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  • Lower prices vs. privacy

    Paribus is an app and website that can get money back from retailers when they drop prices after you’ve made your purchase. But they need your email address and permission to scan through email to find receipts. With that information, they’ll contact retailers, request a partial refund for you, and keep a percentage for themselves. Are the price savings worth the privacy trade off? With Eric Glyman & Karim Atiyeh, Paribus co-founders.

  • Best cars, worst cars

    Consumer Reports and J.D. Power are out with their latest annual roundup on vehicle reliability and model rankings. What they found is good news for some U.S. automakers, and not so good for some others. We’ll share the results, the best and worst models and brands – in all price ranges.

  • Leap Year financial checkup

    We’ll give you steps you can take every leap year to set your retirement, your insurance and your career on the right course. With Stacey Tisdale, Black Enterprise magazine.

  • On the Money 1

    Through workshops and school programs, Black Girls Code teaches STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) to girls age 7 to 14. With Avis Yates Rivers, Technology Concepts Group International CEO, and Olivia Ross, Black Girls Code participant.

  • On the Money 2

    ThredUP CEO James Reinhart explains how he came up with the idea for an online consignment shop and how his company stands out from the competition.

  • On the Money 3

    FarmLogix founder Linda Mallers talks about her tech platform that connects 300 local farms with large institutions, sourcing local ingredients to 2,000 public schools in 15 states.

  • On the Money 4

    Big banks are experimenting with upgraded ATMs that will work with your phone, and can give you cash in different denominations. But are they secure?

  • Best deals for winter getaway

    Whether you’re looking for a budget vacation, a luxury getaway or something in between, we have you covered. Jaime Freedman of Travelzoo has amazing deals that can warm you up and not freeze your bank account.

  • Your money, your marriage

    If you’re planning to pop the question, we’ve got the questions you need to ask first. Beyond the romance couples need to plan the financial realities of combining their lives. Do your money styles match? And what should you do if they differ?

  • Business is blooming

    1-800-Flowers founder and CEO Jim McCann about how he disrupted the floral industry with a national toll-free number in the 80s, his pioneering website in the 90s, followed by his mobile strategy today.

  • Flower disruptor

    Last year Americans spent some $2 billion on flowers for Valentine’s Day alone, but local florists have seen a slide of 40 percent in sales over the past decade. Reporter Kate Rogers goes to Bouqs for a look inside the flower industry’s new guard.

  • The power of originality

    Using research and case studies of innovators, Wharton Professor Adam Grant talks about how you can recognize good ideas and act on them. And when it comes to your home, he explains how dissent among spouses can even help develop originality in their children.

  • Winging it

    Reporter Kate Rogers goes behind the counter and into the kitchen at WingZone to see the planning involved as they try to maximize one of the biggest take-out days of the year.

  • Jobs in space

    Those who dream of becoming an astronaut have until February 18th to submit their online application for the latest class of 8 to 14 astronauts who will staff the International Space Station and other missions. We head to Houston to look at what candidates need to do to get a job in space.

  • Taking a Trip, Permanently

    More and more American companies are leaving the US and shifting their legal headquarters overseas, where the tax rate is much lower than the US rate of 39%. Are these companies putting patriotism before profits, or just doing what they are supposed to do and maximizing their profits? The answer is not clear cut, but points to a broader overall issue that needs to be fixed. Aspen Institute President and CEO Walter Isaacson talks taxes, reform, and how to fix a system that is broken in many ways.

  • Surviving the downturn

    During the market downturn, checking your 401k and IRA balance is a stressful activity. Worrying about your money is natural, but how can you protect that nest egg during times of market volatility? Whether you’re a millennial, a boomer, or retired, Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson has tips and guidelines to get the most out of your money, and stick to your financial goals during the rough patches.

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