How I Made My Millions: Herr's Foods | Nerf | The Fruit Guys


Episode 15: How I Made My Millions
In this episode, we go inside the family business, Herr Foods; see the original Nerf ball and the man behind its amazing success; and hear about The FruitGuys, who made a business out of bringing fruit to the office.
  • "All in the Family" — Herr's Foods
  • Back in 1946, when James Herr and his fiancée went on a date, they went door-to-door, delivering hand-made potato chips in tins. From that small beginning grew a three-generation family business that now sells potato chips, pretzels and cheese curls in dozens of flavors. Today, Herr's claims $250 million in annual sales.
  • "Having A Ball" — Nerf
  • If your mother ever told you not to play ball in the house, the Nerf ball said you could. It started with a simple round piece of foam in 1970. Reyn Guyer and his creative team sold the idea to Parker Brothers and a toy store star was born. Nerf has since grown into a $400 million-a-year brand, and Reyn Guyer is still having a ball.
  • "Millions in the Making" — The Fruit Guys
  • Chris Mittelstaedt was looking for a job when he heard friends complain about the junk food they were eating at the office. Chris suggested he deliver fresh fruit to their desks. That was the beginning of The Fruit Guys, which now delivers fresh fruit from local farms to thousands of offices, schools and homes across the country.

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