• TOKYO/ SEOUL, Nov 24- South Korea looks like the consolation prize as Japan's $15 billion casino dream fades, a setback for companies such as Las Vegas Sands Corp that envisioned a new gaming hub rivalling Las Vegas in 2020.. Japan is seen as the biggest unclaimed prize, a market that research firm Union Gaming estimated would generate $15 billion in annual...

  • SAN FRANCISCO/ WASHINGTON, Nov 20- President Barack Obama plans to make life a little easier for some foreign tech workers, but Silicon Valley representatives are disappointed that his immigration rule changes will not satisfy longstanding demands for more visas and faster green cards. The president's moves will make it easier for entrepreneurs to work in...

  • Obama's immigration tweaks leave Big Tech wanting more Thursday, 20 Nov 2014 | 7:21 PM ET

    SAN FRANCISCO/ WASHINGTON, Nov 20- Silicon Valley expects President Barack Obama to make life a little easier for foreign workers, but tech industry representatives were disappointed that his immigration rule changes will not satisfy longstanding demands for more visas and faster green cards for high-skilled employees. The president's moves will make it...

  • If lobbying the FCC fails, the telecoms industry could turn to a legal fight in a court that in the past has been favorable for the industry, as well as making an appeal to regulation-averse congressional Republicans to intervene. Much depends on the wording of the rules, which the FCC has not written. Litigation seems certain if FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler proposes...

  • WASHINGTON, Nov 5- A Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate has brightened prospects for an effort to fight frivolous patent litigation, although the path to success is far from clear, sources close to the lobbying effort said on Wednesday. That legislation, backed by technology companies like Cisco Systems Inc and Google Inc, stalled in the Senate amid...

  • Producers for American Crude Oil Exports, or PACE, is the first lobbying group to form to reverse the trade restriction passed by Congress in the 1970 s after the Arab oil embargo caused fears of domestic oil shortages. As the U.S. oil boom of the last six years builds an excess of crude, calls have risen for Congress and the Obama administration to relax the ban.

  • Congress passed the trade restriction in the 1970 s after the Arab oil embargo caused fears of domestic oil shortages. The group of 14 producers has "united to create an advocacy initiative to help repeal the outdated ban on crude oil exports," Daren Beaudo, a spokesman for ConocoPhillips, one of the member companies, said in an email. The U.S. drilling boom of the past...

  • The U.S. Department of Energy is expected to release a report in late October that will help assess whether domestic gasoline prices would rise if Congress or the Obama administration lifted the 40- year ban on crude oil exports. Congress mandated the oil export ban following the Arab oil embargo of the 1970 s, which sent shock waves through energy markets and...

  • BRUSSELS, Oct 1- The installation of a new executive team for the European Union hit a first major obstacle on Wednesday when EU lawmakers ordered Britain's Jonathan Hill to return next week to try again to convince them he could be trusted to oversee financial services in the bloc.

  • BRUSSELS, Oct 1- Britain's choice for the European Commission disarmed EU lawmakers with a combination of charm, grasp of financial regulation and a stated commitment to European integration at a hearing in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

  • Britain's Hill starts ordeal in EU parliament Wednesday, 1 Oct 2014 | 7:42 AM ET

    BRUSSELS, Oct 1- Britain's controversial choice for the European Commission declared his support for closer European financial integration at the start of an expected tough confirmation hearing in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

  • BRUSSELS, Sept 29- The European Union's likely next trade chief will face tough questions about how she would handle free trade negotiations with the United States when confirmation hearings for the new European Commission open on Monday.

  • Lawmakers in U.S. oil heartland soften over export ban Thursday, 25 Sep 2014 | 1:00 AM ET

    NEW YORK, Sept 25- In the oil drilling and refining heartland of Texas, the debate over U.S. crude exports is no longer a fight over whether a 40- year ban should be lifted.

  • NEW YORK, Sept 17- Houston- based logistic firm Buckeye Partners has spent more than $3.5 billion buying assets since 2010, transforming itself from a quiet regional pipeline utility into an emerging energy powerhouse.

  • *Netflix moves fast in France on content, data centre. PARIS, Sept 15- Netflix will focus on ramping up in six new European markets in the next year, including France and Germany, before taking the video streaming service to additional countries, its chief executive said in an interview.

  • In the letter to the Commerce Department a lobbyist group called Consumers and Refiners United for Domestic Energy, or CRUDE, which represents the four U.S. refiners, blasted the government for allowing the shipments, saying they contravene a nearly 40- year-old ban on oil exports.

  • Aug 25- A package of bills aimed at regulating drought-parched California's stressed groundwater supplies has come under fire from agricultural interests, injecting doubt into the measures' fates in the waning days of the state's legislative session this week.

  • WASHINGTON, Aug 15- Insurer American International Group is ramping up its lobbying team in Washington, almost six years after it halted such efforts following its rescue by the U.S. government during the financial crisis.

  • WASHINGTON, Aug 3- President Barack Obama said corporate America has done well under his economic policies, telling the Economist magazine that chief executive officers should stop complaining about regulations and show greater social responsibility.

  • Lobbying & the stock impact  Wednesday, 26 Feb 2014 | 11:00 AM ET

    CNBC's Jeff Cox explains how companies that spend more money lobbying Congress tend to have higher stock prices, as well as another surprising factor.