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  • France's Sarkozy and Germany's Merkel had a problem: Germany wanted a haircut for bondholders, France did not. Now there is some kind of compromise, as Merkel said she would back "voluntary" debt rollover.

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    When China-based children’s online portal Taomee prices its initial public offering (IPO) this week, it might not get the reception it has been hoping for.

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    Investors should employ a healthy dose of caution before investing in Chinese companies. Unless you conduct serious due diligence, you should not be investing there

  • Linkedin founder Reid Garrett Hoffman (C) and CEO Jeff Weiner (2nd R) at the ringing of the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange May 19, 2011 during the initial public offering of the company.

    Do you believe in shares of LinkedIn spacer at $90 a share? No, then how about at $122.70 a share—currently the high trade. Want to get short? Sorry, you can’t, this is just a one way market—at least for now.

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    The glut of sales and initial public offerings (IPO) in the social media sector expected during this year could be indicative of a tech bubble similar to a decade ago, analysts have told

  • A woman surfs the internet on a laptop computer at a wireless cafe in Beijing, China.

    Weibo’s 140 million other registered users are one big reason American Internet companies like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube want to get into China,  the NYT reports.

  • Investors watch a display at a stock exchange in Huaian, Jiangsu Province, China.

    This was supposed to be a big week for Chinese IPOs, with 3 Chinese companies debuting at the NYSE and Nasdaq. But with 2 of those IPOs failing to price last night, the appetite for Chinese IPOs seems to be waning.

  • Chinese ladies accessing wireless internet at a Beijing restaurant.

    More individuals and companies in China are using social media to make money, fuelling expectations that websites such as Weibo will start making money sooner than Twitter – which is blocked in China – and other western rivals,  the FT reports.

  • I noted last week that recent Chinese IPOs have been hot out of the gate, and faded fast. This week, we have three more IPOs from China, and now...they're not even hot out of the gate.

  • Cramer makes the call on viewers' favorite stocks.

  • For all the hype, Chinese IPOs recently have been great out of the gate, but have faded quickly. Are investors over-invested, unsure about the data being provided, or just unwilling to be long-term holders?

  • The "Mad Money" host reveals his "Game Plan."

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    IPO filings tend to lag an economic recovery,  which is why the docket is getting full now after analysts became more confident late last year that the economy was strengthening.

  • The Lightning Round is extended in this exclusive feature.

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    Stocks closed broadly lower Wednesday amid sliding prices for precious metals and oil, and news of weakness in the U.S. economy.

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    Stocks sank across-the-board Wednesday as investors took a breather following disappointing economic news and a selloff in commodities. 

  • Renren shares rose in their market debut Wednesday after the company priced its initial public offering at the top of an expected range.

  • Strange goings on with hot Chinese IPO RenRen, set to begin trading this morning at the NYSE. I understand that the deal closed and priced this morning (it was supposed to price last night)—53.1 million shares were priced at $14 (about $743 million), above the price talk of $12-$14.