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Israel keys on Hamas tunnels: Report     Fri, 18 Jul '14 | 10:01 AM ET

NBC's Martin Fletcher reports Israel's ground offensive is well underway with the objective to take out Hamas tunnels.

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Chu's market open: IPOs today     Fri, 18 Jul '14 | 9:39 AM ET

CNBC's Dominic Chu looks at who is initiating a public offering amid geopolitical risk.

Cashin: Sanctions could impact EU     Fri, 18 Jul '14 | 9:24 AM ET

Art Cashin, UBS Financial Services director of floor operations, discusses how geopolitical threats are putting pressure on the global economy and the technical damage that's been done to the U.S. stock market.

Changing face of GE     Fri, 18 Jul '14 | 9:16 AM ET

The "Squawk on the Street" crew breaks down General Electric's Q2 operating earnings and discusses the spinoff "Synchrony."

Will Russian economy blow up?     Fri, 18 Jul '14 | 9:06 AM ET

Tobias Levkovich, Citi chief U.S. equity strategist, discusses how geopolitical events are moving the U.S. stock market and impacting corporate earnings.

International pressure is likely to grow, says Neal Wolin, former deputy Treasury secretary, discussing the likelihood of additional sanctions on Russia in the aftermath of the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera says according to the Guardian a large number of AIDS researchers were on Malaysian Flight MH17 when it was shot down.

Larry Korb, Center for American Progress, shares insight on the geopolitical unrest in Russia, Ukraine and the Middle East.

A broad coalition is needed to investigate the crash of Malaysian Flight MH17, says Former Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, and this is where Russia can help.

Geopolitical tensions boil over     Fri, 18 Jul '14 | 8:11 AM ET

Robert Hormats, Kissinger Associates, and Neal Wolin, former deputy Treasury secretary, share their thoughts on the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East and Russia's role in the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

Who shot this plane down?     Fri, 18 Jul '14 | 8:05 AM ET
Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 taking off from Schiphol Airport in Schiphol, the Netherlands, on July 17, 2014.

The NTSB has not decided whether to go to Ukraine to investigate the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH 17 due to safety concerns, reports NBC's Tom Costello.

Threat to global crude markets     Fri, 18 Jul '14 | 7:39 AM ET

Carl Larry, Oil Outlooks & Opinions president, provides perspective on how geopolitical unrest is impacting oil prices.

Markets had Russia wrong: Expert     Fri, 18 Jul '14 | 7:09 AM ET

Paul Christopher, Wells Fargo Advisers, and David Gordon, Eurasia Group chairman, provide perspective on the impact of additional sanctions against Russia on the markets.

Political reaction to global risks     Fri, 18 Jul '14 | 7:07 AM ET

Former Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin provides political perspective on the handling of a missile attack on a Malaysian jet, and Israeli's invasion of Gaza,

What GE's earnings tell investors     Fri, 18 Jul '14 | 6:32 AM ET

Jack De Gan, Harbor Advisory CIO, provides analysis of General Electric's quarterly results.

Google still a core holding: Pro     Fri, 18 Jul '14 | 6:22 AM ET

Nomura's Anthony DiClemente, breaks down Google's second quarter earnings which missed expectations but revenues topped Wall Street estimates.

Ukraine-Russia blame game     Fri, 18 Jul '14 | 6:09 AM ET

Retired U.S. Army Col. Jack Jacobs, and Matthew Rojansky, The Wilson Center Russia program, share insight on the events surrounding the crash of Malaysia Flight MH17.

What to expect for Russian assets     Fri, 18 Jul '14 | 4:30 AM ET

Apostolos Bantis, credit analyst at Commerzbank, discusses the market reaction following new sanctions for Russia and the Malaysian

European shares opened lower on Friday with investors cautious after a passenger jetliner was shot down in eastern Ukraine.

Michael Wolf, CEO of Swedbank, says digitization of the banking industry is having an "enormous" impact.

Michael Wolf, CEO of Swedbank, says the company has seen "no impact" from the crisis in Ukraine.

Nitesh Shah, research analyst at ETF Securities, and Amrita Sen, chief oil analyst at Energy Aspects, discuss how geopolitical tensions over the past few months have affected the price of oil and gold.

Eurocontrol spokesperson Brian Flynn, says Ukraine was responsible for deciding that the 33,000 feet altitude was a safe height to fly at.

Speaking to CNBC at the B20 meeting in Sydney, Joe Hockey , Treasurer of Australia, says it's important for the G-20 economies to stay engaged with the business community.

Clement Teo, Senior Analyst at Forrester, says the layoff is part of Chief Executive Satya Nadella's plans to remake Microsoft and its culture.

Billie Vincent, President & CEO at the Aerospace Services International, explains why the black box may not have all the answers to the disaster of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

Mohshin Aziz, Aviation Analyst at Maybank Investment Bank, says Malaysia Airlines may not have what it takes to survive two plane tragedies in a span of four months.

Paul Mackel, Head of Asia Currency Research at HSBC, discusses his expectations for the Malaysian ringgit and risks from Fed tightening.

Roberto Azevedo, Director-General at World Trade Organization, says there's more that needs to be done to ensure free trade across the globe.