Stock Picks


  • Cramer's Mad Dash: Amazon's book battle  Wednesday, 9 Jul 2014 | 9:24 AM ET

    Jim Cramer explains what to watch ahead of the open, including the dispute between Amazon and Hachette Book Group.

  • Discovery CEO expects TV content consolidation Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 11:10 PM ET
    David Zaslav, president and chief executive officer of Discovery Communications

    Discovery Communication CEO David Zaslav said TV content companies are likely to consolidate in response to pending deals between cable companies.

  • Secular growth stock 101  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 6:25 PM ET

    How to analyze the potential growth of a stock, with Mad Money host Jim Cramer.

  • Don't dismiss speculation: Cramer  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 6:15 PM ET

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer says some of his biggest investment wins came from being speculative. Cramer helps investors analyze when a speculative deal is attractive enough to buy.

  • Cramer: 3 stocks with big reward potential Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 6:01 PM ET

    Although Jim Cramer does what he can to avoid risk, that doesn’t mean he shuns it altogether. Sometimes he likes it.

  • The only sure thing about investing  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 6:00 PM ET

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer explains the importance of diversifying your portfolio to protect against a potential unexpected catastrophe. Cramer outlines how and why investors should own gold.

  • Fast Money Final Trade: JWN, QQQ, AGN & CTRL  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 5:58 PM ET

    The Fast Money traders share their final trades of the day.

  • Biotech buys right now  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 5:46 PM ET

    The S&P Biotech ETF is down 7 percent this week. Robyn Karnauskas, Deutsche Bank biotechnology director, shares her large and small cap picks.

  • Pro's pullback picks: Amazon, Facebook & Google  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 5:42 PM ET

    For investors seeking a golden opportunity to jump into some momentum names, Bob Peck, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, shares his top three tech stock picks on the pullback.

  • Stock Pops & Drops: Micron, JPMorgan & more  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 5:35 PM ET

    The Fast Money traders take a look at today's biggest market movers.

  • More downside for Nasdaq & Russell: Pro  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 5:32 PM ET

    Since November of 2012, the Nasdaq made a new high, but the Russell 2000 is failing to make a new high. Carter Worth of Sterne Agee, explains why the charts signal further weakness ahead.

  • Analyst says Tesla demand growing  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 5:15 PM ET

    Tesla faces a trademark lawsuit from a Chinese businessman who demands the electric car maker stops sales and marketing activities in the country. Colin Rusch, Northland Capital Markets senior research analyst, provides perspective.

  • Close look at Twitter's selloff  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 5:05 PM ET

    Discussing the real reason behind the selloff in Twitter, with Robert Peck, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, and the "Fast Money" traders.

  • Momentum names fall hard  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 5:01 PM ET
    Trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

    Discussing serious declines in Twitter, and other momentum names, as well as the rise in the volatility index, with the "Fast Money" traders.

  • Dennis Gartman switches view on corn  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 1:12 PM ET

    Two months ago, corn was Dennis Gartman's favorite commodity, but now he's bearish. He explains why to CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

  • What Gartman thinks of corn now  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 1:10 PM ET

    Corn hits a four-year low. Soft ag futures tumble. Does Dennis Gartman still like corn? And what's his favorite commodity now, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

  • Schiff tries to convince Gartman to buy gold  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 1:07 PM ET

    Dennis Gartman doesn't like gold in dollar terms, and Peter Schiff is one of bullion's biggest fans. Who will win the debate? With CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

  • Schiff & Gartman debate gold  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 1:05 PM ET

    What can get gold going? The outlook for bullion, with Peter Schiff and Dennis Gartman, CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

  • Marc Faber: We're entering a bear market  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 1:02 PM ET

    Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report says all asset prices are in a 'colossal bubble,' and a bear market is ahead. With CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

  • Marc Faber, Schiff, and Gartman talk markets  Tuesday, 8 Jul 2014 | 1:00 PM ET

    Bubble fears go mainstream. A battle of the bears, with The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report's Marc Faber, Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital, and The Gartman Letter's Dennis Gartman. With CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders, Jim Iuorio and Scott Nations, both at the CME.