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  • Oculus CEO: Stationary virtual experience   Monday, 5 May 2014 | 4:29 PM ET
    Oculus CEO: Stationary virtual experience

    Brendan Iribe, Oculus VR CEO, discusses the virtual reality vision for Oculus' products following its $2 billion acquisition by Facebook.

  • US licensing system totally broken: Jay Walker   Monday, 5 May 2014 | 10:33 AM ET
    US licensing system totally broken: Jay Walker

    Priceline.com founder Jay Walker, discusses the patent war between Apple and Samsung and explains his new venture created to solve America's patent problem.

  • Prototype gadget changes function as you fold it Friday, 2 May 2014 | 2:37 PM ET
    The PaperFold, with one piece detached.

    If you've ever wished you could snap a bigger screen on your smartphone, this crazy little gadget might pique your interest, NBC News reports.

  • Blue Apron makes cooking easy & fun   Friday, 2 May 2014 | 11:21 AM ET
    Blue Apron makes cooking easy & fun

    Blue Apron provides you with recipes and the ingredients needed to make a meal in exactly the right proportions. Matt Salzberg, Blue Apron co-founder and CEO, breaks down their business model and discusses the company's $50 million round of venture funding.

  • Ahrendts fits Apple very well: Swisher   Friday, 2 May 2014 | 11:06 AM ET
    Ahrendts fits Apple very well: Swisher

    Kara Swisher, Re/code co-executive editor, weighs in on Apple's move to hire Angela Ahrendts as SVP of retail and online stores. Ahrendts will report directly to Tim Cook.

  • Future bright for software services industry: Infosys CEO

    As long as the innovation spirit is alive in the software industry, we will have a chance to play in the global market with success, says Narayana Murthy, Infosys executive chairman & CEO, sharing his thoughts on the future of outsourcing. And Murthy weighs in on capitalism.

  • Booking a car park space? Here's the app!   Thursday, 1 May 2014 | 4:40 AM ET
    Booking a car park space? Here's the app!

    ParkJockey is an app that allows users to find and book car park spaces in advance, explains Umut Tekin, CEO of ParkJockey. The app, which is already available in London and Miami, will launch in six other cities before year-end.

  • eBay CEO: Repatriation gives us flexibility   Wednesday, 30 Apr 2014 | 10:13 AM ET
    eBay CEO: Repatriation gives us flexibility

    CNBC's Jon Fortt speaks to John Donahoe, eBay president & CEO, about eBay's $3 billion non-cash tax charge to repatriate foreign earnings and Alibaba's impending IPO.

  • Martha Stewart's secrets to success   Tuesday, 29 Apr 2014 | 3:37 PM ET
    Martha Stewart's secrets to success

    Business mogul Martha Stewart explains how she built her brand and reveals what it takes to build an empire. Stewart also discloses her biggest regret.

  • Peloton Biking: Spinning in your home   Monday, 28 Apr 2014 | 11:50 AM ET
    Peloton Biking: Spinning in your home

    Peloton co-founders John Foley and Marion Roaman, discusses their plans to revolutionize spinning class by getting customers to pedal along to live-streamed or recorded classes from their home.

  • Disruption in tech driving innovation: CEO   Monday, 28 Apr 2014 | 11:13 AM ET
    Disruption in tech driving innovation: CEO

    Discussing optimism among start-up companies in the U.S. and abroad, with Greg Becker, Silicon Valley Bank CEO.

  • 'Revolution in transportation' underway   Sunday, 27 Apr 2014 | 7:00 PM ET
    'Revolution in transportation' underway

    Teams in Oxford, U.K., and Boston, U.S., are working on new designs for plane engines, with the potential to create a "very high-speed aircraft" and take fuel out of the equation altogether.

  • Digital boost to plane manufacturing   Sunday, 27 Apr 2014 | 7:00 PM ET
    Digital boost to plane manufacturing

    CNBC visits BAE Systems to see first-hand how digital technologies and 3D printing are changing the face of plane manufacturing.

  • Check it out: Honda's new jet   Sunday, 27 Apr 2014 | 7:00 PM ET
    Check it out: Honda's new jet

    CNBC catches up with Michimasa Fujino, president and CEO of Honda Aircraft, to learn more about the group's new business jet, which can fly higher, faster and is more fuel-efficient than its competitors.

  • Royal Caribbean's 'floating' business   Friday, 25 Apr 2014 | 3:14 PM ET
    Royal Caribbean's 'floating' business

    Richard Fain, Royal Caribbean Cruises chairman & CEO, discusses opportunity and growth in Europe, and the importance of empowering his people to come up with new ideas and innovation.

  • NYT's Stewart : Where are the profits Amazon?   Friday, 25 Apr 2014 | 10:13 AM ET
    NYTs Stewart : Where are the profits Amazon?

    Is the leash on Jeff Bezos getting shorter? James Stewart, The New York Times columnist, weighs in on Amazon's Q1 earnings and if Bezos' big spending and lack of profits are concerning to investors.

  • 'Grateful Dead' enters streaming wars   Friday, 25 Apr 2014 | 8:41 AM ET
    'Grateful Dead' enters streaming wars

    CNBC's Steve Liesman reports on Bob Weir's partnership with RDIO to upgrade the quality of streaming music. And CNBC's Jim Cramer explains why he supports the campaign to increase audio quality.

  • Apple back on its innovation game: Pro   Thursday, 24 Apr 2014 | 4:45 PM ET
    Apple back on its innovation game: Pro

    Discussing Apple's newly announced stock split and innovation, with Darren Chervitz, Jacob Internet Fund.

  • Qualcomm CEO: Smartphone technology increasing   Thursday, 24 Apr 2014 | 3:34 PM ET
    Qualcomm CEO: Globally smartphone technology increasing

    CNBC's Melissa Lee speaks to Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf about the impact that licensing revenue in China had on the company's quarterly earnings and the future of Qualcomm.

  • Closing Bell Exchange: Apple's reality   Thursday, 24 Apr 2014 | 3:02 PM ET
    Closing Bell Exchange: Apple's reality

    Discussing Apple's share buyback and innovation at the company, with Heather Hughes, SunAmerica Funds; Jim Lowell, Adviser Investments; David Trainer, New Constructs; and CNBC's Rick Santelli.