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Watch all three feeds of CNBC US, Europe or Asia, commercial free on your computer. Visit plus.cnbc.com for details on how to subscribe.

Watch CNBC straight from your desktop via Livestation. Subscribers are able to watch CNBC's live pan-EMEA feed on Livestation's online platform for a monthly fee of €4.99.

Visit livestation.com to subscribe for this service or for more information.

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One Second in... F1 Racing

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    CNBC looks at how the computer systems in F1 cars have made their way into regular vehicles.

  • Leadership: Jean Todt

    FIA President Jean Todt discusses his start with the Ferarri team and the current problems facing F1.

  • Are F1 engines too quiet?

    F1 experts discuss whether the quieter engine sounds are making the sport less attractive.