• Baggage fees no more  Monday, 24 Nov 2014 | 4:51 PM ET

    CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports on the launch of Sendmybag.com in the U.S. The service will ship bags internationally for a fee that's lower than most airlines charge.

  • Slip big bag fees  Monday, 24 Nov 2014 | 1:44 PM ET

    Sendmybag.com launches in the U.S. today and will ship bags internationally for a fee that's lower than most airlines charge. Insight, with CNBC's Phil LeBeau.

  • Spirit 'nickel-and-diming' flyers?  Monday, 24 Nov 2014 | 10:35 AM ET

    Spirit Airlines is tacking on $2 for flyers first checked bag over the holidays. Ben Baldanza, Spirit Airlines president & CEO, explains why Spirit is not "nickel-and-diming" customers.

  • Drones near airports a real danger: Aviation pro Thursday, 20 Nov 2014 | 2:19 PM ET
    A Virgin Atlantic plane taxis past a Delta plane at John F. Kennedy International Airport in N.Y.

    Recent close calls between airplanes and drones near a New York City airport are raising concerns about passenger safety.

  • An unmanned firefighter?  Thursday, 20 Nov 2014 | 1:52 PM ET

    Lockheed Martin is pitching its unmanned helicopter, the K-MAX used in Afghanistan, to firefighting agencies. Insight, with CNBC's Jane Wells.

  • Pilots' close calls with drones  Thursday, 20 Nov 2014 | 1:07 PM ET

    Discussing the dangerous realities associated with drones in the air, with Kenn Honig, Critical Incident Management and Training.

  • AirAsia Q3 report card is 'commendable': RHB  Wednesday, 19 Nov 2014 | 10:21 PM ET

    Ahmad Maghfur Usman, Analyst for Regional Transport Research at RHB Research, says AirAsia's net profit improved sharply on-quarter and saw improvements in the performance of its associates.

  • JetBlue to add bag fees on cheapest tickets Wednesday, 19 Nov 2014 | 10:51 AM ET

    It will soon cost you money to check a bag on JetBlue if you buy the cheapest level of tickets.

  • FlightCar launches service at three more airports Tuesday, 18 Nov 2014 | 5:06 PM ET

    Peer-to-peer car-sharing service FlightCar will grow its service to three more airports in Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

  • Pisani: Record highs at narrow trading range  Tuesday, 18 Nov 2014 | 1:14 PM ET

    CNBC's Bob Pisani dissects the performance of today's biggest movers including retail following earnings reports.

  • Oil: Airline pricing power  Tuesday, 18 Nov 2014 | 1:02 PM ET

    Discussing whether lower oil prices will result in lower airline ticket prices, with Seth Kaplan, Airline Weekly, and Amy Farley, Travel + Leisure news editor.

  • United CEO: Bag fee boarding bottleneck a problem  Tuesday, 18 Nov 2014 | 7:13 AM ET

    Jeff Smisek, chief executive of United Continental, also tells CNBC the carrier is pricing tickets and fees to make a "reasonable profit."

  • Air travel a bargain, despite fees: United CEO  Tuesday, 18 Nov 2014 | 7:10 AM ET
    A United Airlines plane at Chicago's O'Hare airport

    Jeff Smisek, chief executive of United Continental, addresses pricing concerns among travelers amid increasing ticket prices and lower fuel costs.

  • UAL CEO: It's been a long, strange trip  Tuesday, 18 Nov 2014 | 7:05 AM ET

    Jeffrey Smisek, United Airline CEO, discusses the merger between Continental and United Airlines, dealing with legacy staff and improving customer service.

  • Future of flight: What you want, when you want it Monday, 18 Aug 2014 | 12:00 PM ET
    An employee demonstrates wireless Internet capabilities on a screen in the first-class cabin aboard an American Airlines airliner at Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong, China.

    Flying over the next 25 years will improve not only for the folks with deep pockets.

  • CNBC 25: A look at the future of transportation  Monday, 18 Aug 2014 | 10:00 AM ET

    How travel and transportation as we know it could change in the next 25 years.

  • Faster planes in 25 years?  Monday, 18 Aug 2014 | 8:34 AM ET

    CNBC's Phil LeBeau and the "Squawk Box" crew discuss the future of aviation.

  • Future of flying in 25 years  Monday, 18 Aug 2014 | 8:31 AM ET

    CNBC's Phil LeBeau looks ahead 25 years to what flying an airplane might be like for customers.

  • Lower oil boosts airlines  Thursday, 14 Aug 2014 | 2:42 PM ET

    Discussing the runway ahead for airlines and her favorite picks is Helane Becker, Cowen & Company airline analyst.

  • Cathay Pacific: We expect a better second half  Wednesday, 13 Aug 2014 | 6:22 PM ET

    Ivan Chu, CEO of Cathay Pacific, says improvements in key markets like the U.S. and China will drive growth for the airline in the second half of this year.