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    Laurel, Montana

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  • Growth Worries? Thankfully, Oil Is Tumbling Wednesday, 17 Apr 2013 | 10:43 PM ET

    As worries over the outlook for the global economy resurface, analysts tell CNBC that Asia can take comfort from one fact – the sharp fall in oil prices.

  • Road Trip! Summer May Bring Cheaper Gas Prices Wednesday, 10 Apr 2013 | 7:09 PM ET

    Gas prices are expected to slide this summer, delivering some relief to consumers. How low they go depends on where you live.

  • Bulls Revved Up to Take Out Next Stocks Milestone Tuesday, 26 Mar 2013 | 8:13 PM ET

    Bulls are likely to take another swing at the S&P 500 closing high this week, but the real battle will begin after that.

  • Fighting Climate Change Could Come at a High Price Wednesday, 23 Jan 2013 | 9:46 AM ET

    President Obama is making climate change a key issue in his second term, but the cost of cutting the nation's carbon footprint is likely to place a heavy burden on average Americans—and the U.S. economy.

  • How Soon Will Oil Hit $100? Thursday, 17 Jan 2013 | 11:47 AM ET

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  • 'Fountain' of US Supply Could Curb Oil Gains Sunday, 13 Jan 2013 | 10:14 PM ET
    Oil rigs in the South China Sea.

    Oil prices may rise this week, boosted by expectations of further weakness in the U.S. dollar against its European counterpart and on indications global growth is improving, according to CNBC's latest survey of oil market sentiment, though gains may be limited by increased supply from North America.

  • Gold Rallies on 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal Wednesday, 2 Jan 2013 | 3:43 PM ET

    Gold rose nearly 1 percent on Wednesday, as economic optimism fueled sharp gains on Wall Street after U.S. lawmakers clinched a last-minute deal to avoid tax hikes that threatened to send the economy back to a recession.

  • Gold Futures Rise to End at $1,660 an Ounce Friday, 21 Dec 2012 | 3:19 PM ET

    Gold bounced back from near a four-month low as investors were discouraged by a weaker euro and stalled U.S. budget talks.

  • Gold Settles Below $1,646 on Fund Selling Thursday, 20 Dec 2012 | 5:06 PM ET

    Gold plunged below $1,650 an ounce, down more than 1 percent, and to its lowest since August as heavy liquidation by hedge funds and signs of an improving U.S. economy triggered selling.

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