• Minimal labor costs keep us competitive: Patrona  Tuesday, 19 Nov 2013 | 11:50 AM ET

    Andrew Brundan, founder and managing director at Patrona, explains how it managed to remain competitive after production was moved back to the U.K., following a bad experience in China.

  • NFL, MLB threaten to pull games in Aereo fight Monday, 18 Nov 2013 | 3:57 PM ET

    The NFL and MLB have threatened to move all of their games to cable television if streaming startup Aereo is deemed legal.

  • Matching shipments to trucks across the US  Monday, 18 Nov 2013 | 6:45 AM ET

    Jarret Hamstreet, Post.bid.ship president & CEO, discusses his family's business which matches shipments with available trucks. "About half of the freight that moves through our company is through the food and beverage industry," he says.

  • Morphsuits: Meet the Company  Wednesday, 13 Nov 2013 | 7:00 PM ET

    The founders of Morphsuits explain the idea behind their company.

  • The role of social media in Morphsuits' success  Wednesday, 13 Nov 2013 | 7:00 PM ET

    How did sites like Facebook help to generate a buzz around Morphsuits?

  • How are Morphsuits looking to innovate?  Wednesday, 13 Nov 2013 | 7:00 PM ET

    In what ways are Morphsuits looking to broaden their product range and remain relevant?

  • Should Morphsuits consider changing their name?  Wednesday, 13 Nov 2013 | 7:00 PM ET

    Should the founders of Morphsuits change the name of their company to widen its appeal?

  • Hearsay expanding into mobile: CEO  Friday, 8 Nov 2013 | 11:50 AM ET

    Clara Shih, CEO of Hearsay Social, explains that Hearsay helps organizations manage high volumes of social media traffic and highlights that the company has started to expand in Europe.

  • Technology: What you should get ready for  Monday, 4 Nov 2013 | 11:54 AM ET

    CNBC's Tom Mackenzie discusses tech innovations and future trends with industry exports, including the co-founder of IRobot from the Pioneer tech startup festival in Vienna.

  • It's hard for entrepreneurs to expand  Thursday, 31 Oct 2013 | 12:00 PM ET

    Niklas Zennstrom, Skype founder and CEO of Atomico, explains that the company aims to help its portfolio investments go global.

  • Box has low technology barrier: CEO  Thursday, 31 Oct 2013 | 5:30 AM ET

    Aaron Levie, CEO and founder of Box.net, explains how the company is different from other cloud businesses and explains why an IPO is not on the cards.

  • Hootsuite not in a rush for IPO: CEO  Thursday, 31 Oct 2013 | 5:25 AM ET

    Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuit, talks about the company's investors and how Hootsuite is "not in a rush to get to an IPO".

  • Hootsuite makes social easy for businesses: CEO  Thursday, 31 Oct 2013 | 5:20 AM ET

    Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite, explains that Hootsuite makes the "whole experience of using social more easy" and how the drop in Facebook's usage is not a worry as "social media is here to stay".

  • Nasdaq still the 'home of tech': Vice President  Wednesday, 30 Oct 2013 | 12:20 PM ET

    Bruce Aust, executive vice president of Nasdaq, discusses Ireland's strengths in the technology sector from the Dublin Web Summit and why Nasdaq remains and will continue to be "the home of tech".

  • Ireland has 'best demographics': Prime minister  Wednesday, 30 Oct 2013 | 9:35 AM ET

    Following on from ringing the Nasdaq opening bell from Dublin, Enda Kenny, Irish prime minister, comments on the success of the country's technology industry and Ireland's exit from its bailout program in December.

  • Hi-tech housekeeping? There's an app for that  Monday, 28 Oct 2013 | 11:21 AM ET

    Oisin Hanrahan, Handybook CEO & co-founder, explains how his startup service can help users easily locate home services on demand.

  • Why Zuckerberg 'likes' Panorama  Tuesday, 22 Oct 2013 | 1:46 PM ET

    After receiving money from Mark Zuckerberg, Google, and Ashton Kutcher, Aaron Feuer, Panorama CEO, discusses Mark Zuckerberg, his business concept and what's most important for startup companies.

  • The Middle East's Silicon Valley moment Sunday, 20 Oct 2013 | 10:12 AM ET
    Street scene in Amman, Jordan

    The Middle East is becoming a hotbed of online entrepreneurs. Ecommerce sales growth outpaced all other regions.

  • Why Pai Skincare makes its own products  Sunday, 13 Oct 2013 | 7:00 PM ET

    Why it's important to Pai Skincare that they manufacture their own products.

  • Exploiting the e-commerce market  Sunday, 13 Oct 2013 | 7:00 PM ET

    How Pai Skincare can continue to exploit the e-commerce market.