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  • Supercommittee Fails, Dollar Hovers Near Six-Week High Tuesday, 22 Nov 2011 | 7:54 AM ET

    The not so supercommittee's failure weighs, but the euro catches an updraft - it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Vultures Would 'Love to Exploit' Euro Weakness Tuesday, 22 Nov 2011 | 6:57 AM ET
    EU building flags brussels

    Following the daily swings of the euro zone debt crisis, it can be difficult to focus on the long-term, bigger picture.

  • Debt-Reduction 'Super Committee' Hid in Plain Sight Tuesday, 22 Nov 2011 | 4:41 AM ET

    The deficit-reduction super committee failed to go big or even small. But it did succeed in conducting virtually all of its negotiations in private.

  • Super Committee Not a Failure?     Monday, 21 Nov 2011 | 7:11 PM ET

    Dean Baker, Center for Economic & Policy, and Phil Kerpen, Americans for Prosperity, explain why the super committee deadlock is a victory and not a failure.

  • Stephen Davies, CEO of Javelin Wealth Management, Singapore, says that a sharp decline in earnings will affect valuations, price to book numbers.

  • Mike Crofton, President & CEO of The Philadelphia Trust Company and Axel Merk, President of Merk Investments, say that the failure of the debt super committee to reach a deal did not have a major impact on the markets.

  • Commodities Tomorrow     Monday, 21 Nov 2011 | 4:00 PM ET

    CNBC's Bertha Coombs discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets and looks at where oil and precious metals are likely headed tomorrow.

  • The U.S. needs a massive restructuring, but thus far the restructuring process has failed. It’s time for our political leaders to stop playing games and focus on the task at hand – restructuring the U.S.

  • MF Global Outrage on Capitol Hill     Monday, 21 Nov 2011 | 10:14 AM ET

    Insight on why Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KA) is calling for a Senate hearing on the firm's collapse.

  • How to Trade the Super Committee Stalemate Monday, 21 Nov 2011 | 9:13 AM ET
    US Capitol Building

    The deficit super committee discussions may be tortured, but your trading strategy can be simple, says this strategist.

  • Europe's debt crisis weighs on the market, and the U.S. deficit debate piles on - it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Super Committee's Failed Plan     Monday, 21 Nov 2011 | 7:03 AM ET

    Discussing the Super Committee's failure to create a plan to decrease the nation's deficit, with Rep. Robert Andrews (D-NJ).

  • It is perfectly obvious that the euro zone cannot run as it is without fiscal union and a surrender of sovereignty, Lord Digby Jones, former director general at the Confederation of British Industry told CNBC Monday.

  • Super Committee Failure     Monday, 21 Nov 2011 | 6:19 AM ET

    CNBC's John Harwood has the details on an official announcement expected from the Super Committee later today.

  • Buffett Doubts Euro Survival; Says System Is Flawed Monday, 21 Nov 2011 | 4:34 AM ET
    Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett

    The crisis in the euro zone has exposed the flaws of the 17-member currency union, and its leaders will need to take urgent action if they want the euro to survive, Warren Buffett told CNBC on Monday.

  • The UK's Place in the European Union     Monday, 21 Nov 2011 | 4:30 AM ET

    Lord Digby Jones, former director general of the CBI, told CNBC, "Where is the sense in passing laws which say, if you work more than forty eight hours a week we will send you to prison."

  • Regime Change: Vote Germany Out of Euro Monday, 21 Nov 2011 | 3:12 AM ET
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel

    The message from Germany is clear: there will be no bailout of the euro zone via monetizing debt through bond purchases by the European Central Bank. This stance, according to Chris Tinker, an equity strategist at Libra Investment Services in London, means higher borrowing costs acting as a mechanism for pushing through structural reforms.

  • Is Being Best of a Bad Bunch Enough for Ireland? Monday, 21 Nov 2011 | 2:38 AM ET

    Ireland is viewed by many on the outside as the best performer from the struggling euro zone peripheral economies, but there are plenty of voices within the country who doubt this can continue.

  • Spain's Parliament Takes Right Turn     Monday, 21 Nov 2011 | 1:00 AM ET

    After Mariano Rajoy's Spanish right-wing Partido Popular unsurprisingly won this weekend's general elections in Spain, CNBC's Stephane Pedrazzi explains the impact this will have on the country's economy.

  • Germans May End Up Running the Eternal City Monday, 21 Nov 2011 | 12:20 AM ET

    If a week is a long time in politics, two weeks covering affairs of state in Italy can seem like an eternity. Maybe that's why Rome got its moniker, but having covered the fall of Berlusconi and the rise of Monti's technocrats, there's some relief things moved along quicker than I and investors feared.