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  • 'Exceptional' diamond discovered Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 12:39 PM ET

    A 29.6 carat blue diamond, with a possible price tag of tens of millions of dollars, has been discovered at a mine in South Africa.

  • Private jets vie for Super Bowl slots Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 12:57 PM ET

    One of the country's most congested air spaces is expected to get worse with about 1,200 private jets Super Bowl week.

  • The world's worst password is... Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 11:39 AM ET

    The world's worst "password" has finally been dethroned.

  • Freeze cancels thousands of flights Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 12:41 PM ET
    Air Canada planes get de-iced on the tarmac by crews at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, January 20, 2014.

    The freeze is back. Here's what to watch out for, whether you're traveling by plane, train, or automobile.

  • Analyst: US will remain #1 economy Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 1:33 PM ET
    A floor hand for Raven Drilling, helps line up a pipe while drilling for oil in the Bakken shale formation outside Watford City, North Dakota.

    CNBC sat with bestselling analyst George Friedman for his forecast on the world in 25 years.

  • Target shares slide after downgrade Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 12:29 PM ET

    Cowen downgraded its rating on Target to "underperform" and significantly lowered its price target.

  • It's time to cash in on dividends Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 8:30 AM ET

    Investors are riding the dividend rally as bonds loose their luster. Here's what's hot and what's not.

  • Target credit card fraud arrests Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 7:32 AM ET
    Carts are seen outside of a arget store on December 19, 2013 in Miami, Florida.

    Two Mexican citizens have been arrested at the U.S. border in connection with the Target case, a police chief said.

  • Peltz won't pursue Pepsi-Mondelez deal Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 8:43 AM ET
    Nelson  Peltz

    Nelson Peltz, newly named to the Mondelez board, says he won't push for a merger of the snack-food maker with PepsiCo.

  • Start talking about future health costs Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 8:00 AM ET

    Many put off retirement health-care plans, but most worries are eased by healthy living, dialogue and financial advice.

  • Chart of the Day: Cost of food at home Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 7:00 AM ET
    Shoppers at a Kroger supermarket in Peoria, Ill.

    Consumers will pay more at the grocery checkout. According to the USDA food prices could rise by 1.25% to 1.75% in 2014.

  • War & waste pose food risks for future Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 8:05 AM ET

    When it comes to feeding the world, there are two big worries for authorities and aid agencies: food loss and food waste.

  • Vatican accountant 'laundered millions' Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 6:55 AM ET
    The Vatican

    Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, now on trial for an alleged plot to smuggle 20 million euros, was charged with laundering millions through the Vatican bank.

  • In Davos, stern challenge for the rich Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 6:27 AM ET
    Last-minute preparations ahead of the 2014 World Economic Forum in Davos.

    With the global economy slowly recovering, delegates gathered in Davos face a vexing question: How to spread the wealth.

  • World's elite gathers for Davos 2014 Thursday, 16 Jan 2014 | 12:22 PM ET

    What people are talking about this year at WEF

  • Microsoft CEO announcement may be soon Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 7:49 AM ET

    The selection of a CEO to take over Microsoft may come sooner than expected, according to re/code.

  • Wells Fargo to staff: No peer-to-peer investing Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 4:20 AM ET

    Wells Fargo has banned its employees from lending their own money through peer-to-peer loan platforms. The FT reports.

  • Yet another Obamacare delay Saturday, 18 Jan 2014 | 5:40 PM ET
    President Barack Obama

    Officials say they won't enforce the rule this year because they had yet to issue regulations for employers. NYT reports.

  • Governments fail to win public trust Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 2:59 AM ET

    The world's leaders are struggling to win public trust with governments the least-trusted institutions for a third consecutive year.

  • Shortage may leave millions shivering Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 | 6:01 AM ET
    Pedestrians on the morning of Jan. 7 in New York.

    As meteorologists predict nearly a foot of snow, the Midwest and Northeast face a propane shortage.


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Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 | 4:18 PM ET

Ross Gerber of Gerber Kawasaki discusses Google's mobile shift from desktop and focuses on its "spending issues." Victor Anthony, Topeka Capital Markets, weighs in.

Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 | 3:12 PM ET

General Motors consultant Kenneth Feinberg discussed the possibility of a GM victims fund, reports CNBC's Scott Cohn.

Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 | 2:10 PM ET

CNBC's Rick Santelli provides insight on the action in the yield curve after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen commented on inflation.

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