• Sen. Marco Rubio, (R-Fla.), weighs in on reforming the current tax system and fast-tracking trade agreements.

  • Sen. Rubio: High hopes for education  Wednesday, 14 Jan 2015 | 8:08 AM ET

    Sen. Marco Rubio, (R-Fla.), shares his thoughts on offering students free community college.

  • Do the poor have it easy? Pew's controversial study Friday, 9 Jan 2015 | 12:09 PM ET
    A woman receives bags of food during a Community Food Bank giveaway for the needy, Aug. 21, 2014, in Firebaugh, Calif.

    A closer look at the data from a study by Pew Research shows that the wealthy are not alone in their criticism of government handouts.

  • Congressman: DC killed confidence for too long Friday, 9 Jan 2015 | 9:20 AM ET
    Steny Hoyer, House Minority Whip (D-MD).

    Washington has undermined confidence in the private sector for far too long, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer tells.

  • Here's what will boost economy: Rep. Hoyer  Friday, 9 Jan 2015 | 7:41 AM ET

    Rep. Steny Hoyer, (D-Md.), weighs in on the challenges ahead as Congress prepares to tackle key issues such as tax reform, jobs, and the Keystone pipeline.

  • WASHINGTON, Jan 7- Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives failed on Wednesday to round up enough votes for a bill scaling back various financial reforms, a surprising defeat in an area conservatives hoped to prioritize this year. Republican Party leaders brought forward numerous bills to revamp financial reforms under President Barack Obama's...

  • Wait! Don't raise gas taxes just yet Tuesday, 6 Jan 2015 | 4:55 PM ET
    A customer puts gas into a vehicle at the U-gas station in Miami, Florida.

    Gas prices may be at their lowest in five years but wait just a second before you go raising gas taxes, says Jake Novak.

  • Europe’s start-up leader: The French? Tuesday, 6 Jan 2015 | 10:27 AM ET
    Emiota representative Johann Gobba wears Belty, a smart belt from Paris-based Emiota, at CES Unveiled, at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show media preview day, January 4, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Protests against Uber or court cases against Google notwithstanding, start-ups are thriving in France, The Christian Science Monitor reports.

  • Clinton bridge to Dem's divide: Orszag  Tuesday, 6 Jan 2015 | 8:36 AM ET

    Peter Orszag, Citigroup, shares his thoughts on Hillary Clinton's probable run in the 2016 election. I think she'd be a great president, says Orszag. And Dick Kovacevich, former Wells Fargo chairman & CEO, explains why he would pick Jeb Bush over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

  • Eric Cantor

    Obama must pursue growth through trade policy, while Republicans must deal with differences over immigration and fund Homeland Security, Eric Cantor tells CNBC.

  • Eric Cantor's agenda for a new Congress  Tuesday, 6 Jan 2015 | 7:52 AM ET

    Eric Cantor, Moelis & Company vice chair, shares his views on why Congress must find common ground and focus on a growth mandate.

  • New Congress, old battles?  Tuesday, 6 Jan 2015 | 7:16 AM ET

    Former Majority Leader Eric Cantor, (R-Va.), shares his thoughts on what he expects to see in the next two years on Capitol Hill.

  • Let the political jockeying begin...in earnest Monday, 5 Jan 2015 | 1:10 PM ET

    Welcome to 2015, where the race to succeed President Barack Obama is already well underway. Politico's Ben White looks at the field.

  • Beyond Keystone, Obamacare: GOP makes big plans Monday, 5 Jan 2015 | 8:23 AM ET
    President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union speech before a joint session of Congress on Feb. 12, 2013, in Washington.

    The GOP-led 114th Congress will look to quickly implement its agenda, which includes Keystone XL and Obamacare. The New York Times reports.

  • CNBC's John Harwood and Charles Gabriel, Capital Alpha president, talk about which political candidates and issues to watch ahead of the 2016 presidential elections.

  • Obama can either lead or impede Dems: Pro  Friday, 2 Jan 2015 | 6:37 AM ET

    Charles Gabriel, Capital Alpha president provides his take on the political landscape in the upcoming year as President Obama prepares to take on a Republican-led Congress.

  • 2015 playbook: Politics  Friday, 2 Jan 2015 | 6:34 AM ET

    CNBC's John Harwood takes a look at the year ahead in Washington, DC, as Republicans retake Capitol Hill and political issues surface ahead of the 2016 election.

  • The 4 most explosive words you can say in America Friday, 26 Dec 2014 | 2:31 PM ET
    Jake Novak

    Apparently, these are the four most explosive words you can say in America today. Jake Novak responds to reader comments on his latest op-ed.

  • The federal bureaucracy just grew by 1,000 Friday, 26 Dec 2014 | 8:41 AM ET
    A future office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services agency, in Arlington, Va., Dec. 25, 2014.

    The cost of Obama's immigration order: nearly $8 million a year in lease payments and more than $40 million in salaries. The NYT reports.

  • Hey, don't blame porn for low marriage rates! Tuesday, 23 Dec 2014 | 10:08 AM ET

    Jake Novak calls BS on a recent study that cited availability of porn for low marriage rates.