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  • Campus Cribs: Better to Buy? Thursday, 31 Jul 2008 | 3:45 PM ET

    In some places, it's financially savvier to buy a place for your college-bound kid than pay for the dorms.

  • How to Save For Your Child Thursday, 24 Jul 2008 | 2:56 PM ET

    Want to start saving early for your child but don't know where -- or how -- to begin?

  • Video Roundup: Mortgages, Marriage and More Friday, 18 Jul 2008 | 5:06 PM ET

    Carmen's tips on home loans, love and money, buying a car, going green and saving for college.

  • Answering Your Questions Friday, 13 Jun 2008 | 11:29 AM ET

    These days, we could all use a little help out there. From the best ways to pay for college to making sure your retirement stays intact, here's what I'm telling readers.

  • Saving for College Tuesday, 10 Jun 2008 | 12:54 PM ET

    Roth IRAs are great for retirement savings, but there are better ways to invest for college.

  • Follow The Money Wednesday, 26 Mar 2008 | 3:36 PM ET

    If you’re in the market for a student loan, there's more federal funding out there than you may think. You may just have to look a little harder.

  • Ivy League Shares The Wealth Wednesday, 26 Mar 2008 | 2:50 PM ET

    Some of the top universities in the country are slashing or eliminating tuition costs, expanding financial aid and generally rethinking the affordability equation.

  • White House Short Course Wednesday, 26 Mar 2008 | 2:23 PM ET
    Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., stands on stage prior to speaking about her health care policy, Monday, Sept. 17, 2007, at Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

    The steadily rising costs of higher education – roughly twice the inflation rate – makes it  a permanent part of the iron cross of American worries,  joining concerns about retirement, health care and jobs.

  • Majoring In The Credit Crunch Thursday, 20 Mar 2008 | 3:16 PM ET

    With the credit crunch likely to grind on for some time Washington is dusting off a lender-of-last-resort plan to provide for an uninterrupted supply of government-subsidized college student loans.

  • A Lender Halts U.S.-Backed Student Loans Thursday, 28 Feb 2008 | 9:27 AM ET

    One of the nation’s largest student loan operations announced Wednesday that it would suspend making federal-guaranteed loans starting early next month.

  • Q&A with Carmen: Should I File for Persoanl Bankruptcy? Wednesday, 20 Feb 2008 | 9:51 AM ET

    I am a 37 single teacher with more than $70,000 credit card debt (incurred through a failed business attempt). I am severely delinquent in any payments (more than one year) and I am considering filing for personal bankruptcy. Are there any other alternatives?

  • John Ulzheimer

    How do you increase your credit score when 90% of your debt are student loan.

  • Carmen Wong Ulrich

    Can you tell me how do I get from under all my debt and build a retirement account so that I won't become a burden? I was divorced in 2000. I started to accumulate debt immediately trying to support myself and two children. Moved to Maryland in 2003, debt continued to increase to the sum of 28,000 in credit card and 25,000 in student loan. I have about 25,000 in a 401 and 4,000 in a 403. My retirement account has lost about $10,000 how do I stop the loss? How do I grow? I have two mortgages (6.7 & 7.7) should I combine them?

  • Question: I hear people talk about a short sale on their home. My question is why not file a chapter 7 or chapter 13 to save the home?

  • Ric Endelman

    Question: Including my house, vehicle, student loans and credit cards, I am $254,104.83 in debt. Currently, I am in the process of trying to sell my house.  I can not cut the price and take a loss because I do not have the money to bring to the closing table.  I am trying to just break even. Since I do not know when the house is going to sell, I am debating whether or not to borrow the money from my 401(K). Should I wait a while before I borrow the money and see if the house sells or should borrow the money ASAP so that I can start turning things around?

  • Ric Endelman

    Question: My question is do I try to refinance my home, sell it, get a different job, or cash in my modest 401k to turn this around? I have survived a very difficult 2 1/2 year custody battle that cost $30,000+. I would do it again for my son's sake and well being. At separation, I was a stay-at-home mother. I went back to school to earn my masters degree in teaching to be an effective single parent in my child's life.

  • Q&A with Ric: Putting Aside Money for a Grandchild Wednesday, 6 Feb 2008 | 3:03 PM ET
    Ric Endelman

    Question: I would like to put aside some money for my 1 yr old grandchild, what can I invest in other then the 529 plan?

  • Targeting College: Pick Your Shots Friday, 26 Oct 2007 | 4:46 PM ET

    The college admissions process can be incredibly stressful for both students and parents, so many have turned to consultants for advice. And the best counsel, it seems, is for teens to remember that less is more.

  • Notre Dame Tickets? Depends on Luck of the Irish Thursday, 18 Oct 2007 | 10:30 AM ET
    Notre Dame

    For years, acquiring a ticket to a Notre Dame Fighting Irish football game has been among the toughest gets in all of sports.

  • Harvard Endowment Chief El-Erian to Return to Pimco Tuesday, 11 Sep 2007 | 5:38 PM ET

    El-Erian will rejoin Pimco, one of the world's biggest fixed-income managers, as co-chief executive officer and co-chief investment officer, Harvard and Pimco said.