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  • Buy Glaxo: Asset Manager     Friday, 26 Aug 2011 | 3:15 AM ET

    "I am looking for dislocation, opportunities to add value over a long period of time. You take a company like GlaxoSmithKline, profitability is up two-fold in the last 13 years, yet the share price is down 30 percent. So as a long-term investor, if I can buy Glaxo at 30 percent less, and 12 years on it has doubled its profitability, that's a good trade," Haig Bathgate, CIO at Turcan Connell, told CNBC.

  • Shares At Great Value For Long-term Investors     Monday, 22 Aug 2011 | 10:20 PM ET

    Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist at AMP Capital Investors believes that shares are good value because price to earnings multiples on global shares have fallen to around 10 times.

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    NYSE trader

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