Market Outlook


  • Little ECB Can Do to Lift Euro Out of Bear Territory Monday, 3 Sep 2012 | 10:33 PM ET

    Expectations of change or decisive action to deal with growing euro zone debt problems result in short-lived rallies for the single currency followed by a resumption of the long-term downtrend.

  • Is Bernanke Positive for US Dollar & Euro?  Friday, 31 Aug 2012 | 10:22 AM ET

    Discussing the impact of Bernanke's policies on foreign exchange markets and the U.S. dollar, with Nick Bennenbroek, Wells Fargo.

  • How Fed Decision Impacts Interest Rates  Friday, 31 Aug 2012 | 10:14 AM ET

    Ira Jersey, Credit Suisse director of U.S. interest rate strategy, provides perspective on the Fed's near zero interest rate policy and its impact on the market.

  • El-Erian: Who Will Determine Greece's European Future? Friday, 31 Aug 2012 | 10:11 AM ET
    Mohamed A. El-Erian

    Many feel that Greece's fate, including its continued membership of the eurozone, rests in the hands of the Troika, those charged with evaluating Greek's reform efforts, its financing needs and how they should be met.

  • Bernanke's 'Non-Traditional' Policies Preview  Friday, 31 Aug 2012 | 10:01 AM ET

    CNBC's Steve Liesman provides a preview of Ben Bernanke's speech on making a case for "non-traditional" policy measures.

  • Time for Eurozone to Reach for the Gold Reserves? Friday, 31 Aug 2012 | 12:18 AM ET
    Gold coins and bar

    Is it time for some eurozone governments to start selling that metaphorical family silver? Or, more specifically look at their all-too-real gold reserves, to find a solution to Europe’s crisis? That is a question which has recently been buzzing around in some policy making and investing circles.  The FT reports.

  • ECB Bankers Toil Over Bond-Buying Plan Thursday, 30 Aug 2012 | 2:18 AM ET
    European Central Bank

    When the world’s central bankers make their annual trip to Jackson Hole it often makes news. But seldom has a central banker’s non-attendance at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s symposium grabbed so many headlines as ECB president Mario Draghi’s decision this week to pull out. The FT reports.

  • Trade of the Day: Microsoft  Tuesday, 28 Aug 2012 | 5:50 PM ET

    Shares of Microsoft are up 18 percent year-to-date, with the "Fast Money" team.

  • Current Gold Rally May Falter Near $1,730: Chart Tuesday, 28 Aug 2012 | 6:53 AM ET

    While gold prices have been on the rise on expectations of further monetary stimulus, the recent uptrend could be limited.

  • Budget Hole Undermines Spain’s Plans Monday, 27 Aug 2012 | 2:13 AM ET

    Economists have uncovered a hole in Spain’s budget that threatens to allow the country’s regional governments to overspend this year, calling into question the credibility of Madrid’s deficit reduction plan agreed with Brussels, the Financial Times reports.

  • F&N Shareholders Offered $3.2 Billion Tiger Sweetener Saturday, 25 Aug 2012 | 7:59 AM ET
    Beer Bar

    Fraser and Neave, the conglomerate at the center of the battle for Asia Pacific Breweries, will hand shareholders S$4 billion ($3.4 billion) from the sale of its stake in the maker of Tiger beer to Dutch brewer Heineken. The FT reports.

  • Obama's Broken Promises  Friday, 24 Aug 2012 | 7:00 PM ET

    RNC Executive Producer Phil Alongi, discusses the impact the approaching tropical storm Isaac could have on next week's Republican convention; and Jim Gilmore, former Virginia Governor (R), shares his opinions on Obama's run in office, and his opinions on the upcoming election.

  • Don't Be Fooled By Short-Selling Bans Friday, 24 Aug 2012 | 4:27 AM ET
    European Central Bank

    When the latest market squall hit the eurozone last month, the governments of Spain and Italy responded with a time-honored defense; as panic mounted, they banned the short selling of shares in banks, in a desperate bid to shore up confidence.

  • El-Erian: Will Actions Follow Words in Europe? Friday, 24 Aug 2012 | 1:54 AM ET
    European Union (EU) flags fly outside the the European Commission headquarters in Brussels.

    Thank you Germany, Italy, Spain and, especially, the European Central Bank. They all said enough to provide markets and investors with a tranquil August so far. The question now is whether they will be able and willing to pivot - from re-assuring words to the series of actions required to enable this tranquility to grow deep roots.

  • The Death of the Big Box?  Thursday, 23 Aug 2012 | 5:15 PM ET

    The Fast Money traders weigh in on how to trade some large cap multinationals headquartered in Europe; and DDR CEO Dan Hurwitz, weighs in on Best Buy's business, and discusses the state of retail.

  • The ‘Culture of Equities’ Isn’t Dead: Jack Bogle Tuesday, 21 Aug 2012 | 5:16 PM ET

    The culture of equities hasn’t died and it doesn’t really matter anyway, Jack Bogle, Vanguard founder, told CNBC’s “Closing Bell” on Tuesday.

  • The Japanese central bank’s defense of dollar/yen at 76 as a support level has been successful. Upside resistance is created by two features.

  • Norges Fund Plans to Take On More Risk Monday, 20 Aug 2012 | 1:36 AM ET
    Norwegian Fjords, Norway

    The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund is planning to take on more risk as it seeks to exploit its role as a strategic investor, in a move that could mark a new trend for conservative publicly-owned investment funds, the Financial Times reports.

  • Facebook IPO

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's reported staff meetings to boost morale reminded us of the important role that public markets play in today's complex global economy.

  • Muni Bonds Not as Safe as Thought Thursday, 16 Aug 2012 | 10:27 AM ET

    Municipal bonds, widely seen as one of the safest investments, actually default more often than most people realize, according to research by economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, The New York Times reports.