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  • Chobani is latest victim in shrinking grocery case Saturday, 4 Jan 2014 | 11:35 AM ET
    Chobani Inc. greek yogurt at a supermarket in Princeton, Illinois.

    Some customers notice when they get less yogurt for the same price.

  • Discussing whether foods DETAILColin O'Neil, The Center For Food Safety, and Mark Connelly, CLSA analyst.

  • Jamba's whole food blending plan: CEO  Friday, 3 Jan 2014 | 7:46 AM ET

    James White, Chairman, President & CEO of Jamba Juice, talks about his company's initiative to provide healthier food options for consumers and expand globally.

  • Cheerios drops genetically modified ingredients Friday, 3 Jan 2014 | 5:50 AM ET

    General Mills said it has stopped using genetically modified ingredients in its Cheerios as the U.S. branded foods manufacturer hopes the move will firm up customer loyalty.

  • Why you should bet on this delicious commodity  Thursday, 2 Jan 2014 | 7:16 PM ET

    Avtar Sandhu, Senior Manager, Commodities at Phillip Futures, explains why he thinks the most bullish commodity for 2014 is cocoa.

  • Woman eats only Starbucks items for a year Thursday, 2 Jan 2014 | 1:35 PM ET

    One Seattle-area woman just gave the phrase "Starbucks junkie" a whole new meaning.

  • Apple-Metro CEO: Sold out of NYE tickets  Tuesday, 31 Dec 2013 | 5:43 PM ET

    Applebee's will charge $375 per person to dine on New Years Eve, which includes a buffet dinner, open bar and more. Apple-Metro Chairman & CEO Zane Tankel provides insight.

  • An app to share your leftover food  Tuesday, 31 Dec 2013 | 4:47 PM ET

    Leftoverswap.com is a new smartphone app that enables users to share leftover food. Its co-founder Dan Newman, provides insight. "A little under 8,000 people have downloaded the app so far," he says.

  • The Top 10 Ways Sharks and Bankers Are Alike Friday, 17 Aug 2012 | 4:31 PM ET

    It's Shark Week on cable TV and with all the amazing shark facts we've learned, it's made us realize how much sharks and bankers are alike. Here's the top 10 list.

  • Fast food CEO: How govt regulation drove us abroad Tuesday, 31 Dec 2013 | 11:07 AM ET
    Carl's Jr. restaurant in Shanghai.

    Hardee's and Carl's Jr. are expanding rapidly abroad due to higher potential outside the U.S., CKE Restaurants' CEO said.

  • India clears Tesco's $110 mln supermarket investment Monday, 30 Dec 2013 | 6:10 PM ET

    India has approved a $110 million investment plan by Tesco, paving the way for the British retailer to venture into Asia's third-largest economy.

  • $375 for Applebee's? Restaurants cash in on NYE Monday, 30 Dec 2013 | 5:51 PM ET

    If you're in NYC to watch the ball drop, there's a way to stay warm. Chain restaurants are charging big bucks to eat at their Times Square locations.

  • The end of auto tipping  Monday, 30 Dec 2013 | 1:27 PM ET

    CNBC's Jane Wells reports the practice of automatically tipping larger parties is being phased out by many restaurants chains across the county due to new IRS rules.

  • US bricks-and-mortar retailers seek online success Friday, 27 Dec 2013 | 11:36 AM ET

    Bricks-and-mortar stores lose out as e-commerce grows, but most retailers have now supplemented their shops with online businesses, the FT reports.

  • McDonald's removes worker site after fast food flap Thursday, 26 Dec 2013 | 8:00 AM ET

    "We are temporarily performing some maintenance," McD's says about its employee resources website following an unauthorized critique of fast food.

  • Why fewer champagne bottles are set to pop Tuesday, 24 Dec 2013 | 11:11 AM ET

    Economic woes in champagne's home market of France took the fizz out of global sales for the second year in a row in 2013 between 3 and 4 percent.

  • Eat, drink and be merry—but is the food safe? Tuesday, 24 Dec 2013 | 9:39 AM ET

    A recent outbreak of food poisoning has led to calls for tougher inspection measures even as the government begins reforming food safety rules.

  • Sprouts Farmers Market Announces Expansion Monday, 23 Dec 2013 | 6:00 PM ET

    PHOENIX, Dec. 23, 2013-- Sprouts Farmers Market, Inc., one of the fastest growing natural food retailers in the country, today announced its expansion with six signed leases in Kansas and Georgia.

  • McDonald's employee site bashes fast food  Monday, 23 Dec 2013 | 1:46 PM ET

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Bob Pisani share their opinions on posts on McDonald's employee website which "bashes" fast food.

  • Activist to disclose stake in Darden: source Monday, 23 Dec 2013 | 11:59 AM ET
    Shrimp and lobster meal at Red Lobster.

    The purchase of the stake means Starboard will become the second activist investor within months to push for a change in strategy.


  • The former group treasurer and head of tax at WM Morrison Supermarkets has been sentenced to 12 months in jail for insider trading.

  • Target employees at the checkout registers at a Target store in Torrance, California.

    Target's CEO said the company will cut several thousand jobs within the next two years as part of a $2 billion cost-savings plan.

  • Taxi medallion prices are falling in NYC as Uber rises, but the head of the Taxi and Limousine Commission says she's not worried.