Market Outlook


  • Is Warren Buffett Right on Equities?     Monday, 7 May 2012 | 3:00 PM ET

    CNBC's Becky Quick reports on Warren Buffett's positive outlook on stocks and the state of the global market. Peter Boockvar, Miller Tabak; and CNBC's Bob Pisani, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Bill Griffeth, discuss Buffett's comments and where to invest right now.

  • Reasons to Get in the Market     Monday, 7 May 2012 | 2:55 PM ET

    Discussing the state of the U.S. economy and the catalysts that could drive the equity market higher, with Abby Joseph Cohen, Goldman Sachs.

  • The 'New Muni Market'     Monday, 7 May 2012 | 2:37 PM ET

    George Friedlander, Citigroup, shares perspective on how to trade the "new muni market," with CNBC's Mary Thompson at the 65th CFA Institute Annual Conference in Chicago.

  • CNBC's Julia Boorstin shares three quotes regarding the future of television and discusses the state of Oprah Winfrey's "OWN" Network.

  • Is the Euro Zone Chaos Good for the US?     Monday, 7 May 2012 | 2:05 PM ET

    Discussing Warren Buffett's perspective on stocks and how to trade the markets amid Europe's debt problems, with Clem Chambers, ADVFN CEO and Barry James, Advantage Funds president.

  • CNBC's Brian Sullivan and Amanda Drury break down which major headlines they will discuss in an hour of "Street Signs," including a "buy" recommendation on Facebook and which stocks Warren Buffett would buy.

  • Market Concerns, Apple & Winfrey's 'OWN'     Monday, 7 May 2012 | 1:49 PM ET

    Discussing today's major headlines, including Apple reportedly launching a cheaper MacBook for $799 this year and whether Oprah Winfrey's network "OWN" is facing its final chapter, with CNBC's Jane Wells, John Carney, Sue Herera and Tyler Mathisen.

  • Greek Election Fallout     Monday, 7 May 2012 | 1:21 PM ET

    CNBC's Simon Hobbs and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera discuss whether austerity in Europe is dead since this weekend's elections in Greece and France.

  • Pfizer's New Arthritis Drug     Monday, 7 May 2012 | 1:11 PM ET

    CNBC's Seema Mody reports on Pfizer ahead of the FDA advisory panel review of its rheumatoid arthritis drug.

  • How to Jump Back in Stocks     Monday, 7 May 2012 | 1:00 PM ET

    Discussing what has to happen to get the investor back in the stock market, with Jim Iuorio, TJM Institutional Services and Kate Warne, Edward Jones.

  • Markets Across Europe Close     Monday, 7 May 2012 | 11:30 AM ET

    European shares rebound after post-election lows, with CNBC's Simon Hobbs and Athanasios Vamvakidis, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Dan Greenhaus, BTIG, also weighs in.

  • Salt Conference Kicks Off Tomorrow     Monday, 7 May 2012 | 11:11 AM ET

    CNBC's Gary Kaminsky offers insight on the Salt Conference in Las Vegas.

  • Before You Buy Facebook...     Monday, 7 May 2012 | 10:45 AM ET

    Facebook is holding a massive group lunch meeting at 11:45am today. Daniel Ernst, Hudson Square Research Principal, offers insight.

  • Pre-Market Report: Facebook IPO Roadshow     Monday, 7 May 2012 | 6:00 AM ET

    Facebook begins its IPO roadshow today with a big investor lunch at the Sheraton in New York City. In terms of earnings, Sysco, Tyson Foods, and Electronic Arts will report today, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis.

  • Britain to Bolster Investors’ Say on Pay Monday, 7 May 2012 | 1:46 AM ET

    Plans to give shareholders more power over boardroom pay will be given centre stage in the Queen’s Speech, as highly paid executives face another week of lambasting from shareholders, the Financial Times reports.

  • Corporate vs. Sovereign Bonds     Sunday, 6 May 2012 | 8:04 PM ET

    Gregor Carle, Fixed Income Director, Fidelity Worldwide Investment discusses his outlook for the fixed income market.

  • El-Erian: European Elections Complicate Outlook Sunday, 6 May 2012 | 3:56 PM ET

    Sunday’s elections in Europe occurred in three countries with diverse economic circumstances, and they were for different parts of government (presidential, regional, and parliamentary respectively). Yet the common message from the electorate is undeniable, reminiscent of a famous line in the 1976 movie Network: “I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!”

  • Stocks Suffer a Jobs Jolt on Friday     Friday, 4 May 2012 | 7:00 PM ET

    CNBC's John Harwood reports on the numbers behind Friday's disappointing jobs report, and discussing the political and economic fallout from the weak employment data, with James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute; Terry Jeffrey, Cybercast News Service; and Bernard Whitman, Whitman Insight Strategies.

  • Mad Money Mail     Friday, 4 May 2012 | 6:58 PM ET

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer answers viewer mail on stock and investment questions.

  • Cramer's Stocks to Hold & Stocks to Sell     Friday, 4 May 2012 | 6:45 PM ET

    Cramer explains the difference between stocks investors should own for a long time, and those that should be handled with care.

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