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  • Targeting retirement

    Target-date funds are a popular option among those seeking a hands-off approach to retirement investing. Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson talks about choosing the right path for your financial horizons.

  • Worth the wait

    Americans spend roughly 37 billion hours each year waiting in line. Same Ole Line Dudes Founder & CEO Robert Samuel discusses how time is money and being in the business of throwing his “wait” around to take your place in line.

  • Dorm deluxe

    Luxury living has hit college campuses and off-campus housing. Reporter Diana Olick explains how companies catering to the expensive tastes of college students are providing granite countertops and infinity pools for students.

  • From football to finance

    Movement Mortgage CEO and Co-Founder Casey Crawford discusses how his second career started with a Google search, and how his successful start-up is scoring by providing home loans to millennial first-time buyers across forty states.

  • Credit conclusions

    Senior Personal Finance Reporter Sharon Epperson discusses how to find your credit score if you don’t know it, ways to correct it if you think it’s wrong, and some financial actions you can take to get that number higher.

  • Deep freeze

    Reporter Kate Rogers enters the chamber to experience the cool health trend, cryotherapy.

  • Rent-a-puppy

    The owner of Puppy Paradise says he’ll also provide hourly canine companionship for puppy parties, and pet therapy. We ask him about this growing trend, whether it’s profitable, and how he runs his unusual business.

  • Connecting with customers

    Likeable Local CEO Dave Kerpen discusses how social media is helping even the smallest fish reach customers in some of the largest online ponds.

  • State of the American worker

    With unemployment holding steady 5.3%, the federal minimum wage still remains unchanged at $7.25. U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez talks about the state of the American labor force and the outlook for improving job growth.

  • The bull & the unbearable

    Life and Wealth Planning Partner & Financial Advisor Douglas Boneparth and Lassus Wherle Co-Founder & President Diahann Lassus discuss why it might be a good time to step back and focus on the basics of financial planning.

  • Cuba libre?

    Reporter Michelle Caruso-Cabrera visits Havana and reports on how technology is changing the island, but without the bandwidth or speed some might expect.

  • Back to school

    National PTA President-elect Jim Accomando and National Retail Federation President & CEO Matthew Shay discuss classroom consumerism and parents wanting a recess from retail.

  • Game, set, match

    United States Tennis Association President Katrina Adams talks about the business of the game, getting more young athletes into the costly sport and gives a preview of the 2015 money-spinning competition.

  • A 'fair' share

    CNBC's Morgan Brennan visits the Iowa State Fair and reports on the economics of the fairground.

  • On the Money 4

    Summer is almost over but there is still time in the year to begin budgeting better. Personal Finance Journalist Vera Gibbons shares money-saving tips to help stack some cash and build up your nest egg.

  • Bird flu: Fowl play

    How much longer will egg prices fry retail customers nationwide? CDC flu expert Dr. Michael Jhung discusses the risk that the virus could jump from poultry to people.

  • Breaking through barriers

    Today, skilled trade jobs employ only a miniscule percentage of women in plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and electrical repair. The Dwyer Group’s Co-Chair Dina Dwyer-Owens discusses broadening the career path for women.

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