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    While pregnant, Sara Blakely, the billionaire founder of the shapewear brand Spanx had an idea. She thought the belly of an expectant mother would make a unique canvas. So she had her friends paint a watermelon, a beach ball, and a basketball on her belly. After having several novelty photos taken, the idea grew into a coffee table book called “The Belly Art Project” with pictures of painted mothers-to-be.

  • Sugar vs. fat

    The USDA is advising sugar should be less than 10 percent of caloric intake. We ask study author, Laura Schmidt of UCSF School of Medicine, and sugar industry representative, Courtney Gaine, where the science is today.

  • Marijuana University

    Reporter Kate Rogers finds colleges are now offering programs for students to get schooled in the law, policy and business of marijuana.

  • Protecting your bank account

    We ask Bankrate.com’s Senior Economic Analyst what you should do to protect your bank accounts if you suspect any suspicious or unauthorized charges.

  • 'No soup for you!'

    Years after a “Seinfeld” episode immortalized that phrase, the real chef who was the inspiration for the “Soup Nazi” character is still in business, and bigger than ever. We ask the CEO of Original Soupman, Jamieson Karson, if a well-known punchline can turn into a nationally-known brand.

  • Superbugs and antibiotics

    Dr. Beth Bell of the CDC explains why the antibiotics that we rely on, and possibly take for granted, could be losing the war against bacteria, and what we can do to prevent this crisis.

  • Shake and quake

    We ask Todd Halihan, a geologist at Oklahoma State University, if earthquakes are an unavoidable part of an oil-driven economy, or if there are alternatives.

  • Bill Clinton on election

    President Bill Clinton shares his view on the Wells Fargo scandal and what he sees as November 8th approaches.

  • Mortgage in reverse

    Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson breaks down the benefits of reverse mortgages and cautions homeowners to read the fine print.

  • Agent in training

    Kate Rogers goes to the Secret Service academy for two days of intense training. From virtual active shooter drills to firearms training and more, she finds what skills are needed to make the cut and become a special agent.

  • Searching for a bargain

    As trip planning has moved from website to apps, travel industry veteran Steve Hafner, who helped launch Orbitz in 1999 and is the co-founder of Kayak, shares where travel technology is headed next.

  • Exporting a Warrior

    Reporter Sara Eisen traveled with Golden State Warrior Steph Curry to China and Southeast Asia. Curry shares how it’s not just his name on the shoes; he’s deeply involved in the design of his namesake brand.

  • Hacking your retirement

    Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson has tips on how to make sure your money stays secure.

  • Food stamps to CEO

    Six years ago, Ashley Tyrner was on food stamps with a baby on the way. Then she launched a produce start-up called Farmbox Direct that delivers fresh producer to your door every month.

  • Concussion impact

    Former NFL player Ben Utecht works to build brain health awareness and shares how society could make contact sports safer for children.

  • Ventura highway

    Former Navy SEAL and professional wrestler who “shocked the world” by winning his own election in Minnesota in 1998, weighs in on legalizing marijuana and the 2016 Presidential race.

  • Empty nest money moves

    Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson has some ideas on money moves to build wealth and save some cash as you enter your next phase of life.

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