Mario Draghi


  • China's central bank backs ECB QE  Friday, 23 Jan 2015 | 3:50 AM ET

    The People's Bank of China says European Central Bank quantitative easing will boost the European economy and be a positive for Chinese exports.

  • QE will work, it's big: ECB's Coeuré  Friday, 23 Jan 2015 | 3:30 AM ET

    Benoît Coeuré, executive board member of the European Central Bank, says quantitative easing will help boost inflation in the euro zone.

  • QE not about Germany, it's about Europe: ECB exec  Friday, 23 Jan 2015 | 3:30 AM ET

    Benoît Coeuré, executive board member of the European Central Bank, says the bank is independent and was not pressured by politicians in its decision to announce quantitative easing.

  • Market moves after QE 'encouraging': ECB's Coeuré  Friday, 23 Jan 2015 | 2:45 AM ET

    Benoît Coeuré, executive board member of the European Central Bank, says the positive reaction from the market after the announcement of quantitative easing was encouraging.

  • Why Draghi's proactive approach is a good change  Friday, 23 Jan 2015 | 12:34 AM ET

    By delivering more than expectations, Mario Draghi has proved that he's one of the most effective central bankers in the history of ECB, says Jesper Bargmann, Head of Trading for Asia at Nordea Markets.

  • Cramer Remix: Avoid stocks getting crushed by this Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 7:20 PM ET
    Jim Cramer on Mad Money.

    “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer reveals how to stay out of the house of pain in this market.

  • Cramer: Collateral damage of the euro in the US Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 6:13 PM ET
    American Express cards are arranged for a photograph in New York.

    The averages may have rallied on Thursday, but Jim Cramer is concerned about the downstream damage from a weaker euro.

  • After ECB move, here's where pros see opportunity Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 4:39 PM ET
    Financial traders review financial data at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Frankfurt, Germany.

    U.S. stocks rallied Thursday after the ECB unveiled its bond-buying program. Here's where the pros are hunting for value.

  • ECB's trillion euro plan  Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 3:33 PM ET

    How Mario Draghi and the ECB surprised the currency markets, with CNBC's Steve Liesman; Brian Reynolds, Rosenblatt Securities; and Greg Ip of The Economist.

  • ECB bond plan won't fix Europe's economy Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 2:16 PM ET
    Job seekers wait in a line to enter an employment center before opening in Athens, Greece, Sept. 10, 2014.

    It's a start, but Europe's bond-buying plan won't cure the Continent's deepening economic stagnation.

  • Trader bets $2M on German rally, but... Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 12:52 PM ET
    European Central Bank President Mario Draghi pauses while addressing an ECB news conference in Frankfurt January 22, 2015.

    Behind the huge bullish bet on the German stock market.

  • How to play the ECB's big move  Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 12:12 PM ET

    The European Central Bank will begin buying government bonds. Gemma Godfrey, Brooks Macdonald Asset Management, and Bonnie Baha, DoubleLine, discuss the impact of stimulus to investors and consumers.

  • This currency war cannot go well: Art Cashin Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 12:11 PM ET
    Art Cashin

    The currency war is being played like a chess match, but that will eventually change, veteran trader Art Cashin told CNBC.

  • Europe: 'A place for all societies'  Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 12:00 PM ET

    In light of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, Frans Timmermans, first Vice President of the European Commission, says the European Union's duty is to assure that all communities "feel at home and safe in Europe".

  • European stocks close higher on Draghi's QE plans  Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 11:30 AM ET

    European markets rallied on Thursday after the European Central Bank announced a full-scale bond-buying program of 60 billion euros.

  • These are the days traders live for: Kenny Polcari Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 11:15 AM ET
    European Central Bank President Mario Draghi addresses an ECB news conference in Frankfurt January 22, 2015.

    So Draghi and the ECB finally delivered on "Whatever it takes." These are the kind of days traders live for!, says NYSE floor trader Kenny Polcari.

  • Will market love or hate ECB QE?  Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 11:02 AM ET

    Discussing how effective the investment community thinks the ECB QE program will be, with Don Luskin of Trend Macro.

  • Open-ended European QE starts 'with a bang' Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 10:30 AM ET
    Mario Draghi

    Draghi announces the central bank is to launch an expanded $70 billion-a-month private and public bond-buying program.

  • ECB's QE: 'Good for China'  Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 10:10 AM ET

    At Davos, Li Daokui, professor of economics and director at the Center for China in the World Economy at Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management weighs in on the ECB's announcement of QE and how it affects China.

  • ECB goes big on QE, euro plunges  Thursday, 22 Jan 2015 | 10:00 AM ET

    CNBC's Steve Liesman digs into the ECB's bond buying program and discusses how long the program will be in place.