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CNBC Meets: Sir Richard Branson

CNBC Meets Sir Richard Branson
In this highly personal interview with CNBC Meets presenter Tania Bryer, Sir Richard Branson reveals stories about his childhood that give an insight into what drives and motivates him.

In this highly personal interview, Branson reveals stories about his childhood that give an insight into what drives and motivates him today, and how he built the Virgin brand.

The programme features interviews with Eve Branson, Richard's mother and inspiration; with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who share their thoughts on Branson's achievements, both personally and professionally and explain how his philanthropic endeavours make a difference to so many lives around the world.

Filmed on location on Necker Island, Branson's private retreat in the Caribbean; at his home in Oxfordshire and in Oslo for a meeting with 'The Elders' - a independent group of global leaders put together by Branson and Peter Gabriel.

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Tania Bryer Introduces CNBC Meets Sir Richard Branson Extras
CNBC Meets guest presenter, Tania Bryer brings you an exclusive interview with one of the world's most famous and successful entrepreneurs, and creator of the Virgin brand, Sir Richard Branson.
CNBC Meets Sir Richard Branson VIP Launch
Sir Richard Branson came into the CNBC London studios for the official launch of the CNBC Meets Sir Richard Branson with Tania Bryer.
Divine Intervention
Sir Richard reveals how a priest saved the day for the Sex Pistols debut album.
A Surprise in the Himalayas
Sir Richard reveals how another one of his ballooning treks veered off course and brought in the Chinese Government.
Impromptu Hawaiian Christmas
Sir Richard recounts how he survived a harrowing ballooning adventure that took him to an unexpected territory.
Calling all Entrepreneurs
Sir Richard meets a budding entrepreneur whose gadget fails to scale the heights.
The Garden of Eden
From his private Caribbean island Necker, Sir Richard talks wildlife conservation and his passion for lemurs and flamingos.
The Birth of The Elders
Sir Richard sheds light on how he and Peter Gabriel conceived the idea of The Elders, a group of global leaders who work together for peace and human rights.
Richard Behind Bars
A run-in with the law sees his Mum Eve as the saviour and leaves a profound impact on a teenage Sir Richard.



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  • Tania Bryer is a guest presenter and executive producer of CNBC Meets. In this series, she profiles some of the world’s most successful business people to find out what makes them tick. Bryer previously worked for BBC and Sky Television.