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  • Italy's problems are not all sorted: Unicredit CEO

    Federico Ghizzoni, CEO at Unicredit, says that while Italy is recovering, it will do so at a slower pace than most European countries, and also discusses the Italian banking sector.

  • Cost of risk in Italy is main focus: Unicredit CEO

    Federico Ghizzoni, CEO of Unicredit, says that there is a mix of good and bad news in Italy as the company reports its earnings.

  • G20 Should Address Inconsistent Regulation: Unicredit GM

    Roberto Nicastro, general manager of Unicredit, tells CNBC he expects the issue of inconsistent regulation across the countries to be addressed at the G20.

  • UniCredit CEO: Italy Can Avoid a Bailout

    Frederico Ghizzoni, CEO of UniCredit, shares his views on what it would take to make Italy sustainable, "The risk we have to avoid is to think that the work has been done because of the decision from the ECB."

  • Unicredit Will Be Top Bank in Europe: CEO

    Federico Ghizzoni , Chief Executive of UniCredit is confident his bank will come out tops from its recent capital raising.