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  • Obamacare in court

    President Obama's healthcare law stands before the Supreme Court again. If overturned, what does that mean for patients, heath care workers and the system overall? Mount Sinai Health System CEO Dr. Kenneth Davis on the possibility of a "death spiral."

  • All a-loan

    The man who didn't pay back his student loans says you shouldn't either. Author Lee Siegel faced a huge backlash from his New York Times op-ed piece, "Why I Defaulted On My Student Loans" for encouraging students to default, but is not paying the only way to change the $1.2 trillion crisis?

  • Fathers & sons

    Like father, like son, like grandson? Reporter Kate Rogers explores whether the entrepreneurial bug is in the genes from three generations of business owners.

  • Father knows best

    What's the best advice about money you ever got from your dad? Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson shares the keepers you should actually follow.

  • The SATs solved

    The SATs are stressful enough without having to pay to prepare for them too. That's why the Khan Academy and College Board partnered up to offer teens SAT prep for free online. Khan Academy Founder and CEO Salman Khan on disrupting the education system.

  • Name that tune

    The app that "hears" can now "see." Shazam is launching a new feature that can identify images and objects. Shazam CEO Rich Riley explains the strategy behind visual recognition.

  • Pharoah's reign

    What's next for America's first Triple Crown winner in 37 years? Reporter Robert Frank details American Pharoah's new net worth and if more races are in his future.

  • Frequent flier

    We're entering peak travel season. Are you making the most out of your frequent flier miles? Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson shows how to use them and when.

  • Coffee break

    Dunkin' Donuts is expanding into more stores and to your door. Dunkin' Brands Chairman and CEO Nigel Travis explains the strategy behind on-demand food delivery.

  • Full speed ahead

    In May, auto sales experienced their strongest monthly pace since July 2005, according to Autodata. Consumer Reports Deputy Auto Editor Jeff Bartlett tells the do's and don'ts of car shopping and ranks the best cars for the money.

  • Pinot's palette

    Mixing art and wine has turned out to be a fine business model for Pinot's Palette. This franchise teaches people how to paint while enjoying a glass of wine with friends. CEO Craig Ceccanti explains how his "paint and sip" concept became such a phenomenon.

  • Marriage & money

    Wedding season is here! Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson reveals what a bride and groom should think about when it comes their finances before tying the knot.

  • Missing middle class

    Los Angeles, American's second largest city, will increase the minimum wage to $15/hr by 2020. Will it help create a new middle class, or slow job growth? Former Labor Sec. Robert Reich explains where he thinks the next middle-class jobs will be.

  • A crowning achievement

    The story of how a horse came from nowhere to compete for the Triple Crown, and how the family that owns American Pharoah is trying to make history and money at the same time. Reporter Robert Frank talks to the Zayat family about their remarkable journey.

  • Learning your value

    How to make sure you get what you¿re worth at your job, why you should stop apologizing, and how to manage work-life balance. Anchor Mika Brzeznski, author of the new book "Grow Your Value," shares her strategies for juggling busy lives.

  • Fine wines & finance

    Why you should try something a little different on date night. Bring the romance and champagne, and a calculator too. Every once in a while have a date to talk money and finance, and keep an important part of your relationship on track. Reporter Sharon Epperson talks to a couple who does just that.

  • From battlefield to boardroom

    A new program aims to help veterans adjust and enter the business world. How it works, how military skills can be applied to civilian life and why a program like this is needed, with James Bogle and recent graduate, Blake Pickell.

  • Whistleblowing, revenge and money

    The extraordinary story of how one man helped shine a light on the mysterious world of Swiss banking. How he ended up in jail and why he says the $100 million reward he got for whistleblowing might not be enough. Reporter Eamon Javers explores the story of Bradley Birkenfeld.

  • Behind the lines and the lens

    One war photographer's remarkable search for images and the truth. How she began her career, was kidnapped twice, and how social media is changing what she does. We talk to Lynsey Addario, author of "It's What I Do."

  • A helping hand for returning vets

    How returning veterans facing financial challenges can find programs to lend them a helping hand. Whether it's a home loan, credit card debt, or getting an education. With CNBC's Sharon Epperson.

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