Precious Metals and Mining


  • JPMorgan's Masters One-on-One   Thursday, 5 Apr 2012 | 1:42 PM ET
    JPMorgan's Masters One-on-One

    Blythe Masters, head of global commodities at J.P. Morgan, discusses the company's strategies for commodity and derivative investments.

  • A King Dollar Tax Cut Wednesday, 4 Apr 2012 | 4:13 PM ET

    You wouldn’t know it from falling stocks, but the Fed’s apparent decision to hold off on future bond buying, or QE3, in response to an improving economy may turn out to be a very bullish omen for the equity market and the economy.

  • Diamonds Are a Great Way to Diversify: Expert Wednesday, 4 Apr 2012 | 2:11 AM ET

    Diamonds are an attractive option for investors looking to diversify portfolios because they don't move in relation with other assets such as commodities and stocks, according to David Riedel, President of equity research firm Riedel Research Group.

  • Why Diamonds Are Great for Diversification   Tuesday, 3 Apr 2012 | 8:35 PM ET
    Why Diamonds Are Great for Diversification

    David Riedel, President & Founder, Riedel Research Group says diamonds have almost no correlation with commodities, gold and equities, making them a great way for investors to diversify.

  • Commodities Tomorrow: Copper Leads Metal Rally   Monday, 2 Apr 2012 | 4:00 PM ET
    Commodities Tomorrow: Copper Leads Metal Rally

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets and looks at where oil and precious metals are likely headed tomorrow.

  • Platinum a Better Bet Than Gold: Trader Thursday, 29 Mar 2012 | 2:32 PM ET

    Gold gets all the headlines, but platinum is a better bet to put precious metals in your portfolio, Patrick Armstrong of Armstrong Investment Managers told CNBC.

  • Gold Price ‘Too Low’: Goldman Sachs Wednesday, 28 Mar 2012 | 7:06 AM ET

    The price of gold, one of the most eagerly watched indicators of market confidence, is currently “too low” relative to real interest rates, according to commodities analysts at Goldman Sachs.

  • Buy Gold Now Before it Gets to $2,000: Newmont CEO Monday, 26 Mar 2012 | 4:24 PM ET

    The head of Newmont Mining tells CNBC he sees the price of gold rising to $2,000 an ounce, and the time to buy it is now before inflation "comes roaring back."

  • Finding Value in Gold Miners   Monday, 26 Mar 2012 | 3:15 PM ET
    Finding Value in Gold Miners

    Richard O'Brien, Newmont Mining president & CEO, offers his view on gold's recent high, and where investors can make money now.

  • Iran Concerns Spark Short-Covering Gold Rally Friday, 23 Mar 2012 | 1:57 PM ET
    Gold bars

    Friday's move higher in gold ignores a longer-term shift in investor sentiment.

  • Strong ‘Aussie’ Puts Damper on Mining Boom Wednesday, 21 Mar 2012 | 11:52 PM ET
    A coal dredger tears coal from the face of the Loy Yang Open Cut coal mine in the Latrobe Valley, 150km east of Melbourne on August 13, 2009.

    Wayne Philips was not completely surprised when Onesteel announced plans to close its oil and gas pipe mill in Kembla Grange, 100km south of Sydney, the FT reports.

  • Buy Oil on Weakness?   Wednesday, 21 Mar 2012 | 3:43 PM ET
    Buy Oil on Weakness?

    Is oil a buy or sell right now? Darren Wolfberg, BNP Paribas director of energy trading, says he is staying bullish on oil for the long-term.

  • Precious Metal Meltdown?   Wednesday, 14 Mar 2012 | 5:00 PM ET
    Precious Metal Meltdown?

    The Fast Money traders weigh in on today's top market action, and Dennis Gartman, The Gartman Letter, discusses what's driving the recent decline in precious metals and how to play it.

  • Stress Tests to Trigger Catalyst for Banks?   Monday, 12 Mar 2012 | 12:41 PM ET
    Stress Tests to Trigger Catalyst for Banks?

    JC O'Hara, Phoenix Partners Group, explains why bank stress test results could be the catalyst to set up financials for a breakout. The Fast Money crew also discusses whether it's time to buy on gold's weakness.

  • Show Me the Gold   Monday, 12 Mar 2012 | 10:56 AM ET
    Show Me the Gold

    The gold bull run is still gaining steam, but as inflation worries persist, where should investors put their money? CNBC's Bob Pisani takes a look at how much the gold bar is worth.

  • Option Bulls Bet on a Rally in Silvercorp Monday, 12 Mar 2012 | 6:27 AM ET
    Silver bar and coins

    Silvercorp Metals has been churning, and now the bulls are looking for a rally over the next month.

  • Smaller Government, Lower Taxes?   Wednesday, 7 Mar 2012 | 4:13 PM ET
    Smaller Government, Lower Taxes?

    James Grant, Grant's Interest Rate Observer, explains why he thinks the Federal Reserve's new bond-buying program will do more harm than good, saying the U.S. Treasury should begin to issue longer-dated bonds back by gold, with CNBC's Kelly Evans.

  • Commodities Tomorrow: Oil Down Nearly 2 Percent   Tuesday, 6 Mar 2012 | 4:00 PM ET
    Commodities Tomorrow: Oil Down Nearly 2 Percent

    CNBC's Bertha Coombs discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets and what's driving oil. Today, concerns over Iran seemed to wane, which helped drive prices down.

  • Abigail Doolittle: Bearish Trend In Materials Chart Friday, 2 Mar 2012 | 1:54 PM ET

    Materials stood out as the one sector ETF that has yet to reverse an intermediate-term downtrend, Peak Theories Research’s Abigail Doolittle said.

  • Brent Crude Futures at Highest Level in 4 Years   Thursday, 1 Mar 2012 | 4:00 PM ET
    Brent Crude Futures at Highest Level in 4 Years

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets and looks at where oil and precious metals are likely headed tomorrow.