• Al Bahr: Tradition and innovation   Tuesday, 26 Nov 2013 | 7:00 PM ET
    Al Bahr: Tradition and innovation

    The Al Bahr building is one of the first in the Middle East to have received a LEED environmental design award. Bryan Hamilton from Aedas Architects reveals how traditional Islamic art and architecture was used to develop it.

  • Top 5 innovations in building materials   Tuesday, 26 Nov 2013 | 7:00 PM ET
    Top 5 innovations in building materials

    These are the top 5 innovations in building materials, according to Sascha Peters, the founder and owner of Haute Innovation. Watch out for algae, and fungus-based foam.

  • Kiip offers 'real life rewards'   Tuesday, 26 Nov 2013 | 11:49 AM ET
    Kiip offers 'real life rewards'

    Kiip co-founder and CEO Brian Wong provides insight on his wireless device application "Kiip." He says he wants brands to be able to market to consumers through video games.

  • Qualcomm CEO: Riding smartphone wave   Wednesday, 20 Nov 2013 | 4:12 PM ET
    Qualcomm CEO: Riding smartphone wave

    Qualcomm aims to return capital to shareholders, says Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm chairman and CEO. A lot of new tech and innovation is coming and Qualcomm is investing heavily to build chips for emerging markets where a lot of growth is coming.

  • IBM supercomputer Watson is about to get more super Thursday, 14 Nov 2013 | 10:54 AM ET

    IBM will announce that Watson supercomputer will be available in a form more than twice as powerful via the Internet.

  • Just the ticket to tackle congestion?   Wednesday, 13 Nov 2013 | 4:45 AM ET
    Just the ticket to tackle congestion?

    Ben Whitaker, CEO of Masabi, explains how the company's mobile ticketing services for public transport, operational in Boston and San Diego, can slash congestion and the need for more infrastructure.

  • Musk sees opportunity for supersonic electric airplane

    In an interview at The New York Times DealBook conference, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says if he had another company in the future, and that "would not be anytime soon," he'd like to make electric aircraft. "Supersonic and vertical takeoff/landing actually work well with electric."

  • Musk: Tesla fire 'headlines are extremely misleading'

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk says there are no plans for a Model S recall after three car fires generated what he calls "misleading" headlines. Musk argues the car is less likely to catch fire than gasoline vehicles.

  • Texting and talking at 30,000 feet?   Friday, 8 Nov 2013 | 11:57 AM ET
    Texting & talking at 30,000 feet?

    CNBC's Phil LeBeau is on a test flight to demonstrate services already available on many corporate jets.

  • Watch college football without seeing it   Friday, 8 Nov 2013 | 11:55 AM ET
    Watching college football without seeing it

    Broadcasting live from Barry Switzer's man cave? CNBC's Jane Wells reports on the legendary coach's webcast of himself and his friends watching and commenting on college games. The service is spreading to other schools with other coaches.

  • Imperial Tobacco working on e-cigarettes: CEO   Tuesday, 5 Nov 2013 | 4:50 AM ET
    Imperial Tobacco working on e-cigarettes: CEO

    Alison Cooper, CEO of Imperial Tobacco, talks about innovation and reveals the group has hired the inventor of e-cigarettes.

  • Quirky: From concept to reality   Monday, 4 Nov 2013 | 11:50 AM ET
    Quirky: From concept to reality

    Ben Kaufman, founder and CEO of Quirky, discusses Quirky's partnership with GE and shares innovative products from the site.

  • Why private equity is 'glacial'   Monday, 4 Nov 2013 | 4:40 AM ET
    Why private equity is 'glacial'

    Simon Hamilton, global head at Investec Fund Finance, describes private equity as a "glacial industry" that really needs to innovate to attract capital.

  • iPad Air: Name change or game change?   Friday, 1 Nov 2013 | 11:06 AM ET
    iPad Air: Name change or game change?

    Ed Baig, USA Today personal tech columnist, says the new iPad Air will not do anything your old iPad will not already do. Rob Cihra, Evercore Tech & Hardware analyst, weighs in.

  • New iPad Air for sale   Friday, 1 Nov 2013 | 11:04 AM ET
    New iPad Air for sale

    CNBC's Josh Lipton reports from a store in Palo Alto, CA where the iPad Air became available in stores today.

  • Inhalable expresso shot anyone?!   Thursday, 31 Oct 2013 | 8:00 PM ET
    Inhalable expresso shot anyone?!

    From is Parisian "Lab Store", David Edwards', multi-millionaire inventor discusses the future of food as well as some of his inventions including edible packaging, and inhalable beverages.

  • How to make tomorrow's food affordable   Thursday, 31 Oct 2013 | 8:00 PM ET
    How to make tomorrow's food affordable

    CNBC visits Syngenta's U.K. research and development lab to discover what scientists are working on to solve food scarcity problems around the world.

  • Inside the world's first vertical farm   Thursday, 31 Oct 2013 | 8:00 PM ET
    Inside the world's first vertical farm

    CNBC takes a peek inside Sky Greens, the world┬┐s first commercial vertical farm in Singapore and questions whether this could be a viable alternative to traditional farming methods.

  • iPad Air to hit stores Friday   Thursday, 31 Oct 2013 | 11:41 AM ET
    iPad Air to hit stores Friday

    Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal tech columnist, gives Apple's new iPad Air high praise. This iPad Air is probably what Steve Jobs would have wished to reveal in 2010, Mossberg adds.

  • Coast Guard confirms Google link to mystery barge Wednesday, 30 Oct 2013 | 10:31 AM ET
    The suspected Google barge docked in San Francisco Bay.

    What's that barge in San Francisco Bay? "Google is involved or associated with the barge," a Coast Guard spokesman now confirms.