How I Made My Millions: Sir James Dyson and John Paul DeJoria


Dyson: Cleaning Up
Meet Sir James Dyson -- the man who revolutionized vacuum cleaners. Find out just how much it "sucked" ... before he managed to get it right.
John Paul DeJoria: Liquid Gold
Hear billionaire John Paul DeJoria talk about the roots of his hair care business which he started while living out of his car.

"Cleaning Up" — Dyson
It took Sir James Dyson five years, more than five thousand prototypes, and about a million dollars of debt to create his first true dual cyclone, bagless vacuum cleaner. Now, his namesake company offers a line of technically advanced household items and boasts an annual revenue of more than a Billion dollars.

"Liquid Gold" — John Paul DeJoria
Billionaire John Paul DeJoria was homeless, living and working in a car in Los Angeles, when he teamed up with hair dresser Paul Mitchell to create a new line of hair products. After two years of unpaid bills and near bankruptcy, John Paul Mitchell Systems Inc. grew into a $900 Million a year giant. DeJoria also created a premium category for tequila with "Patron."

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