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  • On the Money 3

    From saving and spending to earning and growing money, author Ellen Sabin gives parents ideas for money lessons and activities to share with kids. Plus tips on how to start financial conversations with your children to help them develop healthy money habits.

  • On the Money 4

    With the growth of ancestry websites, the ability to get scientific proof of your family background is available for about $100. Is it worth finding out? CNBC's Bill Griffeth discusses.

  • Hacking your health

    What security weaknesses exist in hospitals and health care providers? We ask Kevin Fu, Director of the University of Michigan’s Archimedes Center for Medical Device Security.

  • On the Money 2

    Shipping giant UPS is the first to test commercial delivery on U.S. soil. But is it safe for widespread use? And what are the regulatory and logistical hurdles involved? Reporter Morgan Brennan takes us to the test site to see drones in flight.

  • College cash

    We ask Kelly Peeler, the CEO and founder of Next-Gen-Vest, what’s changing and why it’s important for the college bound to file for financial aid early.

  • On the Money 4

    While pregnant, Sara Blakely, the billionaire founder of the shapewear brand Spanx had an idea. She thought the belly of an expectant mother would make a unique canvas. So she had her friends paint a watermelon, a beach ball, and a basketball on her belly. After having several novelty photos taken, the idea grew into a coffee table book called “The Belly Art Project” with pictures of painted mothers-to-be.

  • Sugar vs. fat

    The USDA is advising sugar should be less than 10 percent of caloric intake. We ask study author, Laura Schmidt of UCSF School of Medicine, and sugar industry representative, Courtney Gaine, where the science is today.

  • Shake and quake

    We ask Todd Halihan, a geologist at Oklahoma State University, if earthquakes are an unavoidable part of an oil-driven economy, or if there are alternatives.

  • Exporting a Warrior

    Reporter Sara Eisen traveled with Golden State Warrior Steph Curry to China and Southeast Asia. Curry shares how it’s not just his name on the shoes; he’s deeply involved in the design of his namesake brand.

  • Hacking your retirement

    Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson has tips on how to make sure your money stays secure.

  • Outside the box

    We ask Kellogg’s executive Andy Shripka how the a newly-opened cafe in Times Square dedicated to cereal is working and if people are really seeing cereal in a new light.

  • On the Money 1

    We ask Dr. Scott Gottlieb, American Enterprise Institute fellow what can be done in a free market to balance pharmaceutical profits while making crucial medications affordable.

  • On the Money 2

    We ask former astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison about NASA’s plans to reach Mars within 20 years, how it will impact our life here, and the acceleration of private firms in space exploration.

  • Best Places to Retire Overseas

    When it’s time to end your career and retire, your next act could be an adventure. Once an option reserved only for the ultra-wealthy, retiring abroad is a way of life that could fit your post-paycheck budget. But what are the risks in committing to a new country, and what happens if your health changes? Author Kathleen Peddicort ranks the best international destinations to start the next chapter of your life, and even enjoy a lower cost of living than staying stateside.

  • On the Money 4

    Don’t look now but it’s back to school season and the shopping list is adding up. So how can you keep costs down? Jennifer Owens, Working Mother, recommends how to save money.

  • Take a break

    We talk to Katie Denis of “Project Time Off” and Sarah Green Carmichael of the Harvard Business Review about the value of vacation and how some employers are even requiring workers to take off and hit the road.

  • Power play

    Reporter Phil LeBeau visits mining companies in Nevada’s Central Valley, where the race to extract lithium is going full speed. And the surge in demand for the valuable mineral is generating jobs and interest.

  • School sports

    Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson his tips on ways to support your kids extracurricular endeavors without neglecting your family’s financial future.

  • Pokemon game on

    Edmund Lee, managing editor of tech news website ReCode explains who is making money on Pokemon Go and what it could mean for the future of gaming and other industries.

  • Smart money moves for the summer

    Financial journalist Natali Morris also has tips on smart money moves to make now at home and at your job, that can help your finances this year and beyond.

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