Market Outlook


  • Santelli's Morning Bond Report     Tuesday, 14 Feb 2012 | 9:40 AM ET

    CNBC's Rick Santelli has the update on bond yields and the dollar.

  • Subsidies Driving Up Global Oil Prices: Pro Tuesday, 14 Feb 2012 | 7:26 AM ET
  • European markets rose after Italy sold 6.0 billion euros of government bonds on Tuesday, in a sale which analysts said drew solid demand and with yields lower than at previous comparable auctions.

  • Apple's stock closed above $500 for the first time yesterday resulting in a gained $100 billion in its market cap; traders will be watching retail sales figures before the bell as a measure of consumer spending, and investors have their eyes on Europe, where headlines from Greece and the aftermath of Moody's one-notch downgrade of Italy and Portugal and two-notch cut of Spain could move the market, reports CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis.

  • US futures point to Wall Street opening lower today despite a strong day yesterday. European shares are flat on Tuesday after rating agency Moody's put the United Kingdom's triple-A rating in jeopardy for the first time and warned it may cut France and Austria as well, while downgrading six euro zone nations including Spain and Italy. Asian shares also fell, reminding investors that Europe is still deeply mired in a debt crisis despite Athens' steps to avoid a disorderly default.

  • Expect Huge ECB Liquidity Injection: Strategist Tuesday, 14 Feb 2012 | 2:45 AM ET

    Stock markets can expect to receive a boost from a second huge European Central Bank liquidity injection, according to Lakefield Partner’s Bruno Verstraete.

  • Charting Asia | KOSPI Chart Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 11:34 PM ET
  • Investors Peer Past Gloom, Eye Asian Economic Rebound Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 11:28 PM ET

    If the World Bank is correct, 2012 will see the second slowest year of global economic growth in a decade, at a level consistent with a world recession that, like the 2008/2009 financial crisis, would not spare Asia.

  • Dow's March to 14,000     Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 7:14 PM ET

    Good news from Greece, better jobs reports, and a stronger economy could combine to lead the markets higher, with Robert Froehlich, The Hartford, and Keith McCullough, CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management.

  • No Huddle Offense: Apple     Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 6:58 PM ET

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer shares his final thoughts of the day. Yes, Apple has had a parabolic run, but it's still difficult to say why the stock isn't even higher than it is now.

  • Magnum Hunter's Rapid Growth     Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 6:43 PM ET

    Magnum Hunter is engaged in the acquisition of oil and natural gas producing properties and leases, and exploratory drilling of onshore U.S. assets. Gary Evans, the company's chairman and CEO, discusses Magnum's rapid growth and where it's headed.

  • More Than a Dog & Pony Show     Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 6:24 PM ET

    Mad Money goes to the dogs to find your portfolio's best friend. Americans love their pets and the product and supply industry for them is worth about $48 billion and growing. And PetSmart has a large share of that market.

  • Old Dell Learns New Tricks     Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 6:15 PM ET

    Cramer looks at tech companies that have managed to reinvent themselves, including Dell. The company has managed to pull off a remarkable transformation, he says. Now, it could be your best friend. The company has assembled a portfolio that could allow it to easily move to the cloud.

  • Mad Money Markets: What's a Trader to Do?     Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 6:00 PM ET

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer discusses the day's stock climb following the Greek austerity agreement. The current state of the markets, the forces at play, and what it means to your portfolio. What's an investor to do?

  • Shipping Stocks Under the Radar     Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 5:48 PM ET

    Dennis Gartman, The Gartman Letter, looks at the big move behind shipping stocks and whether it's already too late to get in. Also, the options action on shipping stocks, with Scott Nations, NationsShares.

  • Lions Gate Update     Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 5:24 PM ET

    Lions Gate is up 82 percent in the past year. What does the future hold for the company, with CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders. Also, Amelia Bordeau, Westpac Institutional Bank, discusses the risk on currency trade in light of the Greek austerity agreement.

  • Does Insider Selling Signal a Selloff?     Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 5:16 PM ET

    Trading homebuilders and home improvement stocks. And after-hours action on Rackspace, and whether it's the kind of company that will provide cloud exposure, with CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders. Also, insider selling is at its highest level since July and could lead to a correction in stocks, with Mark Hulbert, Marketwatch.

  • Can the Market Climb Without Apple?     Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 5:00 PM ET

    Can the market continue to climb without Apple, with Doug Kass, Seabreeze Partners Management. Also, a look for slow money -- consistent dividend growers with safe, attractive yields. And Bank of America continues to speed ahead in 2012, with CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders.

  • CNBC Sound Off     Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 4:00 PM ET

    CNBC guests offer their views on the markets and economy.

  • Commodities Tomorrow     Monday, 13 Feb 2012 | 4:00 PM ET

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets and looks at where oil and precious metals are likely headed tomorrow.

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