Market Outlook


  • Debating whether Facebook's downturn should be blamed on the Nasdaq's technical difficulties or if it was doomed from the start, with Daryl Jones, Hedgeye and Lee Munson, Portfolio Asset Management.

  • Andretti Racing Dynasty     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 2:45 PM ET

    Marco Andretti, IndyCar driver, discusses the competition his family's business faces and the state of IndyCar racing, with CNBC's Darren Rovell and Brian Sullivan.

  • A New Home for Investors?     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 2:20 PM ET

    Discussing whether the slight comeback in housing is good news for your portfolio, with Drew Matus, UBS senior U.S. economist and Lawrence Yun, National Association of Realtors.

  • Facebook Shares Flop     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 2:06 PM ET

    Sources say they think the market has found a stable price for Facebook around $33.50-$34, reports CNBC's Kayla Tausche. Brian Belski, BMO Capital Markets and Fast Money's Guy Adami, discuss whether GM's announcement to cut advertising from Facebook weighed on its first day of trading Friday.

  • Debunking Fears About the U.S. Dollar     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 2:05 PM ET

    The Dow is down over 5.5% since the beginning of May. Brian Belski, BMO Capital Markets chief investment strategist, forecasts the future of the index.

  • CNBC's Brian Sullivan and Amanda Drury break down which major headlines they will discuss in an hour of "Street Signs," including who's to blame for Facebook's plunge.

  • Driving Discovery's Growth     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 1:46 PM ET

    CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports on network ratings on the rise, including Discovery's. Also, what David Zaslav, Discovery Communications president and CEO, thinks about the cable industry. Jeff Kilburg, Kilburg Capital, offers insight.

  • NATO Comes to Chicago     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 1:32 PM ET

    CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports on the NATO Summit underway in Chicago, where protesters are taking every opportunity to make themselves heard.

  • Gold Flat Into the Close     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 1:31 PM ET

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson reports on how gold is faring into the close.

  • The Exotic Animal Trade     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 1:23 PM ET

    CNBC's Brian Shactman reports on an unusual black market which some say is worth $20 billion each year.

  • The Trial of Rajat Gupta Begins     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 1:22 PM ET

    CNBC's Bertha Coombs reports on Rajat Gupta's trial for allegedly tipping off convicted Galleon founder Raj Rajaratnam over some key data with regards to Goldman Sachs and Procter & Gamble.

  • Lowe's Cuts Full-Year Forecast     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 1:17 PM ET

    CNBC's Diana Olick discusses Lowe's earnings data. Jeff Kilburg, Kilburg Capital, weighs in on how to play other stocks ahead of their earnings, including Best Buy, Toll Brothers and Tiffany.

  • Jamie Dimon Faces Shareholder Heat     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 1:09 PM ET

    CNBC's Mary Thompson reports on JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon's statements to shareholders today regarding the bank's trading loss.

  • Facebook: Who Takes A Hit?     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 1:00 PM ET

    CNBC's John Carney and Scott Wapner discuss Morgan Stanley's role in Facebook's IPO trading glitch and Jeff Kilburg, Kilburg Capital, offers insight on how to play the stock.

  • CNBC's Bob Pisani and Art Cashin, of UBS, discuss what's driving today's market bounce.

  • European Markets Rebound from 5-Month Lows     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 11:30 AM ET

    CNBC's Simon Hobbs reports on the rebound in markets across Europe and its impact on U.S, markets, with CNBC's Gary Kaminsky, Bob Pisani, and Jonathan Stubbs, Citigroup European equity strategist.

  • Cramer Questions the Yield of Facebook     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 9:22 AM ET

    The "Squawk on the Street" team discusses the state of Facebook shares and whether the underwriters can keep the stock afloat.

  • Parting Thoughts From Dick Grasso     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 8:57 AM ET

    Dick Grasso, former NYSE chairman & CEO, discusses his thoughts on the partnership between CNBC and Post 9 at the NYSE.

  • Gauging Investor Sentiment     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 8:21 AM ET

    Jim O'Neil, Goldman Sachs Asset Management chairman, discusses where to find value in U.S. equities, and the euro zone's continued debt problems, with Dick Grasso, former NYSE chairman.

  • Dick Grasso's Take on US 'Fiscal Cliff'     Monday, 21 May 2012 | 7:55 AM ET

    "Where are the solutions on debt, deficit, and unemployment?" asks Dick Grasso, former NYSE chairman & CEO, discussing his thoughts on politics, the upcoming presidential election, and the nation's growing debt problem.