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  • XTO Energy Shares Fall as Oil Prices Slide Thursday, 2 Oct 2008 | 2:05 PM ET

    Shares of oil and gas producer XTO Energy fell Thursday as the price of oil declined.

  • Wilbur Ross' $1 Billion Bailout Plan Thursday, 2 Oct 2008 | 11:39 AM ET

    If the House of Representatives votes down the emergency economic bill, the billionaire investor has an alternative plan — that he'd stake with his own funds.

  • Tech Stocks: The Winning Picks Thursday, 2 Oct 2008 | 10:31 AM ET

    Technology stocks took a beating in September, but two strategists see bright spots in the sector’s future.

  • Drop in Factory Orders Pushes Stocks Lower Thursday, 2 Oct 2008 | 10:04 AM ET

    Stocks declined Thursday as dismal reports on factory orders and jobless claims piled on to a market already on edge about a freeze in the credit markets and the bailout bill as it heads to the House.

  • Jobless Rise Pushes Futures Lower Thursday, 2 Oct 2008 | 9:29 AM ET

    U.S. stock index futures pointed to a slightly mixed open for Wall Street, with investors cautious after the Senate approved a sweetened version of the $700 billion bailout package for banks.

  • Strategists Pick Sectors, Stock Index Fund Wednesday, 1 Oct 2008 | 2:36 PM ET

    Which way is the market headed -- and for which sectors? Craig Columbus and Michael Farr offered CNBC their investment insights.

  • Short-Sale Ban Is Likely to Be Extended Beyond Thursday Wednesday, 1 Oct 2008 | 2:26 PM ET

    The SEC is likely to extend a ban on short sales of hundreds of stocks beyond Thursday, when the temporary ban is set to expire, staffers have told Wall Street executives.

  • Stock Picks: Energy, Healthcare & Financials Wednesday, 1 Oct 2008 | 12:41 PM ET

    Dan Genter, of RNC Genter Capital Mangement, believes Congress will pass a bailout package by the end of the week, but he expects the next day or two to be wildly volatile and painful. Despite this, he sees opportunities in stocks that have been unjustly beat up.

  • Prepare for 2009 Dollar Doom: Strategist Wednesday, 1 Oct 2008 | 12:39 PM ET

    Gold prices rallied 14 percent over the last two weeks as stocks declined — but the precious metal is down for the quarter. But Dan Smith of Standard Chartered remains bullish.

  • Judgment Day on Wall St. Wednesday, 1 Oct 2008 | 12:06 PM ET

    So it's the bottom of the 9th with six outs and the SEC has finally moved to clarify the mandate that has needlessly rendered great firms worthless and brought the global financial markets to their knees. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!!

  • Stock Picks: Select Financials & Mid-Caps Tuesday, 30 Sep 2008 | 4:01 PM ET

    David Sowerby, of Loomis Sayles & Co, says more indicators are pointing toward a market bottom.

  • CEO: Why I Want My Firm Off the 'No-Short' List Tuesday, 30 Sep 2008 | 1:46 PM ET

    Rick Dillon wants his firm removed from the SEC's "no-short" list. He told CNBC why short sellers are healthy for his business—and offered his fund's favorite stock now.

  • It's Time to Buy (Believe It or Not!) Tuesday, 30 Sep 2008 | 12:23 PM ET

    Barry James thinks the market is in a bottoming phase, and he sees a rally on the horizon: “We don’t think we’re out of the overall bear market, but we think it’s time to buy."

  • Some Market Stats and a Mary Kay Lesson Monday, 29 Sep 2008 | 3:33 PM ET

    "A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one." - Mary Kay

  • Reduce Bank Fear, Use Fed As Clearinghouse Monday, 29 Sep 2008 | 2:28 PM ET

    The US Federal Reserve needs to step into the market for short term borrowing in order to give banks the confidence to resume trading with each other, traders say.

  • Video: Maria Bartiromo's Market Message Friday, 26 Sep 2008 | 7:48 PM ET

    Maria Bartiromo discusses Friday's top business and financial stories, and looks ahead to Monday's events.

  • Bullish on KB Home?! Friday, 26 Sep 2008 | 11:37 AM ET

    Another black eye for the housing sector: KB Home reported that its third-quarter loss was more than four times that of the same quarter last year. But there's hope yet...

  • Video: Gloomy Dow Outlook Friday, 26 Sep 2008 | 10:38 AM ET

    Washington Mutual is seized by the government; everyone is waiting for the bailout. So which way are the markets headed? Thomas Schroeder, market strategist at Chart Partners Group, says that charts show the Dow could test news lows during October.

  • Video: Maria Bartiromo's Market Message Thursday, 25 Sep 2008 | 7:18 PM ET

    Melissa Lee sits in for Maria Bartiromo, discussing Thursday's top business and financial stories -- and looking ahead to Friday's events.

  • Wall Street Firms Provide Way Around Short-Sell Ban Thursday, 25 Sep 2008 | 5:05 PM ET

    Hedge funds executives tell CNBC that several Wall Street firms are marketing a new hedging product that would allow them to "short" stocks-, even those on the banned short sale list.