. 2007     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 5:40 PM ET

    Intel is one stock left out of the latest bull market, with the Fast Money team.

  • Stocks, Sentiment Soar     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 5:30 PM ET

    Should investors turn up the fear gauge in the rally?

  • Taking Stock: Then vs. Now     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 5:15 PM ET

    Comparing today's market and macro data to figures in 2007, with the Fast Money team. Meanwhile Louise Yamada, Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors, explains what's really driving the rally.

  • Getting Back to the '90s     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 4:43 PM ET

    Millionaire Steve Forbes of Forbes Media explains why he thinks the overall markets have a long way to go to get us back to where they were in the '90s.

  • Enough Market Momentum?     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 4:26 PM ET

    Is there enough momentum to keep the market rally going, with Robert Doll, Nuveen Asset Management; and CNBC's Simon Hobbs and Amanda Drury.

  • Dow's Record High: Bulls vs. Bears     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 4:16 PM ET

    The bull and the bear case for where the Dow may be headed after today's record high, with Harry Dent, HS Dent Investment Management; James Paulsen, Wells Capital Management; and CNBC's Ron Insana and Jeff Cox.

  • More Highs Tomorrow?     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 4:06 PM ET

    Discussing whether history will repeat itself again tomorrow, with Nathan Bachrach, The Financial Network Group; John Spallanzani, GFI Group; Warren Meyers, DME Securities; and CNBC Contributor Michael Yoshikami.

  • Sector Winners & Losers On Dow's Record     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 4:02 PM ET

    CNBC's Kayla Tausche reports which sectors soared the most since the last time the Dow hit a historic high.

  • Commodities Tomorrow: Metals Show Strength     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 4:00 PM ET

    CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets and looks at where oil and precious metals are likely headed tomorrow.

  • Dow Set For Record Close     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 3:50 PM ET

    Discussing what kind of conviction they are seeing from investors, with Gary Wedbush, Wedbush Securities; Larry Kantor, Barclays; and Michael Shea, Direct Access Partners.

  • Fed Behind Today's Rally?     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 3:40 PM ET

    Former Goldman Sachs Vice Chairman explains why the Federal Reserve is a big factor in today's rally, but not the only reason.

  • Dow's Record & 'The Wealth Effect'     Tuesday, 5 Mar 2013 | 3:20 PM ET

    How does the American consumer react to when markets rally to new highs? CNBC's Steve Liesman and financial economist Lindsay Piegza, discuss.