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Mario Gabelli, GAMCO Investors chairman & CEO, provides his take on Rupert Murdoch withdrawing his $80 billion offer for Time Warner.

Ever wanted your face on a marshmallow? James Middleton and Andy Bell, co-founders of Boomf, discuss how their business of creating custom marshmallows is being met with "enthusiasm".

Each social media site has its own level of privacy settings. It's up to you to learn how to use them.

Fed's Lockhart addresses wealth gap     Wed, 6 Aug '14 | 4:18 PM ET

Atlanta Federal Reserve President Dennis Lockhart, says monetary policy can "deal with the expansion of the pie," but "can't do much" about the distribution of the pie, in discussing trends in income distribution.

CNBC's Kelly Evans asks Atlanta Federal Reserve President Dennis Lockhart whether the U.S. economy can afford to wait to raise interest rates until higher confidence in sustainable economic trends.

Upside surprise from 21st Century Fox     Wed, 6 Aug '14 | 4:07 PM ET

CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports on the earnings beat from 21st Century Fox.

Delivering Alpha unfiltered: Jack Lew     Wed, 6 Aug '14 | 4:00 PM ET

Complete video of U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew's presentation and interview with Jim Cramer at Delivering Alpha 2014.

Herb Greenberg: Green flag on Tibco     Wed, 6 Aug '14 | 2:42 PM ET

Tibco is up almost 9 percent on news from Dow Jones that they've reached out to suitors. CNBC's Herb Greenberg provides perspective.

Trouble with experimental treatments     Wed, 6 Aug '14 | 2:25 PM ET

Tom Geisbert, University of Texas Medical Branch, shares concerns for experimental treatments for the Ebola virus.

Pickens: Like to see US off OPEC oil     Wed, 6 Aug '14 | 2:13 PM ET

Boone Pickens, BP Capital founder, weighs in on energy independence of the U.S. and current oil prices.

The U.S. has to deal with diseases like Ebola in this era of global health care, but right now there's no evidence the virus is going to spread in the U.S., the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic told CNBC Wednesday.

Santelli: Dollar/yen downdraft     Wed, 6 Aug '14 | 1:30 PM ET

CNBC's Rick Santelli discusses bond prices and yields.

A last minute request     Wed, 6 Aug '14 | 12:55 PM ET

A half-hour before opening the pop up restaurant, Tim asks about various pasta shapes. Can the brothers whip up something in time that Joe and Tim will approve of?

Chris Marangi, Gabelli Funds portfolio manager, says the door is not closed on Fox's bid for Time Warner.

CNBC's Bob Pisani and Art Cashin, of UBS, discuss how economic concerns in Europe are impacting the markets and charts yield activity in 10-year Treasurys.

Moody's Investors Service has put a negative outlook on the U.K. banking sector. Johannes Wassenberg, managing director at Moody's, explains that the changing regulatory framework will add pressure on U.K. lenders.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said the company beat HBO in subscriber revenue in Q2, and is honored to be in the same league. CNBC's Jim Cramer, weighs in on Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes' comments about the influence of Netflix back in 2010.

21st Century Fox beat the Street's estimates, and CNBC's Jim Cramer says the conference call was really well done.

Hurray for bacon! Pork prices falling     Thu, 7 Aug '14 | 8:51 AM ET

CNBC's Jane Wells reports hog farmers are increasing production now that a deadly pig virus has subsided.

Danica Patrick's cool new shades     Thu, 7 Aug '14 | 7:48 AM ET
Danica Patrick, driver of the #10 GoDaddy Chevrolet

Danica Patrick, NASCAR racer, discusses the launch of her first line of Revo sunglasses; a portion of the proceeds goes to the National Parks Conversation Association. Also Patrick discusses the business of branding.

Are passwords obsolete?     Thu, 7 Aug '14 | 7:15 AM ET

CNBC's Eamon Javers takes a look at new ways to increase cybersecurity and protect Internet users from hackers, including website emails, wireless wearables, thumbprint recognition and behavioral analytics.

Reint Gropp, finance professor at Goethe University Frankfurt, says ECB head Mario Draghi is in a "difficult position" as he tries to tackle disinflation in the euro zone.

CNBC's Kate Kelly reports the Bank of America is close to a settlement with the government over mortgage bonds.

President Obama discusses the Ebola outbreak, and the unproven and untested drug in the U.S. that appears to be helping infected American patients.

Will geopolitics spur more ECB action?     Wed, 6 Aug '14 | 10:48 PM ET

With geopolitics weighing on the euro, there's now a greater need for aggressive easing from the European Central Bank, says Hamish Pepper, Forex Strategist, Asia Pacific at Barclays.

Don Luskin, Chief Investment Officer at TrendMacro, says Russia's ban on food imports from the U.S. and Europe will inflate prices in Russia but won't have much impact on the U.S.

Axel Merk, President and Chief Investment Officer at Merk Investments, says central banks pose greater risks than geopolitics for global markets.

Stephen Davies, CEO of Javelin Wealth Management, says retaliatory sanctions from Russia may heighten the need for more interventionist policies from the European Central Bank.

President Obama discusses the fighting between Hamas and Israel, and the ceasefire there. He says no country would tolerate rockets being launched into its cities.

President Obama discusses U.S. aid to Ukraine and its military.