Greenberg's Scorecard: 2012


JC Penney's Turnaround: C

The company was formally rechristened JCP, and CEO Ron Johnson has attempted to become the hottest and possibly hippest mass merchant/retail turnaround expert – except it's still premature and he made the classic mistake of forecasting how the company would do financially. As it turns out, the forecasts became targets to miss. This remains an evolving story.

Sears Restructuring: B

The company did announce a bunch of store closings, but it was hardly a major restructuring.

Restructuring by Best-Buy: A

The company announced management and operational restructuring, including replacing its CEO, shutting stores and becoming the focus of going-private efforts.

K-cups KO Green Mountain: A

The company disappointed, the stock collapsed.

Netflix: C

It didn't get acquired, but Carl Icahn bought a slew of shares and is pushing for some kind of deal.

Leveraged ETFs: C

The TVIX became the poster child of leveraged ETFs gone bad.

Chinese stocks: A

The stocks were pummeled, and nobody cared about 'em anymore.

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