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Market Outlook


  • Morning Market Roadmap   Tuesday, 23 Jul 2013 | 9:00 AM ET
    Morning Market Roadmap

    The "Squawk on the Street" news team reports on today's top business headlines, including earnings and Netflix's user growth.

  • Cramer's Stocks to Watch   Tuesday, 23 Jul 2013 | 8:52 AM ET
    Cramer's Stocks to Watch

    Don't start your trading day without finding out what CNBC's Jim Cramer is watching ahead of the opening bell.

  • Economic outlook: Jobs, GDP & the Fed   Tuesday, 23 Jul 2013 | 8:30 AM ET
    Economic outlook: Jobs, GDP & the Fed

    CNBC's Steve Liesman and Rick Santelli discuss the economy, GDP and Real Gross Domestic Income, as well as the Fed and when tapering might come. With Wilbur Ross.

  • US stock market is a 'Ponzi scheme': Pro   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 9:10 PM ET
    Stock market a Ponzi scheme: Pro

    Ron Heller, CEO of Peritus Asset Management, says the U.S. equity market is a dangerous Ponzi scheme: a fraudulent investment operation that only delivers margin expansion, not growth.

  • Mickelson earned $2.2 million for win   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 7:52 PM ET
    Mickelson earned $2.2 million for win

    Phil Mickelson won the British open, but only gets 39 percent of the money after taxes. Mickelson has talked about leaving California to escape high income taxes. Mike Ozanian of Forbes, offers insight.

  • No Huddle Offense: Hot commodity   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 6:58 PM ET
    No Huddle Offense: Hot commodity

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer shares his final thoughts of the day.

  • Off the Charts: Buy Northrop?   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 6:45 PM ET
    Off the Charts: Buy Northrop?

    With the help of technician Bob Lang of Explosive Options.net, Mad Money host Jim Cramer digs into the defense sector for profits. If Northrop Grumman pulls back after its earnings is released on Wednesday, investors should consider buying it, he says.

  • Ready for the energy revolution?   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 6:25 PM ET
    Ready for the energy revolution?

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer explains why the oil tanker business could be on the verge of a renaissance. He recommends buying Nordic American Tankers.

  • Hungry for new gains?   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 6:15 PM ET
    Hungry for new gains?

    Dissecting the organic food stocks like Hain Celestial and Whole Foods, with Mad Money host Jim Cramer. WhiteWave Foods deserves to go higher, he says.

  • If there is a catalyst looming in the distance that could send markets spiraling into a selling frenzy, most pros think it’s Europe.

  • Turn in Europe?   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 6:00 PM ET
    Turn in Europe?

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer looks into the action in Europe, and how it's impacting the markets.

  • You Tweet it, we trade it!   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 5:50 PM ET
    You Tweet it, we trade it!

    How to trade Rite Aid, Spirit Airlines and other stocks requested on Twitter, with the "Fast Money" traders.

  • Options and this week's earnings   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 5:45 PM ET
    Options and this week's earnings

    Dissecting the winners and losers of the current earnings season according to the options market, with JJ Kinahan, TD Ameritrade.

  • Gartman: Long stocks, long gold   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 5:40 PM ET
    Gartman: Long stocks, long gold

    Gold has dropped more than 20 percent in 2013. Dennis Gartman of The Gartman Letter thinks gold is headed to the upside; and the "Fast Money" traders discuss

  • Gartman on gold: 'Buy more'   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 5:36 PM ET
    Gartman on gold: 'Buy more'

    For the first time in five years, commodities trader Dennis Gartman expects this to be the best gold play.

  • Debate It: Bull vs. bear on Apple   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 5:30 PM ET
    Debate It: Bull vs. bear on Apple

    Why is Apple so cheap? "Fast Money" traders Pete Najarian and Dan Nathan take their positions on the stock now.

  • Top 3 trades   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 5:15 PM ET
    Top 3 trades

    Billionaire hedge fund manager Dan Loeb has sold the majority of his stake in Yahoo, and McDonald's missed on earnings, with the "Fast Money" traders. Also, Chris Verrone of Strategas, discusses whether the rally can continue in stocks.

  • Commodities Tomorrow: Gold at $1,300   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 4:00 PM ET
    Commodities Tomorrow: Gold at $1,300

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets. Gold closed above $1,300 today. And oil could get to $110/barrel.

  • Searching for investment opportunities   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 3:52 PM ET
    Searching for investment opportunities

    Is there reason to worry about the markets? Erin Gibbs, S&P Capital IQ, and Chad Morganlander, Stifel Nicolaus, provide perspective.

  • Closing Bell Exchange   Monday, 22 Jul 2013 | 3:00 PM ET
    Closing Bell Exchange

    Insight on the markets, with Danielle Hughes, Divine Capital; Anthony Chan, Chase Private Client; Stephen Wood, Russell Investments; and CNBC's Bob Pisani.