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  • Fitness Business

    From juice bars to gym memberships, the pursuit of healthy living is big business. From the latest fitness gear and wearables to track your progress, to the cost of organic and GMO-free food, the cost of getting and staying healthy keeps rising. Reporter Morgan Brennan follows the money as more Americans spend more to slim down and live longer.

  • Living with a SEAL

    Rapper-turned-serial entrepreneur Jesse Itzler felt his life was on “auto-pilot”. Eager to improve and challenge himself, he didn’t just hire a personal trainer. He hired a Navy SEAL to live with him and his family in their Manhattan apartment. The goal? Survive 31 days of round-the-clock extreme fitness training from the “toughest man on the planet.”

  • New Year look ahead

    Now that the Fed has raised rates after a seven-year gap, what will it mean for your money? We’ll get predictions on how your credit cards, mortgage, and savings could be impacted. Plus, will low gas prices remain, and how could that drive the economy in 2016? We ask Jared Bernstein of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Cato Institute’s Peter Goettler for their insights.

  • What’s next in Tech

    What technologies will have the biggest impact for you in the new year and which ones will fade out? From smarter homes to driverless cars, two experts from and TechCrunch and Engadget talk 2016’s biggest tech trends.

  • Travel bargains

    Looking for a winter getaway? Whether you want sun and sand or snow and slopes, we’ll show you how to stretch your travel dollars, and find the best bargains. Travel expert Teri Johnson has some tips on where you can use your credit card miles, and find flash deals to get out of town without spending too much.

  • Take all the time you want

    We talk to Joshua Reeves, CEO of “Gusto” a company that offers unlimited vacations, and author Cynthia Shapiro, who thinks it’s a better deal for the company than the employee.

  • Glimpse into the future

    The technology to map your DNA is here and it can be done at a cost. Our reporter Meg Tirrell shows us how it works and what she learned about herself.

  • Reinventing retail

    One store in New York changes the entire store, from design to merchandise, every three to eight weeks. But can they afford to do this, and are people being drawn in by the strategy? We talk to “Story” founder Rachel Shechtman.

  • Is alternative energy for real?

    A look at whether the U.S. can realistically replace fossil fuels with renewable energy and what impact that will have on the economy and policy, with Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

  • Delivery deluge

    Diana Olick explains the different measures landlords are taking to deal with the growing number of packages delivered to tenants.

  • Don't call me

    Tobie Stanger from Consumer Reports lays out what to do about spam calls, how to recognize phony calls and practical tips to stop them once and for all.

  • Get a job

    Caleb Barlow, IBM’s Vice President of Security, and Kevin Chung, a recent graduate of the NYU security program, discuss the state of cyber-security.

  • Safest ways to store photos

    Tech journalist Natali Morris shares her tips for the best ways to store photos and keep them safe.

  • Shop ‘til you drop

    We talk to Macy’s Chairman and CEO Terry Lundgren about the strength of the consumer and the changing face of retail.

  • Small Business Saturday

    Last year consumers spent more than $14 billion and retailers have high hopes for this year. Kate Rogers talks to some small businesses trying to make it big.

  • The giving season

    Sharon Epperson offers ways to check out your charity, as well as the other benefits you can get from giving.

  • The Queen of Suspense

    Mary Higgins Clark discusses her latest novel, "All Dressed in White," co-written by Alafair Burke, which is in stores now.

  • The tipping point

    Celebrity restaurateur and Bravo TV’s “Top Chef” host/judge Tom Colicchio discusses the reservations behind leaving a gratuity and whether no tipping is the future of the restaurant industry.

  • Recipe for success

    Edible Schoolyard NYC Executive Director Kate Brashares explains how harvesting healthy habits in kids is the recipe for long-term success.

  • Your grocery bill

    Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson talks being supermarket shopping savvy and savings at the checkout line.

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