Stock Picks


  • Too bullish on Treasurys?  Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 6:30 PM ET

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer goes off the charts with the help of Carly Garner of DeCarley Trading, who expects the long rally in bond prices to soon end.

  • Cramer's bankable Bobs: CEOs leading the way Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 6:29 PM ET
    Bob Iger, chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company

    In a volatile environment, Jim Cramer nominates two bankable CEOs who will lead the way. And yes, they are both named Bob.

  • Cramer's guide to a treacherous trader's market Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 6:14 PM ET

    One minute it's up, the next minute it's down. Jim Cramer gives two important tips for navigating the rough seas of a volatile market.

  • Cramer: Ecstasy & agony in one session  Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 6:00 PM ET

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer shares his take on the strength, and then vicious selloff in Tuesday's trading session.

  • Fast Money Final Trade: Sell utilities, buy GoPro  Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 5:59 PM ET

    The "Fast Money" traders share their final trades of the day.

  • Stock Pops & Drops: GT, AA, FRO & TIF  Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 5:45 PM ET

    The Fast Money traders take a look at today's biggest market movers.

  • 5 ways to play oil's drop  Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 5:00 PM ET
    An employee walks between lines of oil barrels at a Royal Dutch Shell Plc plant.

    The "Fast Money" traders give their five best ways to play oil's steep decline.

  • Best Buy good as it gets: Trader  Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 5:28 PM ET

    Goldman Sachs has upgraded Best Buy to buy from neutral. The "Fast Money" traders look at sales growth at the company.

  • Traders talk Tuesday's reversal  Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 5:01 PM ET

    The Dow saw a 425-point swing in Tuesday's market, and KB Home fell over 16 percent in the session. The "Fast Money" traders discuss today's action in stocks and oil.

  • Google needs to pay up investors ... now: O'Leary Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 1:55 PM ET
    Kevin O'Leary

    Google should stop investing in "wow factor ideas" that don't make money and issue a dividend, Kevin O'Leary said.

  • Chicago trader: Profit from 2015 volatility Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 1:40 PM ET
    Trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

    One trader's strategy plays off the recent major difference between REALIZED volatility on S&P movements and IMPLIED volatility, the VIX.

  • David Rosenberg on oil/stocks relationship  Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 1:12 PM ET

    Economist David Rosenberg takes a historical look at what plunging oil has meant for markets and the economy, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

  • It's time to buy gold again: Trader  Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 1:10 PM ET

    Gold hits a 12-week high, as low rates boost bullion. Is now the time to buy gold again? With CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

  • David Rosenberg's upbeat take on 2015  Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 1:07 PM ET

    David Rosenberg explains why it's so hard to be bearish on stocks right now, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis.

  • David Rosenberg's take on the market  Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 1:05 PM ET

    David Rosenberg, chief economist & strategist at Gluskin Sheff, offers his take on the economy, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

  • Why the Brent/WTI spread is shrinking: Traders  Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 1:02 PM ET

    The spread between Brent and WTI crude oil has fallen dramatically. Jim Iuorio and Brian Stutland discuss what that means, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis.

  • How to profit off of oil now  Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 1:00 PM ET

    Oil bounces off its 6-year low. Has it finally bottomed? Trading crude oil now, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders, Brian Stutland and Jim Iuorio, both at the CME.

  • New York trader: Bottomless oil to hit stocks Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 11:35 AM ET
    Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

    The crucial support level in WTI Crude is $42, but we'll likely see crude trade in the $30s.

  • Earnings guidance: Who needs it? Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 11:03 AM ET

    A survey shows that a wide range of parties on Wall Street feel they don't need quarterly earnings guidance.

  • Cramer's Stop Trading: Google gains  Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 9:55 AM ET

    CNBC's Jim Cramer explains why he is watching ChannelAdvisor and Google.